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Residents of Manitoulin Island 1838-1871
1901 CENSUS of MANITOULIN ISLAND Census Listing for Manitoulin by Ontario GenWeb
(Ontario Index) 1871 Census - Searchable DatabaseIndex to the 1851 Census
Canadian Genealogical Projects RegistryOntario Genealogical Society Census Menu
Native Residents of Manitoulin Island 1864-1868
Manitoulin Residents through 1871 – Non-Native Searchable 1881 Census
1871 Census -Heads & Strays1871 Census Manitoulin Centre
Manitowaning Land Assignments Algoma Census
1901 Canadian Census Online1901 & 1911 Searchable Census
Indian Families 1864-1868

This page contains links to various census databases. No two listings are the same so be sure to check out all the resources available to you.

As information becomes available regarding any of the towns or townships listed below we will update. Please check back often. This information is provided courtesy of Ontario GenWeb and we ask that you abide by their rules for copying and distributing.

(Please keep in mind that some townships may not currently exist)
1901 Census of Aberdeen Township
1901 Census of Alberton Township
1891 Census of Allan Township
1901 Census of Allan-Gordon Township
1901 Census of Ash Rapids Township (Includes Anderson's Island, Clearwater Bay, Corkscrew Island, Harley's Camp, Homeslake Mine, Sherlock Point, Shoal Lake, Treadmill Mine)
1881 Census of Assiginack Township
1891 Census of Assiginack Township
1901 Census of Assiginack Township.)
1901 Census of Aylesworth Township.)
1901 Census of Bar River.)
1891 Census of Barrie Island
1901 Census of Barrie Island
1901 Census of Batchawana
1901 Census of Beaudro Fishery
1901 Census of Beaver Mills
1881 Census of Bidwell Township (Includes Sheguiandah)
1891 Census of Bidwell Township
1891 Census of Billings Township
1901 Census of Billings Township (Includes Kagawong, West Bay Indian Reserve)
1891 Census of Biscotasing Township
1901 Census of Bright Township (Includes Bright & Bright Additional)
1891 Census of Burpee Township
1901 Census of Burpee Township
1891 Census of Campbell Township
1901 Census of Campbell Township
Carlyle Township
1891 Census of Carnarvon Township
1901 Census of Carnarvon Township (Includes Providence Bay)
1891 Census of Chelmsford & Cartier Township
1901 Census of Chapleau Village
1891 Census of Cockburn Is. Township
1901 Census of Cockburn Is. Township (Includes Tolsmaville)
1901 Census of Coffin Township
1891 Census of Dawson Township
1901 Census of Day Township
1891 Census of Duck Island
1901 Census of Emo Township (Includes Chapple, Mather)
1901 Census of Fort Frances Township
1901 Census of Fort William
1891 Census of Gordon Township
1901 Census of Gordon Township (includes Allan Township)
1891 Census of Town of Gore Bay
1901 Census of Town of Gore Bay
1891 Census of Grand Pointe Township
1891 Census of Hallam Township (Includes Graham Township)
1901 Census of Hawk Lake Township (Includes Parry, Wood, Scovil, Summit )
1891 Census of Hilton Township
1881 Census of Howland Township (Includes Haywood Isl., Strawberry & Lacloche)
1891 Census of Howland Township
Humboldt Township
1901 Census of Kalmar Township
1901 Census of Keewatin Township
1901 Census of Keewatin Township Outside
1881 Census of Killarney Township
1891 Census of Killarney Township
1881 Census of Lefroy Township
1891 Census of Little Current (Town of)
1901 Census of Little Current (Town of).
1901 Census of Little Turtle Lake.
1901 Census of Manitou Township (Includes Gold Rock)
1901 Census of Meldrum Bay Township
1901 Census of Mikado Mine
1891 Census of Mills Township
1901 Census of Mills Township (Includes Lake Wolsley Indian Reserve)
1901 Census of Neebing Township
1891 Census of Nipigon Township (includes Pays Plat)
1901 Census of Oliver Township
1901 Census of Picnic Island
1901 Census of Pinewood Township
1901 Census of Port Arthur (Town of)
1901 Census of Port Arthur Township (Includes McGregor, McIntyre, McTavish)
1891 Census of Port Arthur Township Centre
1891 Census of Port Arthur Township North
1891 Census of Port Arthur Township South
1881 Census of Prince Arthur’s Landing (Village) (Includes Oliver Township)
1891 Census of Rainy River
1901 Census of Rat Portage
1901 Census of Rat Portage Town
1891 Census of Rat Portage East
1891 Census of Rat Portage West
1901 Census of Regina Mine Township (Includes Denmark Lake, Lizzie Lake, Regina Bay, Stephens Lake, Whitefish Bay)
1891 Census of Robinson Township
1901 Census of Robinson Township
1901 Census of Rydal Bank
1891 Sandfield Township
1901 Sandfield Township
1901 Savanne (Village)
1901 Savanne Agency & Rat Portage
1891 Savanne Township (Includes Ignace Twp, Vermilion Twp, Barclay Twp )
1901 Census of Sawbill Lake Township (includes Atikokan River, Brulé, Section Camp, Clark's, Engineering Camp, Clark's Mining Camp, Clear Lake, Mining Camp, Drumon's Mill, Elizabeth Mine, Hammond, Reef, Hardirville, Langman's, Grading Camp, Mink, Portage, Pettigrew's Mining Camp, Oliver, Sawbill Mine, Steep Rock, Stewart's no. 3 Grading Camp, Walsh's Mining Camp)
1901 Schreiber Twp.
1891 Census of Sheguiandah Township
1901 Census of Sheguiandah Township (also as Unorganized Territory)
1901 Census of Shuniah Township
1881 Census of Silver Islet
1891 Census of Snider Township
1891 Census of Spanish River
1881 Census of St. Joseph Island (Includes St. Joseph’s Island)
1891 Census of St. Joseph Island
1901 Census of Striker Twp.
1901 Census of Sultana Mine
1901 Census of Tarbutt Township
1891 Census of Tehkummah Township
1901 Census of Tehkummah Township
1891 Census of Tenby Bay Township
1881 Census of Thessalon Twp.
1901 Census of Thessalon Twp.
1901 Census of Thessalon Town
1911 Census of Vankoughnet
1901 Census of Vermilion Bay (Includes Eagle Lake Islands)
1901 Census of Wabigoon Twp.
1901 Census of Wells Township (Includes E., Hall's Camp, Grassett, Goulds, Haughton)
1901 Census of White River Twp.
1901 Census of Whitefish Station Township (Includes Lybster, Strange)
1891 Census Wikwemikong Unceded Reserve (Wookwamakong I.R.)

Index to the 1871 Census - Searchable name database from the Archives of Canada created by the Ontario Genealogical Society

1901 CENSUS of MANITOULIN ISLAND A census database of Manitoulin townships provided on Bill Martin’s site. Some townships are available here that have not been included on the GenWeb lists as yet.

Index to the 1851 Ontario Census This site lists 1851 census reports for various areas of Ontario that have been indexed. Provided by Olive Tree Genealogy

Links to the 1851 census in various counties in Ontario.

Ontario Genealogical Society Census Menu access to Census data 1850 through to 1900.

Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index This is a 'must see' site.

Algoma District Census visit the Algoma GenWeb site

1901 Canadian Census Online National Archives of Canada, search by geographical area only.

Searchable 1901 & 1911 Canadian Census Online Automated Genealogy, search by location or by name.

1881 Searchable Census Provided by Family Search; searchable database for the 1880 U.S and the 1881 Canadian Census.

1871 Census of Canada - Ontario --searchable database of households and strays.

Indian Families 1864-1868"For the native population, there were three surveys taken - 1864, 1865 and 1868, giving the area of residence and the number of family members. As well as the surveys, the signatures from a petition to the Governor General in 1867 and added to give a more comprehensive survey" --Through the Years, January 1989

Residents of Manitoulin Island 1838-1871

Native Residents of Manitoulin Island 1864-1868

Manitoulin Residents through 1871 – Non-Native

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