A Village situated on a branch of the Rideau Canal, 2 1/2 miles from the Main Trunk of the Canal, in the Township of Oxford,

C.W. - distant from Prescott, 23 miles - usual stage fare, 7s. 6d. - distant from Smith's Falls, 27 miles - usual stage fare, 6s.

3d. Population about 1000.


ANDERSON, WM. R., tailor and clothier - makes to order every description of clothing in first rate style, and on reasonable


AVERELL & HOOKER, dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, china and medicines, & c.

BALDWIN, THOMAS, cabinetmaker - keeps always on hand, or makes to order, all kinds of furniture of the best quality, and at low prices

BARNES, SURRAJER, tanner, currier, harness and shoe store

BOTTUM, WM. H., postmaster and J.P.

BOWER, JOSEPH, distiller and dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, china, drugs & c.

BROWN, DANIEL D., M.D., physician and surgeon

CHRISTIE, SAMUEL, dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, crockery, patent medicines, drugs & c. & c.

CLOTHIER, AMBROSE, saw mills, distillery and general store

CONDELL, JOHN, cabinetmaker - all kinds of furniture constantly on hand or made to order of the best materials, and at reasonable prices

FITCHELL, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, crockery, drugs & c.

HOLMES, ALFRED, cloth dressing and fulling mills, South Kemptville

KELLY, CHAS. M., dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, china, glass, drugs & c., & c.

 LEEMING, JOSEPH, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, china, glass, drugs & c. & c.

LESLIE, ROBERT, clerk of Division Court and deputy postmaster

MCGREGOR, WM., hotelkeeper - the public will find good accommodations and reasonable charges at this house

MILLS, JOHN, boot, shoe and leather dealer - every article in the line constantly on hand or made to order at low prices

PERKINS, JOHN, grist saw and carding mills, South Kemptville

ROSS, GEORGE, practical distiller

SANDERS, JAMES, tin and copper smith and dealer in stoves and stove fittings - every article in his line is furnished at very moderate prices

SERVISS, GORDON, dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, crockery, drugs, books, & c.

STENNETT, MILES B., surgical and mechanical dentist

TANNEY, STEPHEN, iron founder - manufactures stoves, ploughs, threshing machines and all sorts of castings, at reasonable prices

Adams, Thomas, hotelkeeper

Barnes, Olvesson, saw mills

Barnes, William J., carriage maker

Barnes, Sylvester, blacksmith

Baynon, Rev. George, Wesleyan

Beckett, Alexander, grocer and mason

Beckett, Thomas, brewery

Boyd, David, leather and shoe dealer

Brandon, John S., saddler and harness maker

Bull, Henry, painter

Clothier, Lyman, innkeeper

Connor, Martin, cooper

Cooper, Rev. James, Baptist

Dougall, Wm., tanner, shoe and harness maker

Dyer, William J., general store

English, William, carriage maker

Fannin, William, tailor

Farley, Rev. Daniel, Roman Catholic

Foster, James, blacksmith

Harding, John, grist mill

Healy, Jesse M., carriage maker

Hemmingway, D., carpenter

Howey, William, botanic physician

Huntingdon, Silas, M.D.

Hurd, Eli, blacksmith

Inglis, Alexander, carpenter

Jackson, James, joiner

Johnston, Arthur, shoemaker

Keenan, Neil, tanner and shoemaker

Kernahan, Robert, general store

Lattimore, John, cooper

McAlpin, Rev. H., Church of England

McDowall, Rev. William, Free Church

McGregor, Mrs., harness and saddlery store

Magee, John, tailor

Maley, Thomas, general store Mix, Edward, carpenter

O'Connor, John, tailor

Robinson, William, carriage maker

Sanderson, George, carpenter

Shaver, W.H., tanner and shoemaker

Sperham, Terence, M.D.

Spotswood, Robert, blacksmith

Stitt, John, blacksmith

Sullivan, William, tinsmith

Tripp, James, cooper

Waugh, Richey & Co., grist and saw mills and general store, Oxford Mils, 4 miles from Kemptville

Wilson, George, blacksmith

Wolfe, Joseph, chair maker