Geographic Place Names A-D
Curry County Geographic Names A-D

Agness; Located on the Rogue River; named for the daughter of Amaziah AUBERY and Rachel FRY; the post office was established 10/16/1897 with Amaziah AUBERY as first postmaster.

Bagnell; Located about five miles northeast of Gold Beach; named for William BAGNELL, operator of a ferry at this same location. The post office was established 6/7/1894 and disbanded 4/4/1895 with John R. MILLER only postmaster.

Bailey Mountain; Located about 12 miles west of Kerby (Josephine County). Named for a miner who had a cabin nearby. Elevation 3, 920 feet.

Bald Mountain; Located 10 miles southeast of Port Orford. Indian name is Chus-suggel. Named in mining days of the 1850s. Elevation 2, 967 feet.

Barklow Mountain; Named for a pioneer family of Coos/Curry counties. Elevation 3, 559 feet.

Battle Bar; Located in the Rogue River (S17, T33S, R9W). Named for a battle in the Rogue River Indian War of 1855-1856. This particular skirmish occurred on 4/27/1856.

Battle Rock; Located at shore of Port Orford (downtown). Named for a battle between local Indians and a party of white men under command of J. M. KIRKPATRICK on June 10, 1851.

Big Meadows; There are two localities in Curry County with this name. One is located in northeast Curry County, two miles north of Rogue River near Ft. Lamerick (est. May 1, 1865). The other is located at the Big Bend of the Rogue River near Illahe and was the site of a battle in the Rogue Indian Wars of 1855-1856 at the end of May 1856.

Blacklock Point; Located north of Cape Blanco. Named for John BLACKLOCK, a native of Scotland and resident of Bandon. A post office was established October 1890 in this locality and named Sandstone. Annie J. BLACKLOCK was the postmaster until its dissolution in May 1891.

Bosley Butte; Located in southwest corner of Curry County. Named for Julia BOSLEY.

Bowman Creek; Flows into ocean north of Cape Ferrelo. Named for Jonas W. BOWMAN of Langlois, a settler on the creek in 1879.

Bravo Creek; Flows into North Fork Chetco River. Named for John C. BRAVO, a native of Switzerland.

Brokencot Creek; Flows into the Chetco River from east of Chetco Peak. Named for Brokencot Camp, which was in turn named for some ruined pieces of furniture left in its midst.

Bruce Bones Creek; Located north of Cape Ferrelo. Named for an incident which occurred when a highway crew was surveying the area in the 1950s. One of the pary, a Bruce Schilling, went the wrong way and became lost. The other surveyors commented that they would probably find Bruce's Bones in the brush when they returned to the site in the spring. Luckily for Bruce, this scenario did not occur, but the name remains to this day.

Brush Creek; Flows into the Pacific north of Humbug Mountain. Named for Gilbert BRUSH, a native Texan and member of the T'Vault party that explored the area in 1851.

Buckskin Peak; Located six miles north of the Oregon-California border in the Siskiyou Mountains. Named for the color of the boulders at its summit. Elevation 3,925 feet.

Canfield Hill; Located north of the Rogue River and five miles above Wedderburn. Named for Jasow W. Canfield, a native of Ohio who homesteaded in this area.

Cape Blanco; Located at north latitude 42 degrees, 50 minutes, 14 seconds; between Port Orford and Sixes. It is the most westerly point in Oregon. Named by Sebastian Vizcaino in 1603 for the white appearance of its rocks.

Cape Ferrelo; Located at north latitude 42 degrees, 6 minutes, 8 seconds and between Point St. George (California) and Cape Sebastian in Curry County. Named for Portuguese explorer, Bartolome Ferrelo in 1543.

Cape Sebastian; Located at north latitude 42 degrees, 19 minutes, 40 seconds and between Port Orford Heads and Cape Ferrelo. Named by Sebastian Vizcaino who discovered it on "el dia de San Sebastian" (St. Sebastian's Day), January 20, 1603.

Carey Creek; Flows into the Chetco River east of Brookings. Named for Robert A. CAREY.

Carpenterville; Located on old Oregon Coast Highway, 16 miles north of Brookings. Named for D. W. CARPENTER who operated a lumber mill at this area. A post office was established in April 1932.

Cassiday Butte; Located southeast of Carpenterville. Named for early settler William F. CASSIDAY. Elevation 1,818 feet.

Chetco River; Flows into the Pacific Ocean near Brookings. Named for a small band of Indians that lived near the lower part of the river.

Coal Point; Located 3 miles south of Port Orford, north of Humbug Mountain. Named for existence of coal in the area.

Colebrook Butte; Located 10 miles south of Port Orford and 2 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Named for early settler F. W. COLEBROOK. Elevation 2,046 feet.

Colegrove Butte; Located southeast of Carpenterville. Named for Delmar COLEGROVE.

Collier Creek; Forms part of boundary between Curry and Josephine counties. Named for an early settler, Cole COLLIER.

Corbin; Located on Mussell Creek, 15 miles south of Port Orford. Named for a man named CORBIN who was interested in staring a sawmill in the area. A post office was established 5/8/1901 and discontinued 1/1910 with Richard D. JONES as first postmaster.

Crook Point; Located 20 miles above Oregon-California border at latitude 42 degrees,15 minutes, and 5 miles south of Cape Sebastian. Named for A. H. Crook, who operated a large ranch nearby.

Cumtux; Located near Agness. Named for a Nootkan word "kumtux" which means "understand". Post office established 7/29/1895 with Henry Moore as postmaster. The office was discontinued in October of 1895.

Curry County; Named for George Law Curry, an early governor of the Oregon Territory.

Dans Creek; Located near Illahe. Named for early homesteader, Indian Dan.

Dean Creek; Flows through GoldBeach. Named for early settler and county clerk, George Dean.

Denmark; Located between Langlois and Sixes. Named for the homeland of first residents, Capt. N. C. LORENTZEN and family.

Duley Creek; Flows into Lone Ranch Creek east of Cape Ferrelo. Named for early resident Winfield S. DULEY.

Dwyer Creek; Flows into South Fork Floras Creek near Edson Butte. Named for early settler P. F. DWYER

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