Drummond Township School

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Drummond Township School - Class of 1933(?) to 1937.

This is an old photo of my Mom's class sometime between 1933 ? and 1937.  She was Inez May Flintoft and is in back row on left with white sailor top or dress.  I know she taught in Tatlock school but don't know what other school.  If anyone recognizes the school, the other teacher or principal, whichever he is, or any of the students I would love to know. Thanks Ivy Mohrhardt - [email protected]                                    Posted 28 May, 2002.

Tatlock School - ??? - 1927/37 - ???

The supplier believes that this picture and list of students is from the Tatlock School and was taken between 1927 - 1937.

If you have any information would you please contact Ivy Mohrhardt - [email protected]

Posted: 23 February, 2004