Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board


An Appreciation of Mr. Archibald Denny 7
Canadian Cheese 68
Cheese as a Food 145
Cheese as a Substitute for Meat 249
Dairying Basic Industry of Eastern Ontario 22
Fair Play for Cows 261
History of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board 11
How the Cornwall Cheese Board Operates 40
McDonell, Samuel J., Vice-President Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board 9
McLeod, James William, Secretary-Treasurer Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board 10
Pointers to Milk Producers 118
The Care of Dairy Utensils 55
The Dairyman's Ten Commandments 38
The Factory System 41
The Milking Machine — Another Saving 295
The Ontario Government and the Cheese Industry 25
The Organization of the Factory System 63
Thumb-Nail Sketch: The Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board 27
Views of Cheese Factories 28-37
Whey Butter 259
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