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Have you hit a brick wall with your Huron County ancestors? Search for your family origins on Huron County GenWeb. I hope this site will help you find that brick-wall ancestor. Another great place to start is the AskOliveTree blog where you can submit your genealogy challenges and brickwalls to Lorine for help.
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WALLACE, DEAN, MITCHELL, JOHNSTON Family Album of Bruce & Huron County, Ontario Surnames include Wallace, Dean, Mitchell, Johnston. Locations include Lucknow, Ripley, Kincardine, Bruce Co., Goderich, Huron Co., Clinton, Orangeville, Marquette Michigan
Criminal Assize Clerk criminal indictment files, 1853-1929 (210 Huron County names)
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Huron County Ontario GenWeb

Huron County is located by Lake Huron, towards the western edge of the southwest corner of the province of Ontario. The county seat is Goderich.

Municipalities since 2001 are:
  • Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh
  • Municipality of Bluewater
  • Municipality of Central Huron
  • Town of Goderich
  • Township of Howick
  • Municipality of Huron East
  • Municipality of Morris-Turnberry
  • Township of North Huron
  • Municipality of South Huron

History of Huron County Ontario

The first white man to reach what is now Huron County, Ontario, was Etienne Brule, a young French explorer sent out from Quebec by Samuel de Champlain in 1610. Huron was the French name given to the tribe of Indians living in the upper end of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The tribe called themselves Ouendats, and the area they occupied Ounedake.

What became the Huron Tract was not part of Ounedake. The tribe of Indians living in this region was known as the Attawandarons, or the Neutrals by the French.

After the fur wars ended the victorious Iroquois tribes moved into this territory. It was the Mohawk and Chippewa branches of this tribe whom the British eventually purchased the land from in the early 1800's.

Lacking sufficient knowledge about the history of the area, the British decided to keep the original French term Huron as the name of both the lake and the tract of land. This tract of Crown land remained unsettled for many years. It was not until the 1820's that a settlement campaign was developed by a group of British investors known as -The Canada Company. This company was started by a remarkable man, John Galt, a businessman, author and adventurer, who to this day is considered the founder of Huron County.

Exhibits at the Huron County Museum depict the early history of the Canada Company and the Huron Tract, highlighting famous individuals such as John Galt, "Tiger" Dunlop and Colonel Anthony Van Egmond. Other exhibits depict early pioneer life, agricultural heritage and military history. ...more about the History of Huron County

Huron County Townships

Wawanosh E.
Wawanosh W.

Huron County was part of Huron District in 1845. The townships within were:
Ashfield Township
Bidulph Township
Blanchard Township
Colborne Township
Downie Township
Ellice Township
South Easthope Township
North Easthope Township
Fullarton Township
Gopderich Township
Hibbert Township
Hay Township
Hullet Township
Logan Township
McKillip Township
McGillivray Township
Stephen Township
Stanley Township
Tuckersmith Township
Usborne Township
Wawanosh Township

In 1846 according to Smith's Canadian Gazetteer ....... by WM. H. Smith 1846, Huron District was comprised only of Huron County, and all the townships except Ashfield and Wawanosh were formed from the Huron Tract. The Huron Tract was purchased in 1827 and declared a District in 1842. Before that time it had been part of the London District

..Map of the Townships



..Map of the Cities & Towns

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I am Lorine McGinnis Schulze, the new host of Huron County GenWeb. I don't live in Huron County but I have ancestors from there - my Shuart and Vollick families were early settlers.

Are you stuck on a genealogical brick-wall? Check out the AskOliveTree blog where you can submit your genealogy challenges and brickwalls to Lorine for help.

My thanks goes to the former host, Sharon Mulcaster, who did a fantastic job on this site for many years. Sharon allowed me to keep her data, and I've added more to help you find those elusive Huron County ancestors. I will keep adding data as I am able, but I can't do research for you as I don't live in Huron County.

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