Moreau Family of Almonte

Moreau Family of Almonte - Pictures

Late Elmer Moreau 1838-1934 & wife Catherine Darlington 1848-1927

Rueben Bond and grand daughter Georgina (Gina) Wilson; daughter of Christina (Bond) Wilson.

St. Mary's School 1942 - Almonte, Ontario.

(Vincent & Margaret Morrow's names should have been Moreau.)

Olive Kathleen, Christina and Agnes Goldie Bond - picture taken about 1906.

James Moreau - picture taken November 1917.

Philos Moreau and his wife Olive Bond and Harold Moreau - picture taken 1917..

Lucy (Moreau) Devlin and Ken

Peter Moreau

Agnes (Moreau) Paulter

James Moreau, Store Owner in Almonte, Ontario.

Edna & Ken Moreau with Liz Moreau in middle.

Elizabeth (Liz) Moreau and brother James Moreau.

Elizabeth (Liz) Moreau and niece Rita Paulter.

Rita Paulter and Harold Moreau.

Pictures by: Roz (nee Moreau) [email protected]                        Up-Dated: 29 October, 2003 and 28 September 2007.