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An Act of Genealogical Kindness

The Manitoulin Birth, Marriage, Death Exchange is provided for the exchange of copies of original registrations that have been acquired during your genealogical research. This is a free resource for Manitoulin genealogy. For anyone researching their family history in Manitoulin, the aim of the Exchange is to provide a free resource for sharing information about ancestors found on Manitoulin.

Please note these registrations will be helpful if you plan to apply for a Pioneer, Early Settler or Centennial Settler certificates.

In all cases, please do not assume that a contributor is related to the person they have listed - because quite often they are not. In most cases, they are simply providing a service of kindness to other researchers.

When you are requesting information, contact the contributor directly using the address they have provided. Please be specific as to the information you are requesting, they may have more than one contribution. As a minimum you should include the type: marriage, birth or death; the name and date.

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If you have an BMD to place on this site, please send E-mail to: Manitoulin BMD Exchange.

  • Do you have a copy of the transcription being offered? If you do not, please donít submit an email. This is not a site for transcript searches, but rather for exchange of transcripts already obtained.

  • Please do not attach a copy of your transcript. I'm sorry I will not transcribe your submission. Please remember if your submission information is not complete, the entry will not be added. Also, I will not confirm the accuracy of the information provided. Please double-check the numbers and proof-read for spelling errors, before submitting.

  • Please DO NOT Capitalize entries or use ALL Lower Case characters. Entries should be formatted as you would write them. Please use the information noted below in your submission.

  • Please do not make the same submission more than once. My workload will affect how quickly the information goes online. Thank you.

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    Note: Once you have checked your entry press the submit button and your submission will be recorded. Ensure date field is completed.


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