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There are many sites on the internet with items dealing with the history of Canada and Ontario. I've included all that I could find.

7 years war
On September 13, 1759, British forces led by James Wolfe defeated French
forces under the Marquis de Montcalm at Quebec (Plains of Abraham). In 1760
Montreal was captured but it wasn't until 1763 that France agreed to peace
c1774 Survey of Elmsley & Burgess Townships
1774 William Fortune began the survey of Montague Township, completed by John Stegemann
1777-1788 Ontario used to be included within the Province of Quebec and the entire province was within the jurisdiction of the District of Montreal
July 24, 1788
Lord Dorchester, Govenor of Quebec, divided what later was to become Ontario into 4 districts: Hesse, Nassau, Mecklenburg & Lunenburg
1792 The 4 Districts were renamed: Hesse became Western; Nassau became Home; Mecklenburg became Midland; and Lunenburg became Eastern

1791 John Graves Simcoe became Upper Canada's first Lieutenant Governor
1791-1792 The creation of Upper and Lower Canada - Constitutional Act (1791)
1792-1840 Upper & Lower Canada
September 17, 1792
First legislature of Upper Canada
1797 Census of Montague Township by John Stegemann
1798 Midland & Eastern District borders were changed to include Johnstown District

1812 The War of 1812 between Britain and the United States
1812+ Developments after the War of 1812
1815 Lord Bathurst's proclamation announcing British government's intention to help emigrants populate Upper Canada was published in Edinburgh
1815 First of Scottish settlers arrive in Brockville bound for Lanark Co.
1815-1816 Surveyed Bathurst, Drummond & Beckwith Twps
March 26, 1816 A road was completed from Port Elmsley to Perth where the government storehouse was planned
April 1816 First of Scottish settlers arrive in Lanark Co. from Brockville
June 1816 Arrival of military settlers in Lanark Co.
1817 First census of Drummond Twp
1820-1821 Arrival of Scottish Emigration Societies in Lanark County
1820-1822 Early settlers & Col. Marshall's 1834 report on conditions
1822 Johnstown was divided to include Bathurst - note: Lanark County was in both

1823 - 1825 Arrival of Peter Robinson Settlers (Irish) in Lanark & Peterborough Counties
1836 District Map 1836
1837 William Lyon Mackenzie was the first Mayor of Toronto and a leader of the Rebellion of 1837
1837 The rebellion of 1837
1838 The borders of Johnstown & Bathurst changed - Lanark Co. now in Bathurst

1841 The Province of Canada
1845 District Map 1845
1851 Lanark County and Renfrew County now become separate

1852 County Map 1852
1867 Confederation
July 1, 1867 The British North America Act
1867-1871 Ontario's First Legislature

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