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"Portrait and Biographical Record of the Willamette Valley - Oregon," Chapman Publishing Company, Chicago, 1903

Albert B. Bond

The pioneer annals of Oregon must needs contain the name of Nathan W. Bond, who twice crossed the plains to the west, and whose son, Albert B., is at present the part owner of his original donation claim. Nathan Bond was born in Tennessee, and as a boy moved with his parents to Illinois, and from there to Iowa, in which latter state he married Elizabeth J. Trailer. Leaving his wife and children on a farm he crossed the plains with ox-teams in 1850, and after a few months in the gold fields of California returned by way of the Isthmus of Panama. The ship in which he sailed was becalmed and for forty days the anxious crew and passengers looked in vain for a breeze to fill their sails and bear them away. Provisions became scarce, and water low, and their successful landing became problematical. Eventually reaching his Iowa farm, he remained there until the Spring of 1853, and then packed together his household goods, laid in a store of provisions, and started several teams of plodding oxen across the plains. The first winter was spent in the Looney settlement, and in the spring of 1854 the father bought the right to a three hundred acre claim. So successful was he, and so confident of the ultimate development of this entire part of the country, that in 1856 he bought three hundred and thirty acres more. For twenty-nine years he labored successfully in his adopted state, his death occurring in 1889, at the age of seventy-three years. The wife who had shared his joys and sorrows, and who had materially aided in bringing about success, survived him until 1896, or until seventy-three years of age. Caroline, the oldest of their children, is the wife of Lewis Cox, of Washington; Annie is the wife of John Reed, of Lebanon; Benjamin F. died in the midst of a successful medical practice at Dallas, in 1871; and Susanna died in Iowa at seven years of age.

The youngest in his father's family, and three years of age when he came across the plains, Albert B. Bond was reared on the home farm, and at irregular intervals attended the district schools. He assisted with the management of the entire farm until his marriage with Cornelia J. Beeler, at the age of twenty-three, after which he purchased one hundred and thirty acres of farm land near Scio, and there he farmed for eight years, and then went to eastern Oregon where he remained two years, and in 1882 he moved upon his present farm of two hundred and eighty acres, the same being a part of the old donation claim. He has made those modern improvements upon which the latter-day farmer prides himself, and for many years has engaged in general farming, stock and grain-raising. Six children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Bond of whom the oldest son, William B., was a soldier in the Spanish-American war, and as a member of the Fourth Infantry was present at El Caney and Santiago, afterward being under command of General Lawton in the Philippines. Clora E., Benjamin Franklin, Archie T., Looney C., and Loren are living at home with their parents. Mr. Bond is devoted to his farm and home, and has never found time or inclination to step out into the glare of political or other publicity. He is honest in all of his dealings, kindly and considerate in his association with those around him; and inclined to look on the better side of life.

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