Some Important men of Merrickville

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Merrickville – Some of the Men That Were and Some of the Men That are to the Front in this Growing Town

Mr. R. Bates (From the Rideau Record Issue date July 4 1899)

-Mr. Bates is a large man.  He is somewhat of a philosopher.  One of his philosophical statements comes to us burdened with truth.  He says “some men run to feet, some to talk, some to one thing, some to another,” and we believe Mr. Bates has “run” to virtues generally.  He is a son of Mr. N. Bates, of Wolford.  The earlier portion of his life was spent on the farm, until he went on the road for H. D. Smith, then iron founder of this place.  He also sold goods for Messrs. Magee and Pearson and was highly esteemed where he went.  Later he left the road and formed a partnership with Mr. John Kerr.  In course of time their partnership was dissolved and for a number of years Mr. Bates has been in business alone.  His well assorted stock of general dry goods, boots and shoes and all other goods found in a well appointed country store, his straightforward dealing and urbanity have secured for him a splendid class of costumers.  He is ably assisted in his business by his brother, Mr. P. M. Bates, who is head clerk, and takes an active interest in all that effects the business.  May the future bring to Mr. Bates commercial blessings in an increased measure.

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Mr. S. Jakes (From the Rideau Record Issue date July 11 1899)

-Mr. S. Jakes, postmaster, merchant, farmer and above all gentleman.  Mr. Jakes began life in Merrickville and bids fair to end his useful career here.  Mr. Jakes is an example of what industry, economy and honesty can do for a man.  He is always at it, doing something, filling up his days with work.  He has a couple of valuable farms, a prosperous mercantile business, the post office work, the municipal treasury duties and more or less conveyancing for people who know him so well, all absorbing his attention.  He owns much valuable town property, is a useful man in whatever position he is placed.  He is somewhat of a self-made man having begun life with not a burden of capital, but by tact, honesty and perseverance has amassed wealth.  He is one of the oldest business men of the place and enjoys the confidence and esteem of a wide circle of friends.  Success and more of it, Mr. Jakes.

Mr. Culburt

-Mr. Thomas Culburt has been identified with this place for a good number of years.  In 1864 he first came here and after remaining six years went to Brockville where in company with his brother he ran a good general business.  He remained in the county town about eleven years and returned to Merrickville in 1881.  At that time, Mr. T. B. Meikle was desirous of moving west and Mr. Culburt having a good opinion of old Merrickville decided to return.  He purchased Mr. Meikle’s stock and has ever since been one of us.  For three years he has sat at the council board and is now one of the members of the street committee.  Mr. Culburt is not physically a strong man, nor is he a strictly handsome man, but those who know him will bear record to his genial disposition, kindness of manner and generosity.  He purchased what was known as the Holden Block a few years ago, in the ground flat of which he has his store complete with a good variety of general goods.  The millinery department is under the efficient management of Miss Driscoll whose ability is well known.

Mr. Culburt’s residence is on the second flat while the third floor is used as a Masonic Hall and other purposes.

We trust the future may have for Mr. Culburt continued prosperity.

Depencier Bros.

-General merchants, carrying a good assortment of almost everything.  Both young men are of pleasing manner, and good salesmen and “pushers” in their business.  Their tailoring department is all that could be desired with Mr. Walter Merrick at its head.  They have a branch store at Easton’s Corners under the management of Mr. H. Olmstead.  They show great taste in the selection of their goods and venture in out of the ordinary lines.  We trust their future may be commercially all that could be desired.

Mr. John Kerr

-Mr. Kerr is one of our leading merchants.  His store in the Merrick block contains a good assortment of general goods.  His stock is neatly kept, and the appearance of the place is inviting.  Mr. Kerr has been identified with Merrickville for a long time, and his record has been a most creditable one.  He is secretary of the Rideau valley cheese factory, which position he fills to the entire satisfaction of all concerned.  He occupies a position of trust in the church of his choice and is a good man to have in any community.  May he long be spared to the place and be even more successful in the ever increasing years.

Mr. D. Real

-Not Riel nor Reil but Real, and a Real fine man is Mr. Real.  His name stands connected with more good jokes than any other man in the place.  Mr. R. has been in the gent’s furnishing business for many years and keeps a good assortment of ready made clothing and general furnishings.  He has many warm friends among all classes and creeds of the community who wish for him a prosperous future and long life.  Mr. Real also has a livery in connection which is well patronized.  He is esteemed by his many friends, for the generosity of feeling always exhibited towards those who may differ with him and with whom he may differ on religious views.  Long life to Mr. and Mrs. Real.

W. J. McCarney

-Mr. McCarney is a young man.  He is proprietor of a first class grocery and provision store.  He is son of Mr. Wm. McCarney sen. who is so well and favourably known all over.  W. J.’s attention to business, his ability in its management and his obliging manner, will ensure for him a prosperous career.  We hope so.  Mr. McCarney has very recently formed a partnership that will no doubt aid him in all future enterprises though not of a business nature, yet one if well made cannot but tend to promote true success.  Congratulations Will.  May you and your young wife have a long life together.

Mr. John Mills

-Mr. Mills is a proprietor of a furniture manufactory of considerable magnitude.  He is an extensive dealer in manufactured goods and has a fine ware room on the corner of St. Lawrence and Brock streets.  He also makes and sends to the old country a good quantity of broom handles every year and could sell more of those articles than he has facilities to manufacture.  He is a member of the council board and chairman of the street committee.  His impartial and efficient discharge of his public duties is acknowledged by the good vote given him at the municipal elections.  Shine on Mr. M.

Mr. Miskelly

-Mr. M. is our Reeve.  There are certain marks by which he might be known, but as points of character are most potent we will refer only to them.  He is the only tinsmith in the place and he has not a record of ever having unduly taken advantage of the situation.  Indeed he does more jobs for nothing and sells goods cheaper than in many places where opposition is strong.  His urbanity and honesty place him in the position of door-keeper at all charity concerts.  He is honoured by his fellow citizens, loved by the ladies and respected by all who come in contact with him.  His success is ensured.

Robert Harrison

-This valuable member of the community is one of the old stand-byes.  He is an ex-harness maker, but now does a neat grocery business.  In the days of chivalry Mr. H. was lieutenant in the volunteer corps of his native place.  He is respected wherever known, and we trust he will live long to enjoy the company of the rest of us.

Mr. George Bell

-Merchant tailor, keeping a fine stock of tweeds and finer goods for selection and does a good trade.  He is a magistrate, secretary of the school board, holds, or did hold offices in the Foresters and Workmen, secretary of treasurer of the Union Protestant Cemetery Board, kindly officiates as librarian of the Mechanic’s Institute library and is in other ways a very useful man.  He has been here for a good number of years and has done much in the direction of good.  May further success await you Mr. B.

Mr. F. A. Tallman

-Police Magistrate, Conveyancer, Insurance agent & c. and above all a gentleman.  Mr. T. is a young man but his rise has been rapid and deserving.  He is secretary of the Agricultural Society, manager of the Merrick estate and in every connection gives general satisfaction.

Bigford Bros.

-Carpenters and lumber dealers.  Both in the prime of manhood, plenty of work to be done and getting their share of it to do, they should be happy.  They do custom sawing and planning and keep lumber on hand to suit limited purchasers.  They appear to have faith in the future of Merrickville as they have erected two very neat residences for themselves.  We hope for them great prosperity for the future.

Dr. J. A. Merrick

-Dr. Merrick is a descendant of the old family after which the place takes its name.  He is a son of the late Wm. R. Merrick and grandson of the first Merrick who settled here.  Dr. Merrick is a successful practitioner and enjoys the good will of a large circle of people.  He is a man of genial disposition, bringing sunshine in the sick room and is capable of enjoying a good story.  May the wide sphere of usefulness long be filled by him and the town long have so valuable a citizen.

M. K. Church, M.A., M. D.

-Dr. Church’s life has been associated very much with Merrickville.  He has been in practise here for over twenty years, he is the son of Dr. B (?) R. Church, one of Merrickville’s earliest medical men.  There are men who are more adapted for one line of life than for any other, and any one who knows the Church family knows how many are the successful medical men of that name.  Our own Dr. M. K. is no exception to the rule.  He is a man of skill and thought.  He is a student, keeping informed on professional subjects.  He is a man of refinement and erudition and takes a lively interest in all movements affecting the public good.

Thomas Edwards

-Thos. Edwards a man of fine proportions, generous heart and a good blacksmith.  Does a nice safe business, holds his customers because of his excellent ability as a tradesman.  Has been a long time in Merrickville and we hope may long remain here as a useful man and a good citizen as he is today.

Mr. John James

-“John James who?” “Why simply John James Esq.” “Oh, I see.” Well as I was going to say Mr. James was formerly a blacksmith, but found the work a little heavy and is now a competent harness-maker.  He is a good workman – an industrious man, and is respected by all who know him.  Success John.

Mr. H. W. Jacques

-Mr. Jacques is another man who has spent many years in Merrickville.  He is a most reliable druggist keeping goods of excellent quality, and possesses first class taste for the selection of fancy articles, Christmas cards etc.  Mr. and Mrs. Jacques are people of refined literary attainments and possess an excellent library, in fact everything around their home bears the impress of culture.  Such people cannot but be useful citizens and we trust many years in store for them.

Fred M. Whitmarsh

-Mr. F. M. Whitmarsh is one of our grocers who has been doing business here for a number of years.  We trust that the milk-shake, the ice cream, and other features of his business, may return him handsome profits.

Mr. N. Silver

-A native of Russia, sought freedom of English citizenship and landed in Merrickville.  He appears to mind his own business and makes a good neighbour.

Joseph Barton

-Mr. Barton is a modest unassuming man but gets there all the same.  He is highly respected by his fellow citizen’s.  Mr. Barton has been here for a number of years and has made many a good stout set of harness for the farmers of this section.  May his shadow never grow less.

Mr. B. Dillabaugh

-A quiet man who minds his own business by making a first class harness and attending to general job work.  Success Mr. D.

Mr. B. McKibbon

-Mac is well and favourably known here as a man and tradesman.  He is an original person full of dry jokes, and is a gentleman of first rate parts.

Wm. Kirk

-A public benefactor is Mr. Kirk.  He tries to make life’s pathway easy by supplying boots and shoes for the weary traveller.  He is doing a good trade and may it ever increase.

Mr. J. Wilson

-Mr. J. Wilson is a builder of bread and dispenser of same.  He came from Brockville and succeeded Mr. J. Cranston in the confectionary business.  Bright days for yourself and continued light bread for an increasing patronage.

Mr. D. J. Hall

-Mr. Hall’s long public career has caused him to be well and favourably known all through these Counties.  He has been Reeve of Merrickville for over 10 years until the election for 1889.  He with Mr. Wright, now Rev. Mr. Wright of Newboro, was proprietor of the “Merrickville Chronicle” now defunct.  Mr. Hall is a good administrator, is well informed in municipal law and seems capable of holding his own almost anywhere.  He is the agent of the North Western Telegraph Co., in which connection he is always found to be obliging and capable.  He is also issuer of marriage licenses and to the young men we would say, his office is just around the corner.

Mr. E. H. Whitmarsh

-It might seem superfluous to say much about Mr. Whitmarsh, being so well known, yet our notes of Merrickville men should be incomplete without him.  He came to Merrickville long years ago and stood identified with some of the changes noted in the first of these series of articles.  He was for years postmaster here, and was one of the early commissioners of the Court of Request.  He was appointed associate Judge in the Queen’s Bench in 1853 or 54.  He was also one of the early church wardens in the Anglican Church.  He is connected with the Orange and Masonic Orders, in which he has held many offices.  For years he was our Reeve and is at present clerk of the Division Court.  Mr. Whitmarsh has an eye for the beautiful and is the possessor of a very fine garden.  The floral specimens worn on his won lapel are hints of the source from which they are gathered.  Mr. W. frequently adorns the button holes of the other boys with a choice flower, while the air of the sick room is often sweetened by their fragrance.  We hope for Mr. and Mrs. Whitmarsh a continued happy future and that their declining years may be their best ones.

W. H. Barnes

-Is our watch-maker and Jeweller.  He came from Smiths Falls, and since opening up has done a good business in his line.  We find him obliging and agreeable and ready to enter into everything that affects the good of the place.  It is largely through his efforts that our telephone prospects are so bright.  Shine on Will.

Posted: 15 September, 2005.