Marshall Alexander Jackson

Marshall Alexander Jackson's Family Pictures


Left Picture: (left to right) - Almina (Babcock) Jackson, first wife of Marshall Alexander Jackson; Carrie Jackson, sister of Marshall Alexander Jackson, holding Augustus Derwood Jackson, baby son of Almina and Marshall; Marshall Alexander Jackson, husband of Almina and brother of Carrie; and Franklin Milton Jackson, son of Almina and Marshall Alexander Jackson. Picture was taken in 1893-94 in Tweed, Ontario.

Right Picture: (left to right) - Marshall Alexander Jackson (born 1858) and wife Almina (Babcock) Jackson (born 1861). Picture taken in 1894 in Marshall's Photo Studio in Tweed, Ontario. He was a well known Photographer.


Left Picture: "Grandma Jackson" (Marshall Alexander's mother). Picture taken in 1914 at Bruce Mines, Ontario. Agnes (Bolton) Jackson, (wife of Marshall Jackson), born 1833.)

Right Picture: Marshall Alexander Jackson and third wife, Janet "Jessie" (McCharles) Jackson and their son Norman Edward Jackson, taken in 1914, in Bruce Mines, Ontario.


Left Picture: Sons of Janet "Jessie" (McCharles) Jackson and Marshall Alexander Jackson - Norman Edward Jackson and Marshall Alexander Jackson.

Right Picture: Marshall Alexander Jackson with wife Almina (Babcock) Jackson taken in 1900 in their own Photo Studio in Tweed, Ontario.

These pictures were supplied by Molly Wiste - [email protected]  Please contact her if you have any additional information about this family, or if you wish more information.                               Posted 10 May, 2002.

Information Modified - 11 July, 2002.