OTTAWA RIVER and its Tributaries DIRECTORY - 1851

As the Lumber Trade of the River Ottawa and its Tributaries is one of the first importance to Canada, the subjoined list of the principal houses which are engaged in it, (for which the editor is indebted to the politeness of Mr. McVicar of the crown timber office at Bytown) is herewith given.


Adams, Samuel, Allumette Island, C. E.

Aumond, Joseph, Bytown, C.W.

Bell, J. & D., Pembroke, C.W.

Bellows, C. G., township of Westmeath, C.W.

Bryson, George, Fort Coulonge, C. E.

Brossard, Louis, township of Litchfield, C. E.

Brown, John, township of Packenham, C.W.

Byers, William, Richmond, C.W.

Carmichael, Hugh, Gatineau Mills, C. E.

Coutlee, L. M. Hull, C. E.

Coghlan, Michael, Aylmer, C. E.

Gochlan, John, Aylmer, C. E.

Colton, Hiram, township of Waltham, C. E.

Conroy, Robert, Aylmer, C. E.

Cullen, Anthony, Templeton, C. E.

Curry, Abraham, township of Stafford, C.W.

Dickson, Samuel, township of Pakenham, C.W.

Donnelly, John, township of Blithefield, C.W.

Dunlop, John, township of Westmeath, C. E.

Dunlop, A.H., township of Pembroke, C.W.

Egan, John, Aylmer, C. E.

Forbes, William, township of Pakenham, C.W.

Gilmour & Co., Bytown, C.W.

Grierson, James, township of Tarbolton, C.W.

Grimes, Samuel, Hull, C. E.

Hall, John, Lanark, C.W.

Hamilton Brothers, Hawkesbury Mills, C. E.

Hamilton, Hugh, township of Westmeath, C.W.

Hawley, Andrew, township of Tarbolton, C.W.

Hyde, Thomas B., River Madawaska, C.W.

Inglee, D.A., Aylmer, C. E.

McArthur, Arthur, township of Pakenham, C.W.

McAuley, Alexander

McConnell, Benjamin, Hull, C. E.

McConnell, Richard, Hull, C. E.

McConnell, Rinaldo, Hull, C. E.

McCrea, Gerrard, township of Blithefield, C.W.

McDonell, Alexander, Sand Point

McDonell, Duncan, Sand Point

McDonell, Samuel, Snows, C. E.

McGillivray, Edward, Bytown, C.W.

McGoey, Thomas, Gatineau, C. E.

McFarlane, Duncan, township of Bagot, C.W.

McKay, Hon. Thomas, Bytown, C.W.

McLaren, Alexander, township of Stafford, C. E.

McLean, J.W., township of Eardly, C. E.

McLauchlin, Daniel, Bytown, C.W.

Moffat, Alexander, Pembroke, C.W.

Moffat, William, Pembroke, C.W.

Moore, David, junior

Morris & Co., Peter, township of McNabb, C.W.

Morris, William, township of McNabb, C.W.

O'Mears, Daniel, Pembroke, C.W.

Patterson, Peter, Gatineau, Quebec

Poupore, J.B., Allumette Island, C. E.

Richey, Alexander, Perth, C.W.

Robertson, Peter, township of McNabb, C.W.

Ryan, Roderick, Aylmer, C. E.

Skead, James, Bytown, C.W.

Smith, Joseph, Bytown, C.W.

Snedden, Alexander, Packenham, C.W.

Supple, John, Pembroke, C.W.

Stubbs, George, Allumette Island, C. E.

Thomson, John, Bytown, C.W.

Wadsworth, James, Aylmer, C. E.

Wright, Alonzo, Gatineau, C. E.

Wright, Ruggles, junior, Hull, C. E.