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Peterborough County Ontario

Peterborough County was established 1838 from Durham County and Northumberland County. It was named after the town of Peterborough.
  • Prior to 1838 - Durham County and Northumberland County
  • 1838-1841 - part of Newcastle District
  • 1841-1849 - part of Colbourne District
The first settlers arrived in 1818 from England. Settlement though was slow until Peter Robinson's Settlers emigration scheme brought an influx of Irish & British settlers to the area starting in 1825. They settled mostly in the southern townships. It wasn't until the 1850's that settlement extended to the northern townships.

Townships in Peterborough County Ontario

I am Lorine McGinnis Schulze, the new host of Peterborough County GenWeb. I can't answer queries as I don't live in Peterborough County but a great place to start is the AskOliveTree blog where you can submit your genealogy challenges and brickwalls to Lorine for help.

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