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pETER D. McDERMID is forty-seven years of age and is one of the enterprising and wealthy farmers of Charlottenburg. He owns two large farms located part Lots 4 and 5, 10th Concession, and Lot 37, 8th Concession, Charlottenburg Township.
       He has a fine herd of 33 graded Holstein cattle, 5 horses, a number of swine and over 200 fowl as livestock equipment.
       He has been farming all his life and his farm produce is 1200 bushels of grain, 35 tons of hay, 12 acres of corn, and 150 bushels of potatoes, besides 200 gallons of maple syrup.

Peter D. McDermid and His Home
Peter D. McDermid and His Home

       Mr. McDermid has been a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board since it was organized twenty-one years ago.
       The average quantity of milk he sends to the Lilly White Factory daily during the season is about 450 pounds.
       Mr. McDermid's father's name was Donald P. McDermid, and his mother's maiden name Margaret McKenzie. He married Bertha L. Ross, and is the father of one son and three daughters. He is a Protestant in religion, a Liberal in politics, and of Scotch descent.
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