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Letter from John Cameron to Duncan Cameron (Bathurst Twp - 1845)

Mr Duncan Cameron, Bathurst, Sixth Concession 18th Lot, Perth Settlement, Upper Canada, N. America

Kenmore (Scotland) 23 Sept 1845 

 Dear Cousin,

            I received your letter joyfully on the 23rd August past, who informed me that you and your family are all well & which found us all enjoying our health. Likewise, God is to be praised for all his mercies unto us and For his unbounded goodness towards us, I learn from Donald McIntyre Aberfeldy that you have a very excellent Farm & much improvement upon it & I am very happy to understand that you have plenty of the means of this world. VC & I wish you may be found in faith of Christ, We are still living in Kenmore in the house where you have seen the Smith s…….g formerly. There is a new church built about 30 yards south from the end of my house. Free church but I have not joined them as yet, I have still remained in the old church as yet, I have to mention to you that Peter McKay your cousin who was a gentlemen’s servant for sometime, came home here in June 1844 & was staying with a nephew of his, he took ill about the letter end of April & departed this life on the 13th May 1845. There are no more of that family in life now but Janet and Catherine. They are stopping in Edinburgh. I have seen Alex Cameron your cousin on Saturday last he and his family are all well, I also have seen Donald Campbell your cousin on the ninth of this month who said that his family are all well & the rest of your friends about Lawers side are all well as far as I can learn, We have something of a fair crop in this country this year, but I may say the harvest is a little late.

        Late they are nothing more than half through with there shearing in this neighborhood as yet. Prices we pay sixteen shillings for a boll of oat meal in this country & twelve shillings for a boll of barley meal, we pay from sixteen to eighteen shillings for a stone weight of butter and from five to six shillings for a stone weight of cheese. Such sheep as this country produces, they are asking from twelve to fourteen shillings for y…d ewes & wedders, wool give you good prices here nine shillings per stone unclean and eighteen shillings per stone when scoured. Price of barley per boll twenty two shillings, young pigs from five to six weeks old will cost from eight to twelve shillings each. Black cattle brings good prices in this country at present, a good milch cow about six years old will bring seven pound & some of them eight pound sterling each according to their size, Horses gives good prices also, Such sizes as this country produces will cost from nine pound to twenty one pound sterling each, Donald McIntyre informs me that he had twenty-eight days sailing coming from Quebec, Now I consider as you have your farm well improved and your family well grown up, that if you could think of coming over to see us next summer if live preserves you I would really be very happy to see you once more in Breadalbane, your brother surprises me very much let him be in good circumstance or in bad circumstance he might have wrote to his brother or some of his friends of it while in life. I would be greatly oblige to you if you could find out where the McLarens are or if they are in life,  as I have not heard from them this some years past and I do not know where to write to them. John Cameron your second cousin who is stopping near Kinrofs wishes to be remembered to you, my father in law and the rest of his family desires to be remembered to you and your family. I conclude by mentioning that of trust that you will make no delay in writing to me as soon as this comes to your  hand. We all join in our best respects to yourself to Mrs. Cameron and to all the rest of your family.

Dear Cousin,

I remain yours affectionately

John Cameron

Received from: John Salter - [email protected]                                                            Posted: 06 November, 2005.