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The Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board was in operation from 1898 until 1951. This is a "webified" version of a history which the Board self-published at Cornwall, Ontario in 1919. From The Standard, Cornwall, ON, August 15, 1918:

In pictorial completeness, both in individual photographs and engravings of farm dwellings and farm buildings, the Official History of the Cornwall Cheese & Butter Board now being compiled, promises to be one of real merit. Life-like reproductions of several hundred patrons of cheese factories and others from all parts of Stormont and Glengarry will appear within its pages together with intimate and detailed biographical sketches of their life and farm activities. Many unique features will lend an added attractiveness to this volume. The publisher, H. M. Stiles, and treasurer, A. C. Fetterly, announce that when completed and ready for the press this edition will be one of the most elaborate from a Dairying and Agricultural standpoint yet published in Canada. Photographer Robert Douglas is doing the indoor photographic work and Thomas Lafleur the outdoor.

A companion project is the "Souvenir Of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry commemorating Old Boys' Reunion at Cornwall, Ontario, August 11 - 15, 1906".

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