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Norfolk County Census Records

Canadian Census returns vary. The first general Ontario census was taken in 1842, 1848 and 1851 but not all survive.

There are scattered Ontario Census records before 1842 but each area took its own census, so researchers need to check the book of available census returns (found in any public library of Ontario or at the Archives) to find out what years are available in each location.

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Some areas have census records as early as 1783. Censuses up to 1850 are heads of household only but give genealogy and family information such as how many children, and their ages.

Canadian Census records after 1851 which are available to the public were taken in 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911.

They give information on all household members - name, age, gender, country of birth, religion, ethnic origin, occupation, marital status and education. Some provide immigration years. See Questions Asked on Ontario Census Reports

An important genealogicaly treasure found in Canadian Census records is the Agricultural Census. Agricultural returns provide information such as lot and concession number, acreage, livestock and agricultural products. For the 1851 and 1861 Census, the agricultural returns are listed by the name of the head-of-household. The agricultural returns for 1881, 1891 and 1901 were not retained

Several sites have Canadian Census Projects underway which allow you to find ancestors in Canada Census records from 1851 to 1911. Search Canadian Census Records online for your ancestors.

There is also a 1940-1946 Census Substitute called The National Registration File of 1940. This registration resulted from the compulsory registration of all persons, 16 years of age or older, in the period from 1940 to 1946. This is another way to find an ancestor in that time period.

Quick Start Canada Census Comparison Charts for those in a hurry

1911 Census
1911 Census Images only [LAC]
1911 Census of Canada Indexing Project [Automated Genealogy]
1911 Census Indexing Project for Norfolk County []

1901 Census
1901 Census Images only [LAC]
1901 Census of Canada Indexing Project [Automated Genealogy]

NAC no. T-6485, T-6486
LDS no. 1,843,567-8

1891 Census
NAC no. T-6355, T-6356
LDS no. 1,465,780-1

1881 Census
1881 Census Transcripts for Canada []

NAC no. C13262, C13263
LDS no. 1,375,899

1871 Census
1871 Census Index Heads of Household [LAC]
How to order full page copies of the 1871 Census

NAC no. C-9907, C-9908, C-9909
LDS no. 0,349,142

1861 Census
1861 Norfolk County census index, Ontario, Canada [$]

NAC no. C1052, C1053, C1054
LDS no. 0,349,298
Charlotteville, Houghton, Middleton, Simcoe, Townsend
LDS no. 0,349,299
Walsingham, Windham, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Gore

1851- 1852 Census
1851 Census Images only [LAC]
1852 Norfolk County, Canada West (Ontario) [Automated Genealogy]

NAC nos. C-11741
Houghton, Middleton, Charlotteville
LDS no. 0,349,227
Windham, Townsend, Woodhouse, Walsingham, Simcoe
LDS no. 0,349,228

1842 Census
Canada West
Talbot District

Note: 1842-LDS Census List shows film # 0,281,227 item 21, as "Unidentified locations"
NAC # C-1345

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