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Newspaper Articles of Historical Interest

This is attempting to be a collection of newspaper articles of historical (not just genealogical) significance about the history of Perth County. Many of them will also be of interest to genealogists, since pioneer families are mentioned.

I see a lot of value in these articles because they were written when some of the early settlers of the county were still alive. They draw on oral and written histories and mention many of the early families of the county's history. I feel that this needs to be preserved and passed on, even now 150 years after these settlers arrived in the area.

For copyright reasons, sources of the articles have been noted.

If you use one of these articles in your research, please cite it properly: you should cite BOTH the URL of the article, AND the original publication date and newspaper title.

This collection is under construction.
Latest addition: March 8, 2004

I did not write any of these articles. They may contain mistakes. I can attempt to add corrections in square brackets if any mistakes are pointed out to me; email me at [email protected]. Anything in [square brackets] is me talking.

Thanks to the London Public Library and the D. B. Weldon Library at the University of Western Ontario, for the use of their microfilmed newspaper collections.


Meg Fuller Perth County Coordinator

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The Townships of Perth County

Blanshard Township and town of St Marys
Downie Township
North Easthope
South Easthope
Ellice Township
Elma township
Fullarton Township
Hibbert Township
Logan Township
Mornington Township
City of Stratford
Wallace Township and town of Listowel

Outside Links (Not part of this site)

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The Listowel Banner is the main newspaper in the north part of the county

County of Perth
Museums of Perth County
Perth County Historical Foundation
Stratford Public Library
Town of North Perth
Township of Perth East
Township of West Perth
Hmm... North, East, West, where is a website for South Perth?

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