Lavant Township

Lavant Township

Lavant Twp.

This map is by no means exact but it should give you an idea of how the township was/is situated.

Lavant Township consists mostly of swamps. It was slow in populating and in 1842 the population was only 40 people.
Flower Station:
Was a postal station in the 1880s. Gilbert White was the postmaster and also general merchant.
Is a village in the southern portion of Lavant Township. In the Historical Atlas for Lanark County, it is marked Lavant PO.
Clyde Forks:
In the Historical Atlas for Lanark County, there is Ochil PO which was near Clyde Forks.

Parish & Civil Records; Cemetery Records; Census Records; Taxation Records

Vital Statistics 1869+ - Ontario Government

Parish & Civil Records for Lavant Township:

Comments Type Years NAC

film numbers


film numbers

Lavant Township, Lanark County
Clayton United Church, Clayton, Ramsay Twp. BMD 1805-1965 M-3687, M-3688 .
. BMD 1876-1965 M-3243 .
includes: Poland Presbyterian Congregation, Poland
includes: Clyde Forks, Flower Station, South Lavant, South Poland, and Thurlow** Lanark County
B 1876-1907 1912 M-3243 .
Watson's Corners Presbyterian Church, Watson's Corners, Dalhousie Twp.
includes: Flower Station, Poland, Lavant, Dalhousie Township
M 1896-1926 M-3243 .
Transcripts of records for Lanark County, held at the McDonalds Corners Register Office, mainly for Lavant, North Sherbrooke and Dalhousie Townships. B 1871-1947, 1948 (2 entries) . US/CAN Film area
item 1-10
. M 1871-1948 . item 11-18
. D 1871-1895 . item 19-26
index - Lavant Township B 1929 (1 entry) 1930-1935 . item 9
Lavant Township (includes marriage dates) B 1929 (1 entry) 1930-1935 . item 10

** While there is presently a Thurlow in Hastings [County], the one referred to in the Records was a settlement on the Black Creek Road between Poland and Joe's Lake. It is presently the site of the Lavant Community Hall (in the old Thurlow School) and the Lavant Firehall. It was named for the Thurlow Family that settled the area and later moved to Michigan. The area is still called Thurlow by older inhabitants of Lavant, Darling & Dalhousie [Townships].
Courtesy of Peter Andersen

Cemetery Records for Lavant Township:

Cemeteries: . * is one book with20 Cemeteries listed
Clyde Forks, L 17, C 5
Clyde Forks, Ontario
ocfa5 LDS
US/CAN Book Area
No. 184

Ottawa Branch - OGS 1977
Publication no. 78-4


Browning ocfa6 Kingston Branch - OGS*
Lanark County Genealogical Society*

Census Records for Lavant Township:

Actual Censuses on microfilm:

Transcribed Censuses available in book form:

1851 Darling, Lanark & Lavant Twp
ISBN 1-55034-384-X
Sargeant, Robert E extracted from NAC film #C-11731 / compiled by JR Ernest Miller Kingston Ont - 1989 - 52 leaves Kingston Branch - OGS

US/CAN Book Area

US/CAN Film Area
1698148 - item 10

1861 Darling & Lavant Twps
ISBN 1-55075-269-3
Sargeant, Robert E extracted from NAC film #C-1042 / compiled by JR Ernest Miller Kingston Ont - 1994 - 27 leaves Kingston Branch - OGS

US/CAN Book Area

1871 North & South Sherbrooke, Dalhousie & Lavant Twps
Robert and Roberta Sargeant Lanark County Genealogical Society

Land & Property Records for Lanark County (general)

Taxation Records for Lanark County (general)

Taxation Records for Lavant Township:

Dalhousie, North Sherbrooke & Lavant Townships, (Ontario). Collector's rolls LDS
US/CAN Film Area
Collector's Rolls 1858-1866 0361764
Collector's Rolls 1867-1876 0361765
Collector's Rolls 1877-1890 0361766
Collector's Rolls 1891-1899 0361767

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