Geographic Place Names S-Z
Curry County Geographic Names S-Z

Sallal Springs; Located about five miles east of Humbug Mountain and named for the fruit of the salal bush.

Saunders Creek; Named for settler and miller John SAUNDERS. This stream flows into the Rogue River about four miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Scott Creek; Located east of Carpenterville, this creek was named for settler Raleigh SCOTT who operated a store and trading post in the area.

Seaforth; Located on the farm of Robert McKENZIE, near the mouth of Elk River at the Pacific Ocean. Named for the McKENZIE ancestral home in Seaforth, Scotland, where members of the family had bveen earls throughout history. A post office was established here in 1890 with Robert McKENZIE as postmaster.

Shasta Costa Creek; Named for the Shas-te-koos-tee Indians, a part of the Tututni tribes. The stream is a tributary of the Rogue River.

Shy Creek; This creek is located just north of Brookings on the property of Henry SHIGH (also spelled SHY or SCHAICH).

Silver Butte; A small butte located just off of US 101 and the old branch of this highway, now called Port Orford Loop Road and Silver Butte Road. It was named supposedly for an incident which occurred during the mining days of the Port Orford area. An unidentified man decided to create a silver "boom" on his property near the butte by melting silver coins and creating "grains" which he then scattered on the land. The nearby hotel and locale of Silver Springs is possibly named after this event.

Sixes River; This river flows into the Pacific Ocean just north of Cape Blanco. Origins of the name vary from "Sik-ses-tene", meaning "people of the far north country" to the Chinook jargon "sikh" or "friend". On early maps, the form Sequalchin River is shown. An Indian village named "Te-cheh-kutt" was located at the mouth of the river.

Skookumhouse Creek; Named for the Chinook jargon "skookum" meaning strong, this stream flows into the Rogue River about 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Indians in the area built a stockade on the south side of this stream. Various geographic features in the area, such as Skookumhouse Butte, are named for this location.

Soldier Camp Mountain; Located on the north bank of the Rogue River about ten miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Named during the Indian uprisings of the 1850s for the U. S. Army troops (under direction of Capt. C. C. AUGUR) who camped at the point. The north end of the ridge is called Sawtooth Rock Mountain.

Taylor Creek; This creek flows into the Pacific Ocean about two miles north of Brookings and was named for settler William TAYLOR.

Tichenor Rock; Located south of Port Orford Heads, southwest of Port Orford. Named for city founder, Capt. William TICHENOR.

Tom East Creek; Located near Potato Illahee Mountain, this creek is a tributary of the Rogue River and was named for miner Tom EAST who died in 1897.

Triangle; Located on the old mail road between Langlois and Myrtle Point. Named for the Triangle Ranch, which was operated nearby by the LEHNHERR family.

Wake Up Rilea Creek; A tributary of the Rogue River, this creek is located near Agness. There are at least two versions of how the creek came by this moniker. The first says it was named for early settler and miner Michael RILEY who was purportedly woken up at midnight by his partner with the words "Wake up Riley. We're rich". A second version claims that postmaster and schoolteacher George RILEA had the habit of staying up late listening to his radio and on the occasion that he slept in, had to be woken by customers knocking at his door.

Waters Creek; This creek, which flows into the Rogue River just north of the Illinois River, was named for settler George M. WATERS.

Wedderburn; Named by R. D. HUME for his ancestral home in Scotland. The community is located on the south bank of the Rogue River, near the bridge. Literal translation of Wedderburn is "Sheep Creek".

Whaleshead Island; Located 20 miles south of Gold Beach. It is named descriptively for the hole which resembles a whale's spout when tide water rushes into its hollow cavity. The nearby stream is named for the island.

Wheeler Creek; This stream heads on Mounty Emily and flows in the East Fork Winchuck River. It was named after James WHEELER, an early settler near the creek's mouth.

Winchuck River; This river flows into the Pacific Ocean south of Harbor. One possible origin of the name is the Chinook jargon "wind chuck" or windy water. Another is that "winchuck" is the local Indian word for "woman". The river was also called "Hasonta" after a tribe living near its banks and "Neh'-saw".

Winkle Bar; Named for pioneer prospector William WINKLE. The bar was later owned by writer Zane Grey, who used the property as a backdrop for some of his stories.

Zwagg Island; Located just offshore from Brookings. The island was named for settler Folker VON DER ZWAAG, who was born in The Netherlands in 1835 and settled in Curry County in 1889.

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