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    HISHON, Kinkora, Ellice township
    Brothers Patrick and Mortimor Hishon purchased the two adjoining lots #29, #30 on the 7th concession, Ellice township from the Canada Company, November 4, 1844. They are the first settlers in what would become the Kinkora settlement. Patrick is my great-great-great grandfather. I would like to let everyone know about my Hishon family history page.
    Contact person: Joe Hishon, [email protected]

    MOSER, Hesson, Mornington township
    Charles (Karl) Moser b.1836 Waibstadt, Baden Germany d. 1925 Hesson ON. He arrived in New York, Dec 29, 1854 with his parents Franz Moser & Elisabeth Putteny & 10 siblings. Charles married Hedwig Nauer in October 15,1861. Hedwig was the daughter of Johannes Nauer & Agatha Ulmer who came to Canada from Germany in 1847. Hedwig & Charles settled on lot 16, con 13 Mornington Twp. near Hesson. They raised a family of 13 children Mary Linseman, Joseph, Anthony, Jacob, Wendlin, Charles, Alexander, John, Pauline Kocher, Marguerite Koebel, Catharine Kocher, Johanna Thomas, Wilhelmina Knoblauch. His son Alexander took over the family farm near Hesson. Burial in St Marys Church, Hesson cemetery.
    Submitted by: Blanche Moser, [email protected]

    McKEEVER, Wallace township
    My husband's ggggrandfather, James McKeever, must have been an early settler in Wallace Twp. We have a copy of claimants and owners of Wallace Twp. lots and it lists him in Con 3 Lot 14, 1851 with a patent received in 1869. He died 7 Oct. 1878 and we have a copy of his will. In his will, his son, John, inherits Lot 14. He had 12 children. Our information also says that he and his wife, Ellen Catherine, were born in Ireland. But where in Ireland? This all of the information we have on this family.
    Contact person: Dorothy and Arthur Patch, [email protected], 1001 Phay Rd., Elk, WA. 99009

    John SPARLING, Blanshard township
    John Sparling (1812-1871) settled in Blanchard Township in 1842, along with his uncles, Peter and Christopher Sparling and his older sister and brother-in-law, Suzanne and Rody HANLEY. His younger brother, Frederick, joined them a few years later. This was an Irish Palatine family from County Tipperary and County Limerick. They were Wesleyan Methodist. John was elected to the District Council and was Captain of the local milita. He was later appointed Justice of the Peace and moved to St. Marys where he built a fine stone house which still stands at --. He relocated to the United States with his second wife and younger children in 1862 in the face of a political scandal. His adult children stayed behind to farm or pursue careers in the Methodist Church and teaching.
    Contact person: Lois Sparling, Calgary, Alberta, [email protected]

    GRAHAM, Logan township - Samuel Graham and Sarah Jane Kelly emigrated from Ireland, probably 1844. She was from County Down and he was County Antrim. They probably met during the crossing and they were married in Ottawa. From there they headed west to settle in Logan Township, about two miles north of Mitchell. Through the years they were known variously on census information as Grimes, Graeme and Graham - the latter being the name that stayed with the family. Samuel and Sarah had 14 children, 11 of whom lived to adulthood. A history of Perth County records that Samuel was one of three wardens elected in 1846 in the newly established town of Mitchell. Other than that, little is known about the early years. One son James and his wife Jane Howe moved to Minto, Manitoba in 1881 to homestead. (Their daughter was apparently the first non-native baby born on the prairies.) The other sons remained in the Stratford area, with one son David taking over the family farm in 1884 where it remained in the family until 1950. David Graham, a younger brother of Samuel arrived in Canada several years later and also settled in Logan Township. When David's wife died young leaving him with a baby boy, Robert, father and son ended up in Manitoba and settled on the next homestead to James.
    Contact person: Jane Hopkinson, [email protected]

    McTAVISH, South Easthope township - James McTavish born about 1821 & wife Anna McFarline born abt 1820 in Scotland. The Ontario Register, Vol. 8, Bathurst District Marriage Register from Broderbund Software Inc. Marriages performed by Rev. William Bell, Perth James McTavish and Anne McFarlane, both of Beckwith, 1st Oct 1839 in Perth. w: Alex'r McFarlane, John McFarlane
    Sometime after their marriage they moved to South Easthope. In 1844 they lived in a 1 story log house on Lot 38, Con.8, South Easthope. Their children were Douglas born 1843, Catharine born April 18, 1844, Alex born 1850, MaryAnn born 1853, and Elizabeth born 1854. They later became early pioneers of Stratford. Alex McTavish known as (Sandy) was my great-Grandfather and married Elizabeth Bart. They lived at 260 William Street in Stratford.
    If you have or need further information please contact me.
    Contact person: Lois Lennon, [email protected]

    DANTZER, Peter, South Easthope township
    Beginning in 1833 the first German Catholics of South Easthope township settled just south of the Huron Road (now Highway 7) near Shakespeare, Ontario Canada. Among them were Jacob Weiss, Peter Dantzer, Jos. Berger, J. Gruber, Peter Riener, Xavier V. Meyer, Jos. Weiss, William Kritz, and Mr. Linsemeyer, all from Alsace. John Hartlieb, Lawrence Arnold, Wendelin Schuler, and Mr. Scherer all came from Baden.
    Peter Dantzer was born in Alsace,France, on June 21st, 1802. His birthplace, his parents and his siblings are all unknown. His wife Rose Ludabeaucher was also born in France in February, 1808. Peter, Rose and their child Rose traveled to North America aboard the Lorena arriving in New York on April 16,1833.
    The first record of Peter's presence in Canada is a land lease agreement he entered into with The Canada Company on May 31, 1836 wherein he obtained possession of lot 19, Con 3, South Easthope Township, County of Perth, Ontario, Canada. His surname was spelled Dancer. The Company granted the lot to Peter by deed, registered February 28, 1855, as instrument no. 235 in the Land Registry Division for the said County.The lot was a 100 acre farm near the Village of Shakespeare.
    Peter died May 28, 1888 aged 85 years, 9 months and 7 days. Rosa died July 28, 1886 aged 78 years and 5 months. She and Peter are buried in the same plot at St. Anthony's a stone church built near the farm by his family and the other German settlers. Contact person: Ian Dantzer, [email protected]

    MEYEER-BENEDICT, South Easthope township
    Meyer-Benedict born in 1804 in Switzerland and emigrated to Canada where married Magdalena Elizabeth Deihl. Magdalena emigrated to South Easthope Twp from Kurhessen, Germany iin 1847. They married in 1848 and settled on lot 23 in the second concession of South Easthope Twp. They had 7 children, John, Henry, Elizabeth, Anna, Emma, Conrad and Adam. Benedict died April 14,1899, Magdalena died December 7, 1906. I would be interested in any information anyone has to share.
    Contact person: [email protected]

    FLANIGAN family, Downie township, Original settlers on three farms in Downie Township.
    A comprehensive list of the FLANIGAN family is found on this Sites Perth County Families page
    1 - Lot 4, Concession 8; In 1844 Michael FLANIGAN, with his wife Margaret McCAULEY arrived from Co.Mayo, Ireland in 1843 with 7 children, John, Mary, William, Edward, Michael, Patrick and Bridget. They settled on Lot 4, concession 8 of Downie Twp. near St. Pauls. They had 4 more children were born on this farm, Martin, Margaret, James and Richard. Michael died in 1881 in St. Marys but the family lived on this lot until 1887 when their 2nd oldest son William sold the farm and with his wife Margaret BENNET and children moved to the USA.
    2 - Lot 4, Concession 11; In 1860 the oldest son John and his wife Margaret FOX obtained Lot 4, Concession 11 from the Canada Company. John and his father and brothers had a connection with the half way house tavern that was located at Conroys Corner. They also did some contracting work on the construction of the road to St. Marys. John and Margaret raised 10 children on this farm; Mary Ann, William John, Margaret, Johanna, Michael, Ellen, Martha, Matthew, Richard and my grandmother Sarah Jane. John died in 1921 in Stratford and the farm passed out the family on Margarets death in 1923 when her son Richard sold it.
    3 - Lot 1, Concession 10; James FOX and Ann RONAN and their children Margaret and James settled on Lot , Concession 10 before 1850. James was said to have been involved in the 1837 rebellion and had to flee the country and it is not known if he lived on this land or not. His wife Ann farmed there until her death in 1884 with her daughter Margaret and son James. In 1855 Margaret married John FLANIGAN and moved to Lot 4, Concession 11. James stayed for a while after his mothers death but sold the farm in 1886 and moved away and never was heard from since. In 1897 the farm was bought by Margaret's son Matthew FLANIGAN who kept it until December 1901 when he sold to a Mr. Robb.
    Contact person: Thomas J. Hunter, Navan, ON, [email protected]

    BUCHANAN, Donegal, Elma township
    The Buchanan family, seven brothers and one sister, were the first settlers, in 1847 or 1848, at Donegal, which was originally called Buchanan or Buchananville. This was the family of Andrew Buchanan and Jane Long; Andrew Buchanan died in Kingston not long after arrival at the new land, but Jane continued on to Elma township with her family and died sometime between the 1861 and 1871 censuses. Many members of the family moved west, particularly to Manitoba, but many remained and there are still Buchanans living in the area. More information on the Buchanan family can be found on my Buchanan family page.
    Contact person: Suzanne Schaller, [email protected]

    KURTZ, Kurtzville
    My Gt Grandfather, Gearhart KURTZ was one of the original settlers in Kurtzville, and the town was named after him and his family. He was born in Huetschenhausen, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany in 1815, married to Francisca MEINSINGER and immigrated to Canada around 1850, first settling in Waterloo, About 10-12 years later moved on to Perth Co. His children were as follows: John m. Margaret ZURBRIGG, Philiphena m. Conrad HEINBECHER, Francisca m. Phillip ORTH, Catherine m. Jonathan BUSCHERT, Barbara m. Michael SCHAEFER, Joseph m. Harriet McDERMOTT, Elizabeth m. Jacob HOFFER, Meno Fred m. Audie HELRIGEL, Mary m. Walter TYRRELL, Sarah m. Thomas PETTYPIECE. Most of the family later immigrated to Michigan.
    Contact person: Jan Livingstone, [email protected], PO Box 2391, Waldport, OR, 97394

    HERBERT / HERBORT / HERBORTH, Seebach's Hill, Ellice township
    Daniel Herbert purchased Lot 32, in the third concession of Ellice Township on the 28th of Feburary, 1833 from the Canada Company. The exact date of his immigration from Germany is still unknown. On the 100 acres purchased (for 110 pounds, the family farm was built. It later burned down (1840's?), and was rebuilt with the farm house that is currently existing on the land. Our family still has the original deed to the property. The family name has been changed twice since the 1830's; Herbort, and Herborth. I am just starting to trace my family roots, and any information would be great. Good luck finding your roots.
    Contact person: Jason Herborth, [email protected]

    BRENNAN, North Easthope township
    James Brennan and wife Margaret Anna Ward arrived from Ireland in North Eastope in 1844 and leased property in North Easthope in January 1845 with brothers, Michael Brennan and Patrick Brennan. Arriving with them were their parents Edward Brennan and wife Catherine Connolly. Family members have lived throughout the area of Stratford. Some family names are: WARD, SCOTT, BREEN, FINNIGAN, McCAFFERY, SINCLAIR, KELLY, FINANE, O'GRADY, McGEARY, PENDERGAST, CASHIN, CRITZ See homepage at
    Contact person: Allan Brennan, [email protected]

    MATTHEWS, David, Poole, Mornington township
    David MATTHEWS established the first post office in the Village of Poole (13 miles from Stratford) Dec. 1st, 1862. Refer to the National Archives of Canada, Post offices Born 1829 Ontario of Scottish heritage. Listed as "merchant" in 1861 Census, he was also proprietor of the Poole Hotel and dealer in "dry goods, groceries, crockery, patent medicines". In 1863, the village had one store, hotel, school, blacksmith shop, wagon shop, shoemaker, tailor, tin shop and one church, German Manese. It is unknown to me where David Matthews was born, but he is buried in the Avon Cemetary, Section "F" Stratford Ontario.
    Contact person: Lynn Matthews, [email protected]

    MAYBERRY, Thomas, Lot 18 Concession 1, Mornington township
    The Mayberry family supposedly came from Tyrone Ireland when the family patriarch, Oliver Mayberry was granted 50 acres of land in Fitzroy Twp., Carleton Cty., in 1833 for service in the British Army. He died in 1836 & his son, Thomas and his sons remained in Fitzroy until the early 1850's when they moved to Perth County. Thomas' oldest son Oliver took up land on the 1st concession, Lot 18 where his descendants still remain. Oliver's brothers Samuel,John & George took up lots 32 - 35 on the 2nd concession of Elma.
    Contact person: Donald S. Holmes, [email protected]

    MAGWOOD, George, Lot 15, Concession 4, Mornington township
    George Magwood & his wife Margaret Farrell came from Fermanagh Ireland about 1845 & settled in Wakefield Quebec. By 1851 they were farming in E. Flamborough & moved to Lot 15, Concession 4 (between Poole & Millbank) in 1852.There were also families headed by Charles Magwood & William Magwood who settled in the same area. Both of these latter families must have immigrated many years earlier as their families were born in Canada East. There is almost certainly a relationship between these families but it has never been proven.
    Contact person: Donald S. Holmes, [email protected]

    HOLMES, John, Lot 34 Concession 8, Elma township
    William Holmes & his wife Sophia Snow, natives of Devonshire England took up residence at Lot 34 Conc 8 of Elma with their son John, who owned the land and their younger childreen Sophia & James, An older daughter, Ann was married to William Breay Scott & they took up the property at Lot 1 Conc 7 of Mornington.By 1872 another son William & his family (all born in England) bought the E 1/2 of Lot 32 Con 11 of Elma. William & Sophia probably died in the decade of the 1860's and John married Elizabeth Peffers from Mornington and moved away. The daughter Sophia married a James Bray and also seem to have left the area. The younger son James married Margaret McGillawee & for many years they farmed Lot 3 Conc 7 of Mornington
    Contact person: Donald S. Holmes, [email protected]

    SCOTT, William Bray or Breay, Lot 1 Concession 7, Mornington township
    William Bray Scott & his wife Ann Snow Holmes were natives of Devonshire England. The iimmigrated to Canada in the early 1850's & took up land at lot 1 Conc 7 Mornington on the Elma boundary. They had a family of 2 sons, William & James and 5 daughters,Sophia(Mrs Ben Maddess),Annie (Julia Ann) (Mrs James Buchanan),Emily (Mrs Alex Buchanan),Elizabeth ( Mrs James Barton) and Carrie (Mrs Fred Balls). Many of these names are still commom in the area
    Contact person: Donald S. Holmes, [email protected]

    McGILLAWEE, John, Lot 34 Concession 9, Elma township
    John McGillawee & his wife Catherine McPhail immigrated to Canada in the mid 1850's and took up crown land at Lot 34 Concession 9 in Elma Township. They had a family of one son, Archibald & 3 daughters, Margaret(Mrs James Holmes), Catherine (Mrs Alf Allison)and Christine (Mrs James Gray). It seems strange that John used the name Lamont (or variations) on all his legal papers e.g. will & deed. It appears that the name McGillawee is a sept of the Clan Lamont and for some reason John chose to use this name in his legal dealings but he was always known as McGillawee. John is a brother of Alexander McGillawee of NE Hope
    Contact Donald S. Holmes, [email protected]

    LENNON, Lot 6 Concession 6 Ellice Township
    Patrick Lennon & wife Elizabeth Mohan along with all their children Anna, Patrick, Rose, Hugh, Elizabeth, Bridget and later Thomas emigrated from Armagh, Ireland in 1874. They came to Ellice Township and lived at various places until 1854 when they settled on Lot 6, Concession 6, Ellice Township. The next owner was their son, Hugh Lennon, and his wife Johann Quirk. They farmed there until 1921 when the farm was taken over by their son Patrick Lennon & wife Bridget Conway. They cleared the land and have been engaged in mixed farming, dairy and beef cattle, pigs, horses, poultry and grain. Patrick Lennon was one of the best informed men on all topics of the past and present conditions of the world. Being of a kindly nature, all manner of people in all walks of life visited him. Patrick past away on April 24, 1961.
    Contact person: Lois Lennon, [email protected]

    ATKIN, Mornington township
    Christopher Atkin, born in Hull, England about 1800 and emigrated to Canada in 1831, settling first in Montreal, then moving to Little York (Toronto) and Pickering before settling in Mornington Twp. about 1854, where he farmed on the 4th line before retiring to Milverton. He was married to Mary Ann Jakeman who died in 1879 who bore him 10 children. Christopher died in 1892.
    Contact person: Patricia Tiller, [email protected]

    McCARTHY, John Augustus, Stratford
    John Augustus McCarthy, first Chief of Police of Stratford, was born, John A. Skottowe, in Australia, August 28, 1811. Due to resentment against the Skottowe family, he adopted his mother's maiden name when he immigrated to Canada in 1832. He married Pauline Izzard and they had 9 children. John died in Stratford on October 9, 1898. His third son, John Augustus McCarthy Jr., became the third Chief of Police of Stratford. John Jr. was born in 1845 and died in the knox Church Fire in Stratford, in 1913. John Jr. never married, but his oldest brother Thomas Britiffe McCarthy had 12 children including a third John augustus McCarthy who was a civil engineer for the CNR and built many structures in Ontario.
    Contact person: Evan Price, [email protected]

    FAULKNER, Benjamin D, Mornington Township
    Born 1828 near Pocklington,Yorkshire, England. He came to Canada in 1850 with his two brothers, Thomas and William. In 1851 at Vaughan Township, he was united in marriage with Mary Armstrong, a native of Enniskillen, Ireland. They came to Mornington Township in 1855 and settled on Lot 2 West, Con. 14. Mr. Faulkner was a local preacher for many years and travelled widely across this new country, in service of the Methodist Church. Their union was blessed with 10 children, 9 whom lived to adulthood. Sarah Jane(James Bartley) 1852-1921,John G.(Ellen Patterson) 1854-1916, Thomas(Barbara McKee) 1857-1930, Joseph(Sarah Patterson) 1858-1937,Elizabeth Ann (James Salter) 1860-1916, Mary Ellen (Manitoba) 1865-?, Amelia(Robert Moore) 1867-1921,Benjamin Jr.,(Minnie McWatters) 1869-1945 and Lettica(David McAllister) 1871-1911. Benjamin Faulkner died Dec. 17 1893, after a severe attack of influenza and was laid to rest in Fairview Cemetary, Listowel.
    Contact person: Gordon Faulkner, [email protected]

    McDERMOTT, John, Wallace Township
    MCDERMOTT,John, s/o Neil McDermott and Jane Milligan; born c. 1830,Tecumseth Twp,Simcoe Co. departed to Wallace Twp mid 1850s. He died in Port Carling c. 1914. He was reeve and also Warden of Wallace Twp, whilst his brother Thomas was Mayor of Palmerston and his brother William was reeve and warden of Simcoe County. John married RACHEL WILLIAMS.As well as politically involved he was a farmer, a lumberman and a cattleman. His conservative politics MAY have involved him with Wallace Lambs. I am interested in talking to anyone working along similar lines and happily trade info.
    Contact person: lydia alexander, [email protected]

    DILLON, John, West 50 Lot 19 Hibbert Twp
    In 1853 David Dillon owned the east 50 Lot 19. He was one of the first No.3 School Trustees. He went to Chicago where he died. In 1860 in Springhill (later named Staffa) David Dillon and other trustees purchased land to build a school. It was about 80 rods west of the present school. In 1853 John Dillon owned the West 50 of Lot 19 .In 1867 his brother built a clapboard frame school. 1871 Census Hibbert Division 2 P. 36 shows: Dillon John, 60 year old,Ireland, Ellen Cussen, 60, Ireland, Mary 30 tear old, Ireland, Michael 28, Ireland, Johanna 26, Ireland, and William 24, Ireland. Early 1900 William moved to Logan Twp, later moved to SOO STE-Marie Ont.Where my grandfather George was born in 1910.His family moved to Hearst. George married had 16 kids and a large family tree. Looking forwrd to meet or talk to cousins.
    Contact person: Marcel Dillon, [email protected]

    HAGARTY, Logan Township
    John Hagarty and his sister Bridget came to Logan Township from Ireland in 1848. In a few years his father John, mother Abigail(O'Keeffe), brothers Con, Michael, Timothy, Daniel, sister Ellen,and her husband William Uniac joined them. John farmed in Logan Township,Lot 16 Con 9. Bridget who married Timothy Regan farmed in Logan as did William and Ellen Uniac. Timothy Hagarty built a log hotel at Bornholm Ontario(where Wietersen's store is now), Daniel became a medical doctor in Manitoba, Con went to New York, and Michael(Heggarty) joined his brother Peter in Richmond Virginia. The family homestead near Conna,County Cork, Ireland was found in 1994. Several Hagarty and Regan relatives visited there in 1998. Another reunion is planned to take place in Ireland in 2002.
    Contact person: Jack Hagarty, [email protected], Home page

    MOORE, Joseph, Hibbert township (Con 2 Lot 13 W 1/2)
    Joseph Moore was born in England and leased Con 2 Lot 13 of Hibbert township from the Canada Company on March 17 1846. He was married in 1848, to Margaret Forbes, who was born in Ireland, according to the 1848 agricultural census. In Dec. 1854, Joseph bought Lot 13, and on the same day he sold the east half to Henry Roberts. They had a family of four daughters and five sons. Joseph died in 1865, leaving his wife Margaret and young family to farm the land. Margaret Moore died in 1891 and is buried in the Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Mitchell. The east 50 acres was bought by Joseph's son, George Moore in 1908 and the farm has remained in the Moore family, as a great grandson is the present owner.
    Contact person: Heather Burrow, [email protected]

    TREMAIN, Listowel
    John Amy Tremain, Wife Rosa Ellery, were born in Cornwall, settled first in Durham Co. Was one of the first settlers along with brothers and family in early 1850's. Their daughter, Elizabeth Anne Tremain married Daniel McDonald Davis(Donald), in 1858. They had 4 children. Christiana, Rose Aurila, John Wesley, Mary E.Donald died in 1868 and Elizabeth married Charles Fisher in 1872. She had Sarah Ann, William, George, Richard and Jennie. Daniel was the son of Thomas Davis and Christina McMullen/MacMillan of Loughborough, Ontario.
    Contact person: Ellen McKanna, [email protected]


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