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This site contains a collection of genealogical information for the historical county of Stormont in Ontario Canada. The information in this project is maintained by GenWeb Coordinator - Wendy Anctil. All the links for the site are located above in the drop-down menu or in the left sidebar.

Stormont County is located in south-eastern Ontario Canada and was established in 1792, one of the original nineteen counties. It was named for the 1st Viscount Stormont of Perth, Scotland - Sir David Murray.

The southern part of the county bordered on the Saint Lawrence River and the State of New York.

The first settlers who arrived in 1783 were United Empire Loyalists, the disbandees of the 1st and 2nd Battalion King's Royal Regiment of New York and 1st Battalion Royal Highland Emigrants. The lots in (southern) Stormont were granted mainly to families of Palatine German and Presbyterian Scots descent. Settlers continued to arrive in great numbers, mostly from Scotland. In the early 1800's the northern townships were settled by Scottish emigrants.

As of January 1998:
Cornwall Township and Osnabruck Township were amalgamated into South Stormont Township.
Note: South Stormont borders on, but does not include, the city of Cornwall.
Roxborough Township, Finch Township and the Village of Finch were amalgamated into North Stormont Township.
Click here for info on amalgamation of the Districts and Townships.

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