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Perth Courier, November 4, 1943

Twenty Fifth Remembrance Day Ceremony Will Be Held in Arena Thursday, November 11

National Remembrance Day, the 25th anniversary of Armistice Day, 1918 will be remembered in a ceremony under the auspices of Perth Veterans on Thursday, November 11 at 10:45 a.m. in the arena.

In addition to those who gave their lives in the Great War, the service this year will be in memory of those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the present war.  Wreaths will be deposited and the service will be of remembrance.  It is understood that business houses will observe two minutes of silence and the Citizens Band, Veterans and local guards company will be given time off to participate in the ceremony. 

Ex-servicemen and servicemen of the town and district are asked to meet at the Armory before the service on the 11th.  The annual dinner will be held in the evening at 5:30 when all veterans as well as active servicemen are asked to attend.


Names on the Perth Memorial Tablets

The following names of those from Perth and district who paid the supreme sacrifice for King and Country appear on the several memorials in Perth.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Lt. George E. Bothwell

Pte. Walter A. Ferrier

Sgt. Graham Howie

Capt. Rev. Donald G. McPhail

Lance Corp. Eric T. Spalding

Gunner Harold C. Stone

Pte. Edwin D. Wilson

Methodist Church (Transcriber cannot make out the formal name of this Methodist Church—“Former Asbury”?)

Sgt. Roy Wilson

Signaller Hubert Dowson

Pte. Thomas Beatty

Pte. Fred Carr

Pte. Russell J. Dickson

Pte. Thomas Fletcher

Pte. J. Denzill Mitchell

Pte. Orville Publow

Pte. Robert Publow

St. James Church of England

R.F. Bourne

A.R. Gamble

B.L. Inderwick

W. J. Joynt

George Leggett

S.J. MacDonnell

J. Eric Meighen

T. J. McKenny

J.F. McVeety

B.(?) or E.(?) H. Warren

J. Clyde Wilson

Former Knox Presbyterian Church

Capt. H. McDiarmid

Lt. W.F. Brownlee

Lt. W. J. McLean

Lt. C.C. Scott

Lt. L.M. Sinclair

Pte. T.E. Butler

Pte. W. Cowie

Pte. A.R. Dodds

Pte. A.S. Wilson

Pte. A. H. McDiarmid

Pte. S.M. Moodie

Pte. N.G.P. Scott

St. John’s R.C. Church

Gerald C. Brown

Jas. Bennett

George Cordick

Reginald Fenwick

Stanton Hudson

Leo Hughes

Bernard Lee

James McShane

James A. McGowan

Terrence McCaffrey

Edwin Noonan

William Nagle

John O’Brien

Joseph Seeley

Bernard Smith

John L. Smith

Earl Sherley

George Traynor

Orange Societies

Graham Howie

William Joynt

Fred Carr

George Leggett

Reginald Gamble

James Stokes

James McAllister

James Moore

James Bennett

Perth Collegiate Institute

H. G. Allan

G.E. Bothwell

F. Brownlee

H.S. Dowson

R. Fenwick

S. Hudson

B.L. Inderwick

W.G. Knowles

B. Lees

J. E. Meighen

P.D. MacDonald

W. J. McLean

Rev. Donald McPhail

E. Noonan

C. Pierce

E.G. Robertson

G. Rock

G.G. Scott

L.M. Sinclair

E. Spalding

H.C. Stone

A. Sinclair

B. H. Warren

A.S. Wilson

E.D. Wilson

J.C. Wilson

R.R. Wilson

W. McGowan

O valiant hearts who to your glory came

Through dust of conflict and through battle flame

Tranquil you lie, your knightly virtue proved

Your memory hallowed in the land you loved.

Proudly you gathered rank on rank, to war

As who had heard God’s message from afar

All you had hoped for, all you had you gave

To save mankind—yourself you scorned to save.

Present War—Died or Presumed to Have Died

Walter Affleck

J.M. Bennett

Donald Fred (last name illegible—Marshall?)

Norman Doyle

Robert E. Drysdale

J.L. Dunlop

James Easton

E.D. Frizell

W.D. Hagyard

John McLeod Hogg

J. O. Monroe(?)

George C. Noonan

Edward D. Young

William Barrie(?)

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