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Thomas and David Boyter Page 4
David Boyter Page 4
Robert and Isabella Boyter Page 4

Jenifer Buie

Bayer, August (and family: Johnny, Mary Anne, Hannah, William, Lizzie, Joseph, Rhiney, Grant, Pearl and Louis) Page 2
Ferguson, John, Andrew Page 3
Ferguson, William August, Page 2
White, Cecile Freda, Page 2
White, Mariboh, George, William Norman, and Darius Page 2

Chris Dussault

Some photos on my site are Dunn, Martell, Parisien (Persian), McElhone, Volk, Martel, McInerney, Durocher that lived on, and around, Manitoulin Island in the late 1800's early 1900's.
I've also got lots of photos, both identified, and unidentified for these families and friends. My website has a lot of photos. Many of these photos are unidentified, please visit my site and if you can help to identify any of these 'unkowns' it woudl be appreciated. Areas include, but not limited to, Little Current, Massey, Woodstock, Brantford, Norwich, Tillsonburg.

Bill Fawcett

Bickell, David Page 1
Fawcett, Mary Gertrude (Fraser) Page 1
Fraser, Ida Elizabeth (Bickell) Page 1
Fraser, Ida Muriel Page 1

Lynn Goutouski

Ash, Francis Albert Page 1
Ash, Charlotte (White) Page 1
Brown, Hester (Myers) Page 1
Brown, John Page 1
Jaggard, Ida Page 1
White, Darius Page 1
White, George Page 1
White, Mary Elizabeth (Brown) Page 1

Dawn Hicks

Henry & Mary (Sherk) Smyth family Page 3
Humphrey Family of Assiginack Page 3
William and Fannie (Griffith) Willis Page 3

Laurie Lovelace

Lovelace, Nathan Page 1
Lovelace, Maude (Stirritt) Page 1

Bill and Peg Marshall

Marshall, Bill (and family: Norman, Tom, Mina, Lena, Clara, Fanny and Lillian)Page 1
Marshall, Caroline (Bowser) Page 1

Jeanne Ross

Corbiere, Henry and Catherine Page 2

(Doan) Wellar

Mary Scott Ferguson Page 3

Heather Armstrong

Edward Leonard Hall &
Eleanor May Myles Page 4

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