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List of Assignments of Land and Affidavits of performance of settlement duties from Indian Office Manitowaning for the month of December 1883 -

2545.2638.2639. Jane Mallard to Hester A. W.(?) Gibbons
1239. William Robt. Ferguson to Chas. Peter Ferguson
1586. August Buie to John Buie
841.842. Henry Stapleton to Robt. ? Stapleton
731. Matthew McAuley to James Duxbury
2378.2274 William Thomas Skippen to William Parkinson
731. James Duxbury to Robert McGee
503.1248. Isaac Potter English to Jane Ann English
1248. Jane Ann English to G. B. Abrey

Richard English [written smaller underneath Jane’s name]

[There are check marks after each name in right column and the word "Pd." under the list of names.]


468. Patent wanted by James Stringer of the Township of Bidwell - Farmer

["Not paid for w Full asset ? date?/84" written beside this entry.]

2006.2007. Do. Do. Martha Taylor - wife of John Johnson Taylor of Manitowaning - Cabinet maker. Ref. 7746

Indian Office
Manitowaning, December 31, 1883
___ Phipps

Supplied by Valerie Boyter

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