Population about 500


A Village situated on the River Mississippi, in the Township of Beckwith, County of Lanark, C.W. - distant from Perth, 21 miles, from Bytown, 30 miles, and from Smith's Falls, 20 miles. 

Population about 500.


BELL, ROBERT, & Co., dealers in dry goods, groceries, crockery, hardware, & c.

CARLETON PLACE HERALD, weekly, James C. Poole, publisher

DUNNET, GEORGE, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, drugs & c.

M'ARTHUR, A., & Co., general store, dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, & c.

POOLE, JAMES C., printing office

ROSEMOND, JAMES, woollen manufactory

Bell, Robert, M.P.P., agent for marriage licenses, town reeve, and postmaster

Bell, R., & Co., tannery

Bells & Rosemond, grist, saw, and oat mills

Constable, Rev. T.W., Wesleyan Methodist

County Agricultural Society, Robert Bell, secretary and treasurer

Duncan, James, blacksmith and axe factory

Equitable Fire Assurance Company - R. Bell & Co., agents

Fuller, Samuel, foundry

Galvin, Patrick, tailor

Graham, John, waggon and sleigh maker

Gray, Rev. Peter, Free Church

Halcroft, Rev. L., Baptist

Johnston, Robert, general store

Lavalee, Napoleon, hotelkeeper and inspector of beef and pork

M'Donald, Allen, wool-carding and cloth dressing mills

M'Gregor, Duncan, blacksmith and axe factory

M'Laren, Robert, Robert Burns tavern

M'Laughlan, Rev. James, Cameronian

Moffat, William, carpenter and builder

Murphy, Michael, tavern keeper

National Loan Fund Life Assurance Company, R. Bell & Co., agents

Nelson, Hugh, saddler and harness maker

Nelson, Johnson, classical and commercial school

Pattie, David, carpenter and builder

Peden, William, general store

Pittard, Joseph, waggon and sleigh maker

Poole, James C., clerk of division court

Pyne, Rev. A., Church of England

Wilson, Rev. Richard, Wesleyan Methodist

Wilson, William, M.D.