Military Badges

Military Badges

The 130th Battalion was the local unit in the First World War.


This badge was the equivalent air force badge for this area during the First World War.

Many of the Military Settlers of 1816/1820 earned this medal in the Battle of Waterloo.

This is the medal presented to the militias that fought in 1866-67 Fenian Raids.

Any families with these medals should treat them with great respect or have them preserved in a local museum,

Posted: 02 July, 2003.

In 1897, this regiment was separated from the Brockville militia and designated the 42nd Battalion of Infantry.

After the death of Queen Victoria, the new badge with a king crown was used for this militia unit.

At the start of the 1914 war, more than 125 members of the Lanark & Renfrew milita went off with this unit, led by Captain W.H. Hooper.

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Posted: 25 September, 2008.