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    Where In Ontario Is Leeds & Grenville Leeds County was established in 1792, one of the original nineteen counties created by Governor John Graves Simcoe. It was named for the fifth Duke of Leeds, Francis Godolphin Osborne.

    The area was first settled by United Empire Loyalists who arrived in 1784. Townships were set aside for specific soldiers, for instance Township 8 (Elizabethtown Township) was set aside for Jessup's Loyal Rangers.

    In 1788 western Leeds County was opened for settlement, in the 1790's the rear townships were opened. Settlement was slow until after the war of 1812 when disbanded soldiers and British emigrants settled in the area. A majority of the British emigrants were from Scotland and arrived in 1816. Even more settlement occurred during the 1820's after the construction of the Rideau Canal.

    1792-1798 - part of Eastern District
    1798-1849 - part of Leeds District
    1852-present - part of the municipality of Leeds and Grenville United Counties

    Grenville County was established as a county in Eastern District in 1792. It was named for British Secretary-of-State for Foreign Affairs, William Wyndham Grenville.

    As with Leeds County, Grenville County's first settlers were United Empire Loyalists (specifically Jessup's Loyal Rangers) who arrived in 1784 and settled along the St. Lawrence River.

    Grenville County is primarily rural but is also the home of several successful industries including the Canada Starch Company, the first starch factory in Canada (established 1858).

    1792-1798 - In Eastern District
    1798-1850 - In Johnstown District
    1850-present - Part of the municipality of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

    Leeds & Grenville

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    A host is a person who is knowledgeable about Leeds & Grenville. Knowledge includes knowing what genealogy resources are available for this particular area of Ontario and where they can be found -- inside and outside of Ontario. Personal research experience in this area is a bonus.

    Also seeking Consultants � volunteers who are knowledgeable about this area but have no desire to maintain a website. A consultant has one task: to answer inquiries about doing genealogy research in Leeds & Grenville. Personal research experience in/of Leeds & Grenville is required. Where you live is not an issue.

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