Historical Documents

Historical Documents

Poll Book - 1820

supplied by Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.

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Perth Courier, June 19, 1925

The Poll Book of 1820

The election was held on the 10th July, 1820 and there were two candidates:  William Morris and Benjamin Delisle.  The former was the father of the late Hon. Alexander Morris and of the late W.J. Morris, both of Perth.  He was a native of Scotland and kept a general store on Harvey Street at or near the present proprietor Miss Mary Walker and later in the building at the corner of Gore and Harvey Streets, formerly St. John’s Hall.  The other candidate, Mr. Delisle was of French descent and was the grandfather of the late Messrs. G.A. and A.F. Consitt.

In those primitive days there was no County of Lanark but we were included in the County of Carleton which was part of the District of Johnstown which embraced all the country in Upper Canada east of the County of Frontenac.

Preceding the election was the Petition from Perth:

Your petitioners beg leave to state that the population of the county already contains 5,000 souls and is increasing.

That the settlement suffers many disadvantages from not having a representative in the Commons House Assembly.

That in a few months a large proportion of the settlement will receive the deeds for their land which will make them eligible to vote.  We humbly pray that the Common House Assembly will take our case into their favorable consideration so that we may be permitted to return a member of members to the House of Commons at the General Election for the Province and your petitioners will ever pray.

June 1, 1819


W. Marshall, Q.P.

W. Morris, J.P.

Rev. de la Mothe

R. Matheson, H.P., Glengarry Regt

B. Fraser, H.P. New Bk Regt

Jos. Taylor, Captain, H.P., Can. Regt

George Hume Reade, M.D., H.P.

Henry Graham, H.P.

T. Monck Mason, H.P., 11th Regt.

F. Watson, Gleng. Regt.

Benjamin Delisle, H.P.

J. H. O’Brien, H.P. Newfnlnd Fenc.

N.R. Tommas

W. Vaughty

John Jackson

James O’Hare, M.D.

Angus Cameron

John Ritchie


John Ferguson

James Young

Alexander Matheson

John McGinnis

John Adamson

William Blair

Rev. William Bell

A McMillan

John A. Murdock

The poll book of 10th July, 1820 contains the names of the men who voted for William Morris:

John Watson

John Ferguson

Angus Cameron

John Adamson

Benjamin Johnson

Francis Willox(?) Wilcox(?)

John Miller

William Bell

John Adams

William Hunger

Josias Taylor

Magnus Flett

Robert Thompson

Peter Campbell

Eben (?) Simmons

John Nichol

John Robinson

Samuel Herbert

William Wilson

Andrew Stillar

Martin Coonrod

Jacob Ferrents(?)

Anthony George

George Hoover

William Perrett

Moses Budd

James McMillan

William Brown

Donald Campbell

James Robertson

Duncan Cameron

John Hughes

John Rasp

Evan Griffiths

John Cameron

Francis Allan

Hugh Spratt

George Wilson

Jacob Wattanbuch


Thomas Bray

John Ferguson

Jacob Dick

William Massey

John Sergeant

James Montey

John Johnston

Archibald McNeil

William Ledger

James Moore

Joseph Legary

Gaspard Speidal

Alexander Kidd

John King

John Cherriat(?) Cherrint(?)

Samuel Goudie(?)

Samuel Bailee(?)

Thomas Doherty

Alexander McTavish

Duncan McTavish

Duncan McDonald

James Byrce

Hugh Robertson

John McLaren

John McLeash

John McLaren (second time, must have been two)

George Smith

John Carll(?) Caril(?)

Jas. Fraser

John Ritchie, Jr.

Silas Mills

John Flood

Jacob Hallinger(?) Hollinger(?)

John Yakowsky

William Pearse(?)

Alexander Fraser

John Myers

Samuel Lentz

James Deacon

John Lentz

Daniel Buchanan

Robert Power

Richard Imeson

John Morris

Jacob Suslay

Robert Ferguson

John James

Thomas James

John Rice

William Mackey

William Watson

Nicholas Burrough

John White

Thomas Kerr

Moses Goodman

John Scott

John Gray

Peter Leaver

Thomas Barrie

John Greenly

Saunders Goodhall

William Olde

John Campbell

Peter Campbell

Donald McGregor

Samuel Fiddler

Pierre Michelle

Samuel Trueman

Richard Sheldon

Jacob Kirkham

George Oliver

Thomas Warner

Thomas Knight

John collier

John Hay

Francis Westerdick

John Cameron

Alexander Fraser

Thomas Bright

Robert Wood

Thomas Hunter

Jas. Miller

John Blackwell

John Haris

Henry Blondham(?)

James Montgomery

Simon Budord(?)

Nathaniel Deans

William Blair

Leopold Newholt

James Chambers

Martin Johnson

William Matheson

Archibald Robbin(?)Robblin(?)

William Horrox

Thomas Richardson

Richard Clark

William Spalding

John Lenwalder

George Fry

Louis Pinnett or Pennett

John McPhail

Benoit Darout

James McLeod

Those who voted for Benjamin Delisle

J.N. O’Brien

F.N. Cummings

Samuel Swan

Thomas Manion

Matthew Gould

Theo. Bartholet

Jas. Leroux

John Yeldon

John Crump

Jas. Robinson

A.W. Playfair

John Mackie

Michael Murphy

John Blade

John Vaniren(?)

Joseph Pappin

John Publow

Alexander Macdonnell

John Macdonnell

Jas. Fownelle

Jas. DuPerry

John Clark

Angus Webbe

John McLellan

William Webbe

Robert Moore

Ulysses Fitzmaurice

John Connor

Alexander Matheson

Henry Mcnaddon

Joseph LaRose

John Burwood

Joseph Porter

Louis Roy

Thomas Bertram

Thomas McGan

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