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Allans Mills Grist Mill

#21 Platoon "D" Coy C.A.(B)T.C. #31

John & Robena Mather

James McVeety & Dorothea Best - Family Picture

Christie Lake August 1903

McCoy Family Pictures

Mr. James MOORE and Ann ROE

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Burns

Unknown Dobbie family members.

3 Children buried Clyde Forks - Ferguson children??

Nina (Rankin) Ferguson Pictures

Lynda Delaurier Pictures

Jonathon Francis & Margaret Carswell Family

A Kehoe Family picture of a wedding??  

Can anyone identify the church and people?  If you know would you please let me know and I will contact the person asking.  Thanks.


Road Construction Gang - 10th line Lanarak Twp - John Quinn Contractor.

John Michael Quinn, born 08 May 1869, died Feb 1941 at Smith's Falls.

Picture received from Jennifer Ford - [email protected]                    Posted: 19 December, 2005.

Miscellaneous Lanark County Pictures

Some "Stead" pictures.


Received from Gary G. Darby, Perth, Ontario, Canada.

Main Street Lanark Village - Year ???

Beautiful Lanark County in the summer.

There are a number of pictures added as follows;

The Long Lake Hunt Camp - 1947.

The Rosamond Memorial Hospital - 1910.

Ladies of 1900.

Melanson Family - 1932.

Couples Pictures - 1920.

Alex Rath Family - 1920.

Clayton School Parade - 1929.

The Miller Brothers - 1940.

This page covering the story of the Campbell Woolen Mill in Almonte, building in 1872.

The pictures shown are the Edward Stanley and Elizabeth (Whalen) family, early 1900's

The Rideau Waterway plaque - Victoria Park, Smiths Falls, Ontario.

The Rideau Waterway

Constructed 1826-32 by the British government for military purposes, but used principally for commerce, the Rideau waterway, together with the lower Ottawa River, was the first canalized route from Montreal to the Great Lakes. Although eastbound traffic continued to use the St. Lawrence, westbound traffic including many thousands of immigrants utilized the new route to avoid the hazards and delays of upstream navigation on that river. With completion, in 1846 of the St. Lawrence canals, use of the Rideau as a commercial thoroughfare declined sharply. However it remained vitally important to the region by providing the agriculture and industry with economic access to markets. In time the Rideau became one of Ontario's major recreational waterways.

11 pictures of members of the Foley, Harper, Sly, Bowes & Elliott families, submitted by Dolores Anderson.

A Pictures of the Harold & Violet McGinnis wedding, 18 Nov 1842, preformed by Rev. Wright, the last wedding at the Bethel Church on the 11th line of Bathurst Twp.

A Picture of The Coutts House on the Rideau at Oliver's Ferry (now Rideau Ferry) built in 1853 and was torn down 1947.  It was replaced with a modern building of cinder block, known as the Rideau Ferry Inn.

We have received some pictures of the DUNLOP families from Almonte and area, also along with some "unknown" persons believed to be in the PAISLEY families.

Received from Dale Darcy - [email protected].  

On the back of this photo, written in pencil - "Mrs. Lodema Leeman, Smiths Falls."

Picture taken at the Scott Studio, Hamilton, Ontario.

Photo taken at D. E. Pelton, Kemptville and Merrickville, Ontario.


The picture on the right was received from Toni Raugust [email protected] - Stating that this is a possible picture of Adeline Poole .

Picture taken at C. C. Hilton, Carleton Place, Ont.

Picture taken at the D. E. Pelton Studio, Merrickville, Ont.  

Picture taken at the J. T. Conlon Studio, Prescott, Ont.

The above pictures were purchased at a yard sale in Smiths Falls during the summer.

Anyone knowing who these people are; please let Rose know at [email protected] 

Hezekiah Beverley (1865/1949) and Ellen Jane Drew (1862/1934), taken in Lanark County in 1930 - 31.  They were born in Olden Township, Frontenac County and there son Richard and his wife Letitia settled in Perth.

Pictures provided by: Jennifer Cullen - [email protected]  4 November, 2004.

Dr. Margaret O'Hara of North Elmsley and Smiths Falls.

1st Picture - Graduation from Queens College medical school in 1891 (standing back center).

2nd Picture - Clergy/Staff of one of the local Presbyterian churches (seated front row - black dress)

Pictures provided by: Robin Rosbolt - [email protected]

Posted: 7 October, 2004.

Misc Pictures of People and Places

#1 - Some Military Men: Harry Clifford; James Trail; John McJuatt and Hughie Stead.

#2 - Peter Dunlop at home in 1940.

#3 - A Sunday afternoon at the McCurdy Farm 1929.

#4 - Harold McCurdy, 1935 +/-.

#5 - A Lanark County Farm House about 1900.

#6 - Carleton Place Scouts: Hamilton Nichols; Ronald Leach; Bill Laskaris and Donald Dunlop.

Carleton Place Centenary Celebration and Old Home Week - August 3rd, 1924 - pictures of important people in Carleton Place, Ontario. 

Pictures provided by Annie Stanley: [email protected]

Mrs. (Doctor) Ross ?? (picture dated 1905)

This picture is of Mrs. Ross who visited in the summer months to Mississippi Lake near Drummond Center and stayed in a tent with two young boys, Norman and Jack.  Her maiden name could be Tysick, Caswell, Willows, Code or other.  The boys were probably her grand-sons. The picture seems to be taken at the Flintoft's farm or Mrs. Ross' home in Carleton Place.  Anyone have any more information?

Ivy Mohrhardt - [email protected]                                  Posted: January 31, 2004.

Unknown Couple taken at Willis Studio, Carleton Place approx 1895.  

The above picture has been identified as Joseph Jacobs and Ann Jane McCarter, of Carleton Place.

Also 3 pictures thought to be "Flinn" family members" - One - Two - Three

Also a picture of WW1 Vets in front of a building.  Does anyone recognize the building or town???

Provided by Kathleen Ogg-Moss at [email protected]

Moreau Family Pictures - Almonte - provided by Roz (nee Moreau) [email protected] - 27 October, 2003.

Perth Cycle Club - about 1890.

Unknown-Soldiers provided by Kathleen Ogg-Moss at: [email protected]

Unknown People provided by Colleen Bowie at: [email protected]                                            Posted: 06 July, 2003

Miller Family Pictures provided by Joann Voyce Calgary Alberta  - e-mail address -  [email protected] 

02 July 2003.

  Bowes, Jessie ??? - submitted by Ruth Bowes - [email protected]

Morrow family pictures - submitted by Darlene Lowlor - [email protected]

Picture of "Beaver Hockey Club", champions of Town League, Smiths Falls, 1913-14.

Hugh Weir and Elizabeth Hodgson - pictures & two letters written by John Gemmill to his son in Scotland in 1824 and 1825.

  Drummond Township School Class - 1933(?) to 1937.

This is a school class picture at the Drummond Township School between 1933(?) and 1937.  Inez May Flintoft is on the back row on the left with a white sailor top or dress.  This is the submitters mother.  She taught school in Tatlock and other schools.  If anyone recognizes the school, the other teacher or principal, which ever he is, or any of the students - I would love to know.  Submitted by: Ivy Mohrhardt - [email protected]   Posted 28 May, 2002

  Marshall Alexander Jackson's Family

These pictures are of Marshall Alexander Jackson's family taken in Tweed and Bruce Mines, Ontario.  If you have any information on this family or you wish to know more, please contact Molly at [email protected]

  Unknown Murray Family Members

These pictures are of "unknown Murray family members" - If you know who these are, please let Maureen know at [email protected]

  James F. Droughan 

These are pictures that include James Francis Droughan who was a conductor for the CPR in Smiths Falls, around 1910.  There are other gentlemen in these pictures, who are likely co-workers or friends.  If you know who these gentlemen are, please let Sylvia know at [email protected] 

  Two Ladies

These are pictures of Aggie Stewart and Mrs. Timmins.  If you know these ladies and have more information about them, would you please let Donna McFarlane know at [email protected] 

  Somerville Family ???

This picture was supplied by Donna McFarlane - [email protected] .  It is thought that this is the Somerville family from around the Middleville, Ontario area.  Can anyone identify the people in the picture? 

Section Men.

This picture was supplied by Donna McFarlane - [email protected] .  Apparently this picture was taken prior to 1941 and the gentleman third from the left is identified as August Scheel.  Can anyone identify the rest of the people?

Unknown Wallace Couple

This picture was taken in the F. W. Green Studio in Arnprior and it has "Wallace" written on the back. Provided by George Stewart and Sylvianne Penner.  If you know who they are please let me know. Thanks.

Lavant Station 

This picture is of a saw mill located in Lavant Station some years ago, provided by Margaret Collings.           Posted 25 March, 2002

  Melanie Mason's Pictures.

This photo was sent by Melanie. The possible names for these ladies are: "Minni Maud McGonegal" or Mrs. Ferguson.  If you know the identification of the ladies would you please let Melanie know, or send me an e-mail . Thanks.  Melanie's e-mail : [email protected]

Posted: 19 March, 2002.

Link to Charles Dobie "Pictures". There are various pictures here, some that you can purchase and some that you can not.

10th Line Ramsay - Blakeney School 1898-1900

This photo was submitted by Alex Holtby - [email protected]

Posted: 6 March, 2002.

McFarlane & Related Families

These photos were supplied by Donna McFarlane of Carleton Place. E-mail [email protected]

Posted 18 Feb, 2002.

  Unknown Carleton Place Couple.

This photo was among some of my mother's.  The photographer is Hammond of Carleton Place, Ont., etched in the board.  Possibly - Flintoft, Willows, Caswell, Code or ?

Anyone who could help, please notify: Ivy Mohrhardt - [email protected]

Galbraith School S.S. # 3, Lot 20, Con 10, Lanark Twp., Class Picture 1928-29.

This picture was submitted by Jayne Munro, 19 December, 2001 - j[email protected]

Unknown Murray Lady

This picture was submitted by Maureen Walters-Gonek, 17 November, 2001. e-mail [email protected]

More Shaw Pictures

These pictures were submitted by Ruth Shaw Kern, 2 August, 2001. e-mail [email protected]

  Robert "Wild Bob" Ferguson

This picture is shown in Carol Bennett's book "The Lanark Society Settlers".  Robert is buried in the Ferguson Cemetery in Dalhousie Township.

Hezekia Stewart FLINN and Eliza Jane DOUGLAS

 This picture was submitted by Don Lefevre - [email protected] .  Hezekia Stewart Flinn (1859-1844) and Eliza Jane Douglas (1877-1914) believed to be taken about the time of their wedding in 1895. Posted 6 Mar 2001.

Unknown SHAW family pictures

 These pictures were submitted by Drake Shaw - E-Mail - [email protected]

If you have any information regarding the identity of these people, please contact - Drake. 29 January, 2001.


 These pictures were submitted by Carol Covington - E-Mail [email protected]

If you have any information regarding the identity of these people, please contact Carol.  27 January, 2001.

CHEATER FAMILY of Bathurst Township.

 This picture was submitted by Mark B. Johnson - E-mail [email protected]

If you have any information regarding this family, please contact Mark. 24 January, 2001.

SHAW / CORBETT - Unknown Person #1 and Unknown Person #2

Ann in Arizona has provided these pictures from her Shaw / Corbett albums.  If you have any information on these, please contact Ann Belanger - 24 January, 2001.


 Bob Moore of St. Thomas, Ontario [email protected] has provided this link to these old photos.  If you have any information that you can contribute, please contact Bob.- 31 December, 2000.

MUNRO Family Pictures

 These pictures were submitted by Jayne Munro of Ottawa, 7 December, 2000.

Do you know these soldiers?

These pictures were submitted by Bill Morris of New Brunswick. They apparently are the "Perth Boys". If you can identify anyone, please let Bill Morris know. Thanks.

Do you know these people?

CORBETT family who lived in Smiths Falls, Lanark County, Ontario. Related surnames are: COVELL, EAGLETON, FERGUSON, GRAY, PHILLIPS, ROBINA, SHAW, VANEXAN, WOODS.

Do you know these people?

SHAW family who lived in Smiths Falls, Lanark County, Ontario. Related surnames are: CAMPBELL, CONDIE, CORBETT, COX, DAWSON, JOHNSON, PAYNE, WEBB, WILSON.

Do you know these people?

SAUNDERS and possibly LEWIS, BENNETT and EDWARDS families who lived in Beckwith / Montague Townships, Lanark County, Ontario

Do you know these people?

CAMELON family who lived in Clayton, Lanark County, Ontario

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