The Stead Family Pictures

The Stead Family Pictures

Alex Perry and Ethel Peacock. Ethel's mother was Pheoba Stead.

Alan Hugh Stead and his new wife Margaret Foster.

John Stead (1866 -1949) and his brother George Stead (1867 - 1951)

William Craig Stead (1865 - 1944) and his brother John Stead (1866 - 1949)

Roy Brown Plaque in Carleton Place.

Dam on Mississippi River at Carleton Place.

Received from Del Dunlop - [email protected]                                                                           Posted: 23 September, 2005

Mississippi River crest at Carleton Place in 1896.

William and John Stead.

William Craig Stead.

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Eva Jean (Stead) Jardine, 1896/1976 and Ida (Stead) Dunlop, 1898/1982.

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