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We welcome anyone with newspaper items, or stories about
things that happened in Lanark County,
to submit them to us and we will add them to this page.

A Ramsay Elopement The Black Homestead Joe Baye - Floating Bridge
Clayton Village - 1 Clayton Village - 2 Clayton Village - 3
The Englishman John Gemmill - Ann Weir Picture of the Past
Union Hall Cheese Factory IrishTown (Almonte) Ron McMunn
Ice Cream Man John Erskine 3 Almonte Stories
Almonte1920 Countryside Drynans
Post Office Ramsay Elections Snedden
Bennie's Corners Clayton Methodist Cemetery Maple Syrup 

These articles were taken from newspaper items published at various times and are printed here for those who wish to glean any information from them, with regards to Genealogy Research.

We hope that these items don't offend anyone - if they do, please contact us, and we will remove them from the site.

Your participation in this page will help us to provide information on Lanark County.


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