Curry County Cemeteries S-Z
Curry County Cemeteries Extracts S-Z

Sgt. Smith [gravesite]
Sixes [Chinese miners' gravesite]
Skookum House Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Snodgrass Cemetery [Carpenter Cemetery]
Thomas Creek Bridge [gravesite]
Thrift Ranch Cemetery
Tichenor Cemetery
Truax Cemetery [gravesite]
Tompkins Flat Cemetery
Turner Cemetery
Van Pelt Cemetery
Wheeler Cemetery [gravesite]
Wheeler Creek Cemetery
William James Ward Memorial Cemetery
Willow Creek Cemetery [Denmark or Langlois Cemetery]
Woodruff Cemetery [gravesite]
Tichenor Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Coast Guard Hill (Spy Glass Hill) in Port Orford; the entrance is on private property.

HEDGEPETH, Joel; (1875-1956)

HEDGEPETH, Nellie McGraw; (1874-1956)

LACEY, Helen M.; (1928-1936)

McGRAW, Aldyth H.; (3/16/1874-4/20/1887); son of E.W. & S.E. McGraw

McGRAW, Alexander; (8/6/1885-10/19/1885); son of E.W. & S.E. McGraw

McGRAW, Edward Walker; (1/31/1877-2/26/1878); son of E.W. & S.E. McGraw

McGRAW, Edward Walker; (1837-1921)

McGRAW, Ellen Isadore; (1870-Nov 1899); daughter of E.W. & S.E. McGraw

McGRAW, Elizabeth; (1871-1927)

McGRAW, Frederick Virgil; (1889-1930)

McGRAW, Sarah Ellen Tichenor; d. 9/20/1904, age 56 years, 10 days; wife of E.W. McGraw

OLSEN, Alfred; (24 Dec 1883-31 Mar 1919); native of Norway

QUICK, Ellen Hannah Tichenor (nee:  TICHENOR)--by:  Margaret Quick Noble
        15 AUG 1904--03 DEC 1983
QUICK, John Barton--by:  Margaret Quick Noble
        19 OCT 1931--19 JUL 2001

TICHENOR, Anna; (1887-1962)

TICHENOR, Captain William; (6/13/1813-7/27/1887)

TICHENOR, Elizabeth; (10/9/1809-12/10/1880); born Bergen Co., NJ

TICHENOR, Frank B.; (1/24/1872-6/27/1942); CA Pvt. 6 Cal Inf. Sp. Am. War

TICHENOR, Grover; (1885-1962)

TICHENOR, Corp. Jacob; Co. K I OR Inf

WINSOR, Charles S.; (1865-1931)

WINSOR, Lottie (Charlotte Wythe); (2/21/1839-12/2/1899); wife of William S. Winsor

WINSOR, William S.; (1832-1898); born Jamestown, NY; d. North Bend, OR; Mason

Truax Cemetery [gravesite]

Located at Truax homesite on Floras Creek, southeast of Langlois.

TRUAX, Infant

Van Pelt Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Hoffeldt Street in Harbor. To get there, turn east from US 101 onto Hoffeldt Street and go to the end of the street; do not turn up the steep driveway,but turn right at the dirt road. Almost at the top of the road you will find the fenced cemetery.There are large trees within the cemetery with one large tombstone standing in the middle. The names of the parents, children and grandchildren and what looks like in-laws are recorded on the one stone. It is a very peaceful place where squirrels are running about gathering their food for the winter...deer standing near the trees outside of the cemetery...even a tree house, or what remains of one outside of the fenced area...a very peaceful place indeed.

Special thanks to Wilma Fleming Haynes for compiling and submitting this information.

VAN PELT, Thomas "Le Wah"; (1833-1898)

VAN PELT, Amelia "Welsuni"; (1840-1922)


VAN PELT, Charles

VAN PELT, Nellie Watson

VAN PELT, Robert

VAN PELT, Rosa Green

VAN PELT, Jennie

LIND, Elmer

VAN PELT, Ellen Green

VAN PELT, Lincoln

PLUMMER, Ida Van Pelt

KAISER, Florence Van Pelt

VAN PELT, John; (-1950)

BRYANT, Emeline Van Pelt

FIELDER, James, Sr.




HUGHES, Jeannette and Baby; Children of Minnie Van Pelt Hughes

LOPEZ, Rosa; Baby of Pat Van Pelt

Wheeler Cemetery [gravesite]

Located up Winchuck River Road near Brookings.

WHEELER, J. P. ; d. 1903; age 63 years

William James Ward Memorial Cemetery

Located 1035 7th Street in Brookings.

Special thanks to Wilma Fleming Haynes and Ruth Rosencrans for compiling and submitting this information.

NOTE: This information is still in the process of being formatted for this page, however, for the time being, you can access the gravestone inscriptions for the W. J. Ward Memorial Cemetery by clicking this link to its file in the Curry County, Oregon GenWeb archives.

Woodruff Cemetery [gravesite]

Located on Nesika Beach Road, 1/2 mile north of the junction of Nesika Beach Frontage Road and US 101.

WOODRUFF, Lyman; d. 12/24/1886; age 60 years; native of NY

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