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This site provides information and pictures of headstone submitted by people in Canada; Bahamas; Mexico; USA; Latin America; Europe; Asia; Australia and Africa.

Freeholders listings - Ireland for city of Londonderry; County of Down and County of Armagh - early 1800's

Freeholders' records are lists of people entitled to vote, or of people who voted, at elections. A freeholder was a man who owned his land outright (in fee) or who held it by lease which could be for one or more lives (for example, his own life or for the lives of other people named in the lease). From 1727 to 1793 only Protestants with a freehold worth at least 40 shillings a year were legally permitted to vote. Between 1793 and 1829 both Protestants and Catholics with 40 shilling freeholds could vote, but in 1829 the franchise level was increased to 10 pounds, so 40 shilling freeholders were no longer allowed to vote. This last measure increased the influence of landlords by effectively confining membership of Parliament to the propertied or monied classes.                                Posted: 15 May, 2004

Who's Who in Western Canada.

The following site: provides a search engine.  There were a number of Lanark County settlers who moved West, or their children did.  This gives information on them and their families.

You might be able to locate some of those long lost relatives from Lanark County.

Innisfil Historical Site (Simcoe County) -

Many Lanark County settlers (The Dalhousie settlers) moved to Simcoe County early in 1800's.

This site has a search engine to help you find those lost relatives.

Town of Nokomis, Saskatchewan.

The Nokomis cemetery is posted on their website at:

Many Lanark Settlers moved there.

Nanaimo Family History Society

The above society is presently putting "Ships Passengers Lists" on line from 1900 to 1921 for the arrival ports of Halifax and Quebec .

The web site is:

Thanks to Leah Truscott for the tip.

Ontario Marriage Registriations

The above articles are found on the web site:

The Districts of Bathurst and Johntown will likely be beneficial to Lanark County researchers.

Ships Passenger Lists

The Ships List - - includes early 1800, the St. Lawrence Steamboat Company did record names of passengers between Quebec and Montreal, for July 1819 to November 1825. Also in the same site the Montreal Gazette published names of ships arriving at Quebec showing the date, name, where it sailed from, cargo, and some passengers names etc. 

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Posted: 10 February, 2004.                                                    Up-Dated: 03 August, 2005