HistGenSoc Clatsop County Historical Society
Clatsop County Genealogical Society
$30-$49 - Individual

$50-$99 - Family/Dual*
$100-$499 - Contributing
$500-$999 - Patron
$1000 & Above Benefactor

*Due to increased mailing costs, memberships mailed outside the United States start at this level.

To Join write:  Clatsop County Historical Society
                       1618 Exchange
                       Astoria OR 97103
                       (503) 325-2563

For CCGS it is $12 a year. (For this members are given half an hour free research.)
To Join write:   CCGS, c/o The Astoria Public Library
                          450 10th Street
                          Astoria, OR 97103
                          (503) 325-7323

C.C.G.S. meets the second Thursday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm of each month in the Flag Room of the Astoria Library. We do research for members and for non-members we ask a small donation. We print queries free in our newsletter. Send them to the editor. The Forebears will be published quarterly, March, June, September, December.

The following people do research: send your query to them in care of the Society address. Marie Haas, Liisa Penner, Karen Lowery, Dorothy Glad.

President: Helen Gaston
Vice President: Mary Lovell
Secretary: Sharon VanHeuit
Treasurer: Betty Narkaus

Clatsop County Genealogical Society Publications For Sale

0881 Clatsop Plains Pioneer Cemetery, by Jim Dennon, 36 pages, $10.00
0882 Hillside Pioneer Cemetery and Other Burial Sites in Astoria, by Joyce Morrell,
     90 pages, $15.00
0883 Evergreen Cemetery, Seaside, OR, by Jim Dennon, 52 pages, $11.00
0884 Lewis and Clark Cemetary with maps. by Liisa Penner $15.00
0885 Lewis and Clark Cemetery Index, 66 pages, $12.50
0887 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners 1892-1901, Astoria, OR, Local 590,
by  Joyce Morrell, 32 pages, $9.00
0893 How to Find Your Clatsop County, Oregon Ancestors, 34 pages, by Liisa Penner, $7.00
0901 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners 1934-1939, Seaside, OR, Local 1502,
by Joyce Morrell, 100 pages, $18.00
0902 Clatsop County, Oregon in the 19th Century, 1890 Veterans Census and More,
by  Liisa Penner 60 pages, $15.00
0903 Olney-Walluski Area Cemetary Records, by Joyce Morrell. 49 pages, $8.00
0904 Obituaries and Death Notices, Volume 1, by Joyce Morrell, 79 pages, $13
0905 Obituary and Death Notices, Volume 2, by Joyce Morrell, 70 pages, $13.00
0906 Clatsop County, Oregon Marriage Index 1851-1915, by Norma Hunsinger, 158 pages,      $25.00
0907 Clatsop County, Oregon Marriage Index 1916-1930, by Norma Hunsinger, 92 pages,      $16.00
0908 Clatsop County, Oregon Marriage Index 1930-1945, by Norma Hunsinger, 94 pages,      $10.00
0909 Chief Comcomly, $5.00
0911 Homesteads in Clatsop County, Oregon 1863-1883, by Liisa Penner, 61 pages, $10.00
0913 Shipwrights Local Union #1500, $22.50

(Add shipping cost of $2.50 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book, a maximum of $7.50 for total order. Prices may change without notice.)

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