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Historical Sketches of Perth County Pioneers

by William Johnston

Index abstracted by me from History of the County of Perth from 1825 to 1902, Stratford, 1903. Pages 499 to 565.

I am gradually typing these up to get them online. Thank you for your patience.

I did not write these sketches and they may contain errors. These sketches are not a primary source and you will need to verify information.

If you use one of these sketches in your research, please cite it properly: you should cite BOTH the URL (web page address) of the sketch, AND the book and page number.

"We rejoice in these sketches of our pioneers to place before the reader of to-day and those of a far distant future a portrayal of those characters who have left so great an impress on this country." - William Johnston, pg. 499

BALLANTYNE, HON. THOMAS, born at Peebles, Scotland, of Downie township, married Mary BALLANTYNE, his cousin. (Pg 557-564)

BINNING, JOHN, born in Somerset, England, lived in Listowel, Wallace township. (Pg 520-1)

BROWN, JAMES, born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, of Fullarton township, married Margaret PARK. (Pg 541-2)

CAMPBELL, DANIEL D, born in Arran's Isle, son of Dugald and Mary CAMPBELL, of Wallace township (Pg 523-4)

CAMPBELL, STEWART, born in Perthshire, Scotland, of Ellice township, married Mary KEILLER (Pg. 534-6)

CLELAND, ROBERT, born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, of Elma township (Pg 538-9)

CLYNE, PATRICK, born in Roscommon, Ireland, of South Easthope township (Pg 536-7)

CORRIE, JOHN, born in Westmoreland, England, of Stratford (Pg. 555)

DALY, JOHN CORRY WILSON, born in Liverpool, of Stratford (Pg. 537-8)

DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, lived in Fullarton township, son of Abraham DAVIDSON, married Elizabeth COLE. (Pg. 512-518)

DICKSON, JAMES, born in Peebleshire, Scotland, married Mary GROZART, of Elma township. (Pg 521)

ERB, DILMAN KINSEY, born in Waterloo county, son of Isaac ERB, of Downie township, married Phoebe HUBER. (Pg 553-4)

GOURLAY, ALEXANDER, born in Galloway, Scotland, of Ellice township (Pg 527)

FISHER, ALEXANDER, born in Kenmore, Perthshire, Scotland, of North Easthope, married Elizabeth McNAUGHTON (Pg 529)

HACKING, WILLIAM H, born in Yorkshire, England, of Listowel, Wallace township. (Pg. 547-8)

HARRISON, MILNER, born near York, England, married Catherine HOWARD, of St Marys. (Pg. 542-3)

HARVEY, MOSES, born in New Brunswick, married Mary LECKIE, of Elma township. (Pg 521-522)

HAY, DAVID DAVIDSON, son of Robert HAY, of Wallace township (Pg 499-506)

HENRY, ROBERT, born in Co. Londonderry, Ireland, of Ellice township. (Pg. 527)

HESSON, SAMUEL ROLLIN, born in Kilray, Co. Antrim, Ireland, of Downie township (Pg 506-512)

HICKS, JOHN, born in Cornwall, England, son of William HICKS founder of Mitchell. (Pg. 524-5)

JARVIS, PETER ROBINSON, son of Fredrick Starr JARVIS, born in York township, married Marion NEILSON, of Stratford. (Pg 530-532)

JONES, ROBERT, born in Wicklow, Ireland, of Logan township. (Pg 518-520)

KASTNER, JOHN, son of George KASTNER, born in Alsace, of Ellice township. (Pg 527-8)

KASTNER, PETER, son of George KASTNER, of the family that founded Kastnerville (Pg. 528)

LEVERSAGE, GEORGE, born in England, of Fullarton. (Pg 555-6)

LINTON, JOHN JAMES EDMONDSTOUNE, born at Rothsay, Isle of Bute, of Stratford, married Margaret DALLAS. (Pg 544-6)

MacLAREN, ALEXANDER FERGUSON, born in Perth, Lanark County, son of John McLaren and Ellen BUCHANAN FERGUSON, brother of Alexander McLAREN, married Janet McLEOD, of Hibbert township. (Pg 548-552)

McINTYRE, JOHN, born in Lismore, Argyleshire, of Fullarton township. (Pg. 546-7)

MONTEITH, ANDREW, born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, of Stratford. (Pg 532-4)

MONTEITH, JOHN C, son of Andrew MONTEITH, of Stratford. (Pg 554)

MOORE, JAMES DOUGLAS, born in Dumphries township, of St Marys. (Pg. 543-4)

MURRAY, WALTER, born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, son of John MURRAY, of Downie township, married Elizabeth BALLANTYNE. (Pg 556)

PEARSON, JOHN, born in Ashford, Co. Kent, England, of Ellice township (Pg. 528-9)

REID, JAMES, born in Co. Down, Ireland, lived in Mornington (pg 526)

ROE, SAMUEL, born in Crossmolin, Co. Mayo, Ireland, of Elma township. (Pg 523)

ROTHWELL, THOMAS, born in Wexford, Ireland, married Elizabeth TOMPKINS, of Elma township. (Pg 522)

SANDERSON, JOHN, born in Co. Cavan, Ireland, of St Marys. (Pg. 543)

SCOTT, JOHN WALDRON, born in Durham county, of Listowel. (Pg 556-7)

STEWART, JAMES, son of John STEWART and Mary CRERAR, born in Perthshire, Scotland, of North Easthope township, brother to Peter STEWART (Pg 538)

STOCK, VALENTINE, born in Oxford County, of Tavistock and South Easthope township. (Pg 552-3)

TROW, JAMES, born in Wales, of North Easthope, married Mary MOORE (Pg. 539-41)

WATSON, JOHN, born in Newton Stewart, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, of Mornington township. (Pg. 526-7)

WHALEY, SAMUEL, born in Tyrone, Ireland, married Margaret TROW, of Mornington township (Pg 525-6)

"Farewell, then, I say to you old pioneers. With you and amongst you I spent my youthful days. While I remain here amidst the foot-hills of life I try to gather up broken remembrances of a time which is gone. These I have written in a scroll wherein I have also inscribed your names, therein to remain as long as this book shall last." - William Johnston, page 565



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Logan Township
Mornington Township
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Wallace Township and town of Listowel

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