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Q.  Can you find the registration for my gr gr gr grandfather who died in 1845? 

A.  No.  The government of Ontario made registrations mandatory effective 1869.


Q.  Can you get me gr uncle George's registration, he died May 15, 1899 in Adjala?

A.  If you want a registration, go to the home page and scroll toward the bottom of the page where it says, "Do you require a registration lookup? Click HERE for details. (fee based)".  Click on this pane and follow the instructions.


Q.  Can you tell me how many murders there were in North Bay in the last three years?

A.  No, I am sorry I can't tell you this.  This is the wrong Ontario Vital Statistics site.  Our registrations are as follows:

Births - 1869-1907

Marriages - 1801-1922 (there are gaps pre-1869)

Deaths - 1869-1932


Q.  I am looking for family but cannot find them, why?

A.  If you can't find them, then the registrations have not yet been transcribed.  We are always looking for volunteers in all three areas.  Send us a message and we will try and work something out.


Heather Bertram - Death Coordinator

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