Coos County Reference Lookups


To request a lookup from any of the references,
click on the address of the owner and ask them politely.  Be very specific in what you are asking.

As you can see, volunteers are needed.  If you have area references and are willing to share, please let me know.

Reference Author Owner/Email
History of Southern Oregon comprising Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Curry and Coos Counties
Walling, A.G.

Probate Index 1854 - 1929
 Jennifer Shank
Bandon Area Cemeteries
  Paul Shelton
1900 - 1920 Coos County Census
[only if you have a SPECIFIC area/precinct/location.
 Can no longer check if you have no idea where 
your family lived within the county .]

    1900 & 1920 -  Jennifer
History of Coos and Curry Counties
Orvil Dodge
Sherri Selander Goodman
Dot H. Huntley
A Century of Coos and Curry
Pioneers and Incidents of the Upper Coquille Valley
E. R. Peterson & A. Powers
Alice H. Wooldridge
Dottie S. Pierson
 Oregon Death Index, WW I Draft Registration, Census records
Dot H. Huntley
1926-27 Polks County Directory, 1940 Polks County Directory, and 1959 City directory - Tscheu Publishing Polks, Tscheu

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