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Amos Henry HOWARD

Amos Henry Howard was born the 28th of August 1848 in Van Buren County, Iowa. He came to Oregon by wagon train with his father William Howard over the Oregon Trail in 1852. The trip began on May 11, 1852 and ended at Oregon City on October 29, 1852.

Amos Howard served in Company L of the Second Regiment Massachusetts Cavalry in the civil war.

He enlisted at San Francisco, California the 20th day of Feb 1863 and was honorably discharged the 5th day of August 1865 in Boston, Mass. (Source -Pension Application Myrtle Creek, Or. dated 11 Sept. 1911.) He was first wounded in a skirmish when Sheridan's forces engaged Southern troops as Northern forces aimed at cutting the South Side RR . This took place on or about 1 Sep 1864 between Harper's Ferry and Winchester in the state of Virginia. He was hit by a rifle ball which passed through the right jaw, fracturing the jaw and exited the upper lip, taking out part of the upper teeth and bone. He was hit again in the right arm above the elbow and had very little use of his right arm for the rest of his life. These facts were attested to by Charles H. Bean and James Appleton who were "present and having driven the ambulance that carried him from the field". The lip was left permanently disfigured so he wore whiskers the rest of his life to cover both the jaw and lip scars. Pension declaration 11 Sept. 1911 Douglas CO., OR. # 204.109

On April 21st, 1869, on the Howard ranch near Alpine, Oregon, Amos married Catherine Melissa Halter. There were three children by this union: Amos Henry Jr. born July 21, 1870; Jacob Leon born March 4, 1872; Fay W. born July 29, 1885 - died young. Melissa died November 13, 1891 in Albany, Oregon. Amos moved his family from the Albany area to Jacksonville, Oregon after Melissa's death. Their home near Albany was purchased by the Beemis family.

On the 2nd of January, 1898, in Josephine County, Oregon Amos married Rosa Black. Seven children were born to this union: William E. born December 10,1898; Ann A. born April 15, 1900; Theodore R. born October 4, 1901; Beatrice M. born January 13,1903; Ruth J. born August 11,1905; Novena A. born April 20, 1908; Pearl G. born December 26, 1912.

From the day he was wounded in 1864 until he died in 1928 his diet consisted of (what we would call "baby food" today) minced vegetables, finely ground meat, and soup.

The health of Amos became so poor in the early part of January 1920 that he needed constant care. He was taken from Woodburn, Oregon to LaPine, Oregon to live with his son and daughter in law, Jacob (Jake) and Ida Howard. He died September 3, 1928 at the Jake Howard ranch near LaPine.

Submitted by Gary Poole, Wallowa, Oregon, Great great grandson of William Henry Howard, and great grandson of Amos Henry Howard, May 12, 1999.

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