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Have you hit a brick wall with your Huron County ancestors? Search for your family origins on Huron County GenWeb. I hope this site will help you find that brick-wall ancestor. Another great place to start is the AskOliveTree blog where you can submit your genealogy challenges and brickwalls to Lorine for help.
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WALLACE, DEAN, MITCHELL, JOHNSTON Family Album of Bruce & Huron County, Ontario Surnames include Wallace, Dean, Mitchell, Johnston. Locations include Lucknow, Ripley, Kincardine, Bruce Co., Goderich, Huron Co., Clinton, Orangeville, Marquette Michigan
Criminal Assize Clerk criminal indictment files, 1853-1929 (210 Huron County names)
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Huron County Obituaries

Obits on other Sites

Obituaries Clinton News Record 2002 to present

Obits on Huron County GenWeb Site


Obituary Thomas Bates formerly of Colborne Twp Huron County, died in Minnesota April 1939

Obituary John Bates born 1873 Colborne Twp died in Salem Oregon March 1941


Casemore Family Newspaper Obituaries from Huron County [NEW June 2009]

Obituary Elizabeth McBurney wife of Thomas Campbell died Whitechurch April 1899 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Eliza McBurney Charters, died Kinloss Township September 1916 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Mary Brock Cousins wife of Thomas Cousins of Goderich died February 1908 [NEW Oct. 2006]


Obituary Dunlop, Agnes widow of John, died Goderich Township February 1894 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Dunlop, John R. of Goderich Township died January 1916 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Dunlop, Maria, wife of Hugh Crawford died 1899 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Dunlop, Jane, wife of David Orr died 1899 [NEW Oct. 2006]


Obituary Mrs. Elizabeth Mcbride Cousins Elliott of Goderich died May 31, 1923 [NEW Oct. 2006]


Obituary Isabella Cousins Feagan widow of William Feagan of Goderich died March 1914


Obituary Obituary W. E. Grace of Goderich, died in Vancouver British Columbia, February 1899


Obituary Dr. Benson H. Hamilton 1931 Goderich [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Jane Elizabeth McCann Hamilton

Obituary Thomas Hamilton of Colborne Township died June 1900

Obituary Mary Hamilton wife of William Plunkett of Hullett Township died October 1908

Obituary George Hamilton of Auburn died January 1949

Obituary Thomas Scott Hamilton of Goderich died January 1940

Obituary Ella Ross Hamilton May 1932 Seaforth, Huron County [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Robina Leask Harris of Goderich died Hamilton March 1914 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary James Harris Wingham Advance Times, 16 June 1938, p. 1, c. 1 [NEW November 2006]

Obituary February 1938, Death of Mary Hood Howick Township (Surnames mentioned: Porterfield, Chamberlain, Miller, Johnstone, Thompson,Wright, Mitchell)

Obituary April 14, 1945 Death of William Hood Howick Township (Surnames mentioned: Ross, McConnachie, Johnston, Thompson, Wright, Mitchell, Cochrane, Douglas, Schmidt, Pomeroy, Reddon, Penman, Hill, Milligan, Herman, Wightman, McIntosh, Fields, Hood, Nicholson, Chamberlain )

Obituary April 1, 1922 Death of William Hood Howick Township (Surnames mentioned: Cochrane, Johnston, Porterfield, Mitchell, Thomson , Wright, Johnson, Hood )

Obituary August 28, 1918, William Allen Hood Howick Township Killed in Action

Obituary May 1960, Death of John R. Hood Howick Township (Surnames mentioned: O'Connor)


Obituary Kedslie, Alexander of Goderich died at Holstein April 1901 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Kedslie, Irene of Goderich, died at Cleveland Ohio May 1897 [NEW Oct. 2006]


Obituary John McBurney, died East Wawanosh Township January 1882 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Samuel McBurney, died Wingham November 1904 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Mary McBurney wife of Alexander Morton died East Wawanosh Township April 1909 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary September, 1974 Death of Mrs. Elizabeth J. Mitchell Howick Township(Surnames mentioned: Hood, Sinclair, Taylor, Nicholson, Lavery, Huras , Allison, Pehlke, Douglas)

Obituary Alfred Mitchell of Wingham June 27, 1940

Obituary Alexander Morton died East Wawanosh township May 21, 1913 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Mrs. Jane Cousins widow of Duncan McPhee died February 1899 Colborne Township Huron County


Obituary Thomas Newsome of Brussels died March 1914 [NEW Oct. 2006]


Obituary Orr, James died Goderich Township 1926 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Orr, David died Goderich Township, September 1900 [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Alexander Orr of the Brunswick Hotel, Wingham died July 1908

Obituary Robert Orr died December 23, 1909


Obituary Margaret Mary Plumsteel (nee Clute), widow of Henry died April 1942 in Clinton [NEW Oct. 2006]


Obituary John Ross 1889 Stanley, Huron County [NEW Oct. 2006]

Obituary Jane Robson Ross 1921 Seaforth, Huron County [NEW Oct. 2006]


Obituary Jane McDonald widow of Charles Stewart, died in Saltford February 1899


Obituary January 3rd, 1946 Death of Joseph Thomson Howick Township (Surnames mentioned: Hood, Penman , Taylor, Armstrong, Somerville Johnston, Gibson)

Obituary April 1959, Death of Mrs. Agnes Thomson Howick Township (Surnames mentioned: Hood, Penman, Taylor, Wright, Mitchell, Stockton, Smith, Langdon, Ziegler, Sangster, Oehm, Paulin, Gibson, Douglas, McLeod, Wilson , Eckenswiller)

Obituary Oliver John Thompson of Goderich killed in Orillia, Simcoe County November 1905

Obituary Tamar Thompson widow of Thomas Thompson of Colborne Township died Decembert 1899

Thomas Thompson of Colborne Township died Sept 1881

Obituary Walter Joseph Thompson of Colborne Township died July 1913

Obituaries on Other Sites

Mary Ann Kehoe McGee Obituary 1855-1945 Usborne Township

Ancestors At Rest - lots of death records, not just obits

Obits with connections to Seaforth - St Columban - Dublin Ontario and Huron Co


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