Dalhousie History submitted by Jan

Dalhousie History submitted by Jan - [email protected] - Posted 5 August, 2001.

The Lanark Era
Robt. Wilson, Prop.

Wednesday, June 28th, 1916


Mr. Davie E. Forbes, Sec. Pioneers Guardian, Watson's Corners, Ont.

Dear Sir, - I read with interest the letters in the Era relating to the
pioneers of the township of Dalhousie.  Perhaps these few lines may be
helpful to you in writing the history of the pioneers.  My grandfather, the
late William Hood, was the pioneer school teacher and taught for years the
school still known as Hood's.  He came out with his people in the Promp[t],
in the year 1820.  In the year 1822 many other Dalhousie settlers came out in
the "Brig George," which was wrecked on its return voyage.  Each of the
pioneers gave a book or two to start their library, which was kept in St.
Andrew's hall, near Watson's Corners, until the old building was taken down a
few years ago; it was also used for a church.  Rev. Mr. Robb's grave is in an
enclosure near his old hall.  At his request he was laid there.  St. James
church was built in the year 1859, Rev. James Mullen was the minister and the
church was named St. James for him.  I enclose [a] copy of "A Dalhousie
Settler's Song," which appeared in the Perth Courier about the year 1870. 
The identity of the author was never made public. 

Yours truly,

Mrs. J. L. James
R.R. No. 3 Lanark, Ont.
May 27th, 1916