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There may only be one connection - but it may be the long lost one you want.

The family web sites in this section range from those that have ancestors primarily from Wellington County to those that have only one person or family from the area.

As web searches usually come up with thousands of hits, the goal with the links below is to hopefully save time by not having to drill through to the end of those searches.

This is an attempt to provide the required page with both the names AND the geographical location in mind. However, your browser's find command may still be needed to look for the names and places on the longer pages.
Additional names and connections to the area may very well be available on each site. The above links do NOT necessarily represent all of the data pertaining to Wellington County at that site. Surname lists, researchers' notes, credits, photos and contact information will only be a click or two away from their home page links on the above pages.

If you have a new site or one that I missed, please contact me: (Change the AT to @)

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