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If you are related to the CORBETT family of Smiths Falls, you certainly are in luck! Below are some fantastic pictures of family members. Related surnames are: COVELL, EAGLETON, FERGUSON, GRAY, PHILLIPS, ROBINA, SHAW, VANEXAN, WOODS.

If you have any information about these pictures or would like some more information, contact Ann & Carol.

Children of James Corbett & Elizabeth

Picture # 1

Picture # 2

Picture # 3

Picture # 4

This is John Corbett brother of George Corbett and son of James and Elizabeth Corbett. The picture was taken in Shreveport Louisiana. I do not have a date of birth for John for certain but in St John's Cemetery in Smiths Falls - close to the other Corbetts pictures here - is a grave for John Corbett 1820-1851 who died at sea. Given the location of the grave and where this picture was taken, I assume that this is our John. I do not know if he married.

This is Tom Corbett and his wife Priscilla WOODS - probably on their wedding day.

A picture of Tom Corbett and his wife Priscilla WOODS in much later years. They appear in the 1871 census for Smiths Falls and in the 1901 census for Lanark. They lived on the farm on Poonamalee Rd.

This is James Corbett brother of George and son of James and Elizabeth. This picture was taken in Toronto where James and his family lived. As close as I can make out, James had a son William (1850 - 1902) who married Jane ROBINA (1849-1900). Both of these are buried in St. John's cemetery Smiths Falls. William and Jane had a son William who married a lady named Sadie. They had three boys named William, Bonnie and Dawson.


George Corbett (sometimes spelled Corbitt)
George Corbett (picture # 5) was born in Co. Monaghan Ireland June 26 1824. He was the son of James Corbett and his wife Elizabeth. In about 1846, James, Elizabeth and their family arrived in Canada. Soon thereafter, they purchased part of a "clergy grant' near Poonamalee Rd outside Smiths Falls . George is listed on the 1850 census of Jefferson Co NY living in the household of a man called Massey. One of the other residents in that household is also a witness on the marriage certificate - Labue (Laboo). George's age is listed as 22 which would have made his birth date 1828. I have used the 1824 date since it is the one recorded in George and Sarah Rachel's bible. George died Jan 24 1900 at the age of "almost 4 score" and is buried in St. John's Cemetery Smiths Falls with his wife Sarah and 3 of their first 4 children all of whom died as infants.

Picture # 5

Picture # 6

Picture # 7

Sarah Rachel Shaw
Daughter of Ann ROGERSON and John SHAW (see SHAW page for more info) .
Sarah (picture # 7) was born Feb 12 1831 in St. Andrews, Argenteuil Quebec. Moved to Pamelia NY (near Watertown) as a young adult. She appears to have gone there to join some of her siblings as we have record of Henry being there at that time as well as Maria. She married George CORBETT (sometimes spelled Corbitt) October 4 1853 in Watertown NY and they moved to Smiths Falls almost immediately. They had a large family. Stephen G Shaw, Sarah Rachel's next youngest sibling, was the witness at the wedding.

  1. Elizabeth Ann 1854 died in infancy
  2. Catharine Maria 1855 died in infancy
  3. Mary Jane 1855 (Picture #8)
  4. Samuel R 1857 died in infancy
  5. Sarah Ann 1859 (Picture #11)
  6. Elizabeth Margaret 1861 (more information follows)
  7. James Francis 1863 (Picture #14)
  8. Maria Victoria 1865 (Picture #15)


Picture # 8


This is Mary Jane Corbett daughter of George Corbett and Sarah Rachel Shaw. Mary Jane Corbett was born Aug 2 1855 in Smiths Falls and died Aug 19 1904 in Toronto. She was a twin but her sister died in infancy. This picture was taken in Toronto in 1891. Mary Jane married William G PHILLIPS and had sons Edward (Picture # 9) (and Harry and Mel, I think (Picture # 10)). The picture of Edward was taken in 1891 as well. The picture of William G was taken in Peterborough - presumably before they were married. The picture of Mel and Harry was taken in Caledonia Ontario.

Picture # 9

Picture # 10

Edward Philips
son of WG Phillips & Mary Jane Corbett.

Harry and Mel Phillips
sons of WG Phillips & Mary Jane Corbett.

Picture # 11

Sarah Ann Corbett

This is Sarah Ann Corbett who married John Eagleton VANEXAN. Sarah Ann was born January 11 1859 and died Dec 31 1938. She was my gr grandmother and, according to my mother - who was raised in the same house as Sarah Ann and John Eagleton - Sarah Ann was a saint! John Eagleton (the son of John Vanexan and Mary Jane EAGLETON of Merrickville) was born August 1852 and died December 31 1927. They are pictures here on their wedding day - March 20 1878 and 40 years later at Beach Island in 1918. They were married in St. John's Church in Smiths Falls and are both buried in Maple Vale Cemetery Smiths Falls. The comment is made in Glenn Lockwood's history of Smiths Falls that the family was eventually single handedly responsible for keeping the Poonamalie School open.

Picture # 11

Picture # 12

Picture # 13

Sisters (l to r) Amy, Belle and Georgina Van Exan of Smiths Falls. The 3 girls are the children of Sarah Ann. The boy is William Corbett (son of William Corbett and Jane Robina as far as I know - born about 1884).


John Corbett (1879 - 1884)

Johnnie died in the diptheria epidemic between 1880 & 1884

George Frederick (1880 - 1880)

Freddie died in the diptheria epidemic between 1880 & 1884 6 mths old buried Merrickville Protestant Union

William Hackett (1880 - 1884)

Willie died in the diptheria epidemic between 1880 & 1884

Picture 14

Mabel Bernice ( 1881 Watertown NY - 1923)

At the back, oldest surviving child who married Daniel Johnston of Athens Ontario and lived in the US. Daniel was the son of David Johnston and Mary Ferguson. I don't know if this Ferguson family is related to the other Fergusons in my collection. Although she was living in Smiths Falls again by the time her grandmother Sarah Rachel Shaw died in 1909.

Sarah Elizabeth (1882 - 1969)

Back on the right (Betty) who married Ed McLenaghan and lived out by Franktown where they raised their family

James Henry (1884 - 1955)

The boy in front - lived in Smiths Falls for many years and worked for Frost and Woods. He was married to Clara Wilson and had a large family. Most of the existing Vanexans in Ontario are descended from Harry. He is buried in maple Vale Cemetery Smiths Falls

Maria Amelia (1886 - 1973)

Front left with ringlets (Amy) who married Ed Morris and later Mac MacLaughlin and lived in Smiths Falls. She had no family.

Georgina Corbett (1888 - 1966)

Front right is my grandmother who married William John Leslie Paul of Smiths Falls and Perth Aug 31 1910. He was the son of William Robert Paul and Jesse Clara Oatway of Perth. Georgie was an active member of the St John's Anglican Church in Smiths Falls and a member of the Ladies Guild there until her death from cancer in 1966. Georgie is buried in Maple Vale Cemetery Smiths Falls

Belle Etta ( 1889 - 1975)

above Amy (Belle) who married Clifford Church and raised her family in Renfrew.

Charlotte May ( 1891 - 1978)

baby - became an Anglican nun and taught for many years at the convent school in Oakville

Violet June ( 1894 - 1894)


Walter Duke (1896 - 1968)

Picture 15

He was in WW1 and when he returned married Lucinda Anger in Buffalo NY in 1924. Lucinda (1905 - 1995) and Walter lived in the Sudbury/Copper Cliff area.

Eleanore Ada (1897 - 1957)

Picture 16

Picture taken shortly before she married Doug Torney (Nov 30 1918)and lived in Kingston.

Ruth Esther (August 28, 1899 - 1987)

Picture 17

This is Ruth Esther and Sarah Ann Corbett. Ruth married WJ Ford Pratt on September 3 1918 and lived in Ottawa where Ford (1896 - 1982) was with the Federal Government.



Picture # 18

James Francis Corbett
This is James Francis Corbett the son of George Corbett and sarah Rachel Shaw. He was born May 26 1863 and worked for Frost and Woods in Smiths Falls He lived at 44 Lombard St where, in 1930, he celebrated his golden wedding anniversary to Adamina. James and Adamina (referred to as Aunt ad) never had children and are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery Smiths Falls.

Picture # 19

Picture # 20

This is Maria Victoria Corbett (referred to as aunt Min) (born Dec 10 1865 died 1941). She is the daughter of George Corbett and Sarah Rachel Shaw. She married Thomas FERGUSON (1866 - 1943). They are buried in Maple Vale Cemetery Smiths Falls. Thomas Ferguson is pictured here with Ted GRAY who married Anne FERGUSON who I believe was a sister of Thomas. Maria Victoria Corbett Ferguson and Thomas Ferguson had sons Clifford Charles (1897 - 1969) and John (picture # 17). Cliff never married and lived all his life in Smiths Falls - on Victoria Ave and on Lavinia St. John married Elva COVELL (who lived on the 4 mile Inn Road) and had at least one son - John I think - who lived in the Montreal area in 1969 when Cliff died. John Sr. had died many years earlier.

Picture # 21

Picture # 22

This is Mary Tweedy FERGUSON (picture # 18) the mother of Thomas Ferguson who married Maria Victoria Corbett. Mary Ferguson was the daughter of Charles Tweedy of Lombardy. She had a cousin Elizabeth Tweedy who married John Kelly. I have pictures of these folks too if anyone wants a copy. I also have several other Ferguson pictures.


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