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Joseph Allie ? Burton Lake St. Francis Elizabeth Brinkman Charlottenburgh 5/11/806
David Amey Earnestown Catherine Snyder Lancaster 7/11/1807
Peter Arcoite Charlottenburgh Mary Pepper Charlottenburgh 11/18/1811
Philip Asner Cornwall Mary Cryderman Cornwall 3/10/1807
Patrick Benson Charlottenburgh Catharine Pressley Charlottenburgh 2/4/1812
Ebenezer Blair Cornwall Janet Young Cornwall 9/2/1806 cabinetmaker
Peter Brauer Matilda Mary Bough Charlottenburgh 7/3/1815
Josephus Brown Charlottenburgh Mary Muchmore Charlottenburgh 6/19/1809
Gabriel Burgois Lancaster Mary McLennon Lancaster 3/11/1811 Mary is widow
John Cameron Cornwall Mary Calder Charlottenburgh 2/6/1798
John Cameron Charlottenburgh Anne Cameron Lancaster 10/30/1810
Donald Cameron Charlottenburgh Christian Cameron Cornwall 12/27/1792
John Cameron Cornwall Susannah Cameron Cornwall 10/18/1803
John Cameron Charlottenburgh Christian Ferguson Charlottenburgh 7/6/1809
Alexander Cameron Charlottenburgh Anne McDonnell Charlottenburgh 11/1/41809 1st conc Charlottenburgh
Angus Cameron Charlottenburgh Isabel McDougall Lancaster 6/7/1814
John Cameron Cornwall Ann McIntosh Cornwall 8/5/1806
Donald Cameron Lancaster Christy McIntosh Lancaster 10/15/1811
Allan Cameron Finch Anne McKenzie Charlottenburgh 3/24/1808
John Cameron Charlottenburgh Katharine Mclaren Charlottenburgh 3/8/1803
Donald Cameron Lancaster Isabel McLennan Lancaster 12/12/1809
Hugh Cameron Cornwall Margaret McLennan Cornwall 11/26/1794
Angus Cameron Roxborough Mary McMillan Finch 12/12/1809
John Cameron Cornwall Marion McMillan Charlottenburgh 1/16/1794
Alexander Cameron Cornwall Sarah Parks Cornwall 2/12/1786
Alexander Cameron Cornwall Anne Paterson Cornwall 10/12/1813
Donald Cameron Lancaster Isabel Ross Charlottenburgh 2/3/1814
John Cameron Charlottenburgh Elizabeth Summers Charlottenburgh 12/23/1800
James Penn Campbell Charlottenburgh Elizabeth Curry Lancaster 10/18/1809 James is a carpenter
James Campbell Charlottenburgh Elizabeth Gould Charlottenburgh 3/31/1812
William Campbell Charlottenburgh Nancy McDonnell Charlottenburgh 6/19/1815
Arthur Campbell Charlottenburgh Ann Tichner Lancaster 3/7/1810 wife's last name is a guess
John Carpenter Cornwall Mary Cumming Cornwall 4/12/1814
John Chassley Cornwall Catharine Shannon Cornwall 1/25/1813
John Clark Charlottenburgh Christian McMillan Charlottenburgh 12/1/1812
John Clark Charlottenburgh Catharine Somers Charlottenburgh 10/4/1808
John Crouch Lancaster Mary Tanno Lancaster 10/18/1810 negroes
John Cummings Cornwall Ann Cameron Cornwall 11/15/1814
John Curry Lancaster Mary McKay Longeuil 3/23/1813 John jr and Mary's last name could be McRae or McKie
Alexander DeLorge Charlottenburgh Rebecca Ducher Cornwall 11/21/1811
William Dixon Lancaster Anne Westly Lancaster 3/15/1808
John Duer Charlottenburgh Elizabeth Ferguson Charlottenburgh 3/15/1797
John Dunn Lancaster Mary Williams Lancaster 7/21/1807
Daniel Edson Charlottenburgh Elizabeth Young Charlottenburgh 7/19/1814
William Falkner Lancaster Catharine See Lancaster 8/22/1811
John Lowe Farrand Cornwall Christy Bethune Charlottenburgh 2/7/1807 John Farrand esq
Alexander Ferguson Charlottenburgh Nelly Chisholm Charlottenburgh 2/12/1801
Alexander Ferguson Charlottenburgh Mary Ferguson Charlottenburgh 1/29/1811
George Ferguson Charlottenburgh Elizabeth McKay Charlottenburgh 3/31/1812
William Ferguson Charlottenburgh Catharine Mcnaughton St. George 3/4/1806
Duncan Ferguson Charlottenburgh Mary Wood Charlottenburgh 3/20/1815
Alexander Fisher Montreal Jane Grant Montreal 1/11/1788
John Fisher Lancaster Emily McMillan Kenyon 1/15/1811
David Flagg Charlottenburgh Elizabeth McGee Charlottenburgh 9/18/1809
John Forbes LaChine Isabel Dingwall Charlottenburgh 2/11/1811 John is a widower, Isabel is widow of John MacNaughton
George Fraser Charlottenburgh Susannah DeLorge Charlottenburgh 11/20/1810
John Grant Charlottenburgh Isabel Cameron Charlottenburgh 1/21/1802
John Grant Charlottenburgh Hannah Grant Charlottenburgh 3/24/1807 widow of Duncan McDonnell
John Grant Charlottenburgh Frances Grant St. Johns 2/21/1788
Lewis Grant Charlottenburgh Elizabeth Grant Charlottenburgh 11/27/1792
James Grant Charlottenburgh Katharine Grant Charlottenburgh 3/8/1796 he was blacksmith
Angus Grant Charlottenburgh Isabel Grant Charlottenburgh 6/7/1815
Ranald Grant Charlottenburgh Catharine Grant Charlottenburgh 7/11/1815
John Grant Charlottenburgh Flora McDonald Charlottenburgh 3/3/1807
Archibald Grant Charlottenburgh Catharine McKay Charlottenburgh 2/22/1803
William Grant Charlottenburgh Mary McLean Cornwall 6/29/1803
Duncan Grant Charlottenburgh Mary Mcmartin Charlottenburgh 12/17/1799
John Grant Charlottenburgh Flora McPherson Charlottenburgh 7/10/1792
Alexander Grant Marjory Murchison Charlottenburgh 11/25/1784 Alex Grant was of the 84th Regiment
Walter Alexander Gunn Lancaster Barbara Sutherland Lancaster 4/5/1808
John Hartle Cornwall Christian Cumming Cornwall 3/7/1815
George Hopper Jane Mclean Cornwall 6/30/1814 George was Lt Adjutant in 89th regiment
John Johnson Cornwall Christian McMillan Lancaster 3/10/1807
John Johnson Cornwall Mary Park Cornwall 7/23/1810
Barney Kain Charlottenburgh Mary McEwen Cornwall 1/29/1810
Thomas Laing Cornwall Mary Johnston Cornwall 11/16/1814
John Long Cornwall Agnes Wood Cornwall 5/16/1813
? MacKenzie Charlottenburgh Ann McLeod Charlottenburgh 1/4/1811
Hector Manson Cornwall Eleanor Campbell Cornwall 3/17/1806
Donald McBean Cornwall Ann Fraser Cornwall 3/26/1811
Angus McBean Cornwall Ann McDonald Cornwall 1/17/1815
Donald McBean Cornwall Catharine McLean Charlottenburgh 2/11/1811 Donald is a widower
Lachlan McBean Charlottenburgh Mary McPherson Charlottenburgh 10/25/1814
Archibald McCallum Lancaster Sally Norton Lancaster 9/7/1814
Angus McCashon St.George Christian McCuaig St.George 1/23/1810 husband's name is a guess
John McCashon Newton Catharine McCuaig St.Patrick 1/31/1810 both towns in lower canada
Kenneth McCaskill Lancaster Mary McGillvray Lancaster 3/7/1809
Malcolm McCuaig St. Joseph Janet McBean St. Joseph 1/19/1813
Duncan McCuaig St.George Christian McDonnell Lancaster 2/16/1813
Malcolm McCuaig St.George Elspeth Morrison Lancaster 3/7/1810
John McDiarmid Charlottenburgh Catharine Christie Charlottenburgh 6/1/1815
John McDonald Charlottenburgh Christian Cameron Lancaster 4/4/1809
James McDonald Charlottenburgh Jane Cameron Charlottenburgh 9/29/1812
Angus McDonald Charlottenburgh Catharine Grant Charlottenburgh 8/2/1814 Angus was a widower
John McDonald Charlottenburgh Ann McDiarmid Charlottenburgh 12/2/1806
Alexander McDonald Charlottenburgh Mary McDonnell Charlottenburgh 1/22/1811
Alexander McDonald Roxborough Marion McMillan Finch 11/9/1813
John McDonald Charlottenburgh Grace Ross Charlottenburgh 2/3/1807
John McDonald Charlottenburgh Anna Smith Charlottenburgh 5/17/1808
Malcolm McDonnell Charlottenburgh Anne Grant Charlottenburgh 10/31/1809
Ranald McDonnell Charlottenburgh Flora McDonald Charlottenburgh 10/27/1807 carpenter
Alexander McDonnell Lancaster Janet Mckay Lancaster 1/19/1813
John McDonnell Charlottenburgh Mary McMillan Kenyon 2/7/1815
Alexander McDonnell Lancaster Margaret Urquhart Charlottenburgh 11/6/1810
Donald McDougall Lancaster Elizabeth Grant Charlottenburgh 5/12/1812
Duncan McDougall Lancaster Janet McDonald Charlottenburgh 1/31/1809
Peter McDougall Charlottenburgh Christy McLennan Charlottenburgh 10/30/1810
Alexander McDougall Lancaster Isabel Ross Lancaster 1/31/1815
John Mcfarlane St George Margaret Mcnaughton St George 2/27/1806 John McFarland (Taylor)
Malcom McGillivray Charlottenburgh Nelly Chisholm Charlottenburgh 3/19/1811
Duncan McGillivray Lancaster Mary McCuaig Lancaster 2/15/1814
Andrew McGillivray St. George Catherine McGillivray Lancaster 3/17/1813
Donald McGillivray Lancaster Ann McIntosh Lancaster 3/18/1811
William McGillivray Lancaster Flora McKay Lancaster 1/29/1807
Gregor McGregor Charlottenburgh Mary Ferguson Charlottenburgh 5/12/1812
Duncan McGregor Charlottenburgh Margaret Munro Charlottenburgh 3/14/1811
Alexander McGuire Cornwall Elizabeth Paterson Charlottenburgh 1/24/1809
William McIntosh Charlottenburgh Isabel Cameron Lancaster 10/14/1802
John McIntosh Lancaster Anne McDonald Lancaster 3/28/1810
Neil McIntosh Charlottenburgh Christian McKay Charlottenburgh 2/5/1811
Donald McIntosh Lancaster Isabel McLeod Lancaster 3/2/1813
Donald McIntosh Cornwall Catharine Mcmartin Charlottenburgh 10/25/1810
Alexander McIntosh Lancaster Marjory Ross Lancaster 9/20/1814
Donald McIntyre Charlottenburgh Catherine McArthur Charlottenburgh 1/29/1807
Peter McIntyre Charlottenburgh Jane McGregor Charlottenburgh 3/24/1808
Donald McIntyre Charlottenburgh Catharine McIntosh Charlottenburgh 5/26/1814 Donald is a blacksmith
Alexander McIntyre Charlottenburgh Janet Smith Charlottenburgh 2/5/1811
Angus McKay Cornwall Margaret Ferguson Charlottenburgh 4/22/1806
Norman McKay Lancaster Margaret McGillivray Lancaster 1/15/1811
Henry McKenzie Montreal Ann Bethune Charlottenburgh 6/1/1815
Allan McKinnon Lancaster Sarah McMillan Kenyon 3/23/1814
Peter Mclaren Charlottenburgh Mary McDonnell Charlottenburgh 7/17/1810
Donald Mclaren Charlottenburgh Catharine McKenzie Charlottenburgh 3/22/1808 Donald Mclaren jr
John McLaughlin Cornwall Eleanor Hewitt Charlottenburgh 9/11/809
Donald McLean Charlottenburgh Margaret Cameron Charlottenburgh 2/28/1792
Alexander Mclean Charlottenburgh Mary Ann Christie Cornwall 9/27/1814
John McLennan Charlottenburgh Mary Cameron Charlottenburgh 1/19/1809
Farquhar McLennan Lancaster Christy McGillivray Lancaster 10/1/1811
Farquhar McLennan Lancaster Catharine McGillivray Lancaster 3/15/1814
Roderick McLennan Lancaster Mary McPherson Lancaster 12/17/1811
John McLeod Charlottenburgh Marjory Cameron Roxborough 2/18/1811
Alexander McLeod Lancaster Margaret Cameron Cornwall 12/13/1796
Norman McLeod Lancaster Grace Cameron Cornwall 1/14/1800
Alexander McLeod Cornwall Ann McDonnell Charlottenburgh 7/18/1815
Donald McLeod Lancaster Catharine McKay Lancaster 3/24/1812
Daniel Mcleod Cornwall Ann McLeod Lancaster 2/17/1806
Alexander McLeod Cornwall Janet McLeod Cornwall 11/17/1807
William McLeod Lancaster Lexi McLeod Lancaster 3/10/1812
John McLeod Lancaster Elspeth Munro Charlottenburgh 12/28/1809
Roderick McLeod Lancaster Isabel Ross Charlottenburgh 11/11/1813
Duncan McMartin Charlottenburgh Nelly Cameron Charlottenburgh 5/1/1815
Donald McMartin Charlottenburgh Margaret Grant Charlottenburgh 9/3/1807
John Mcmartin Charlottenburgh janet Mcmartin Charlottenburgh 4/301807
Peter Mcmartin Charlottenburgh Catherine Ross Charlottenburgh 12/20/1808
Lachlin McMillan St. Johns Elizabeth Cameron 6/25/1786
John McMillan Lancaster Elizabeth Graham Lancaster 3/3/1807
Ewan McMillan Finch Jane MacDonnell Cornwall 2/5/1811
Duncan McMillan Kenyon Janet McBean Charlottenburgh 1/14/1808
Allan McMillan Lancaster Catherine McCormick Lancaster 2/6/1807
Angus McMillan Lancaster Margaret McDonnell Lancaster 4/3/1810
Duncan McMillan Lancaster Anne McGillvray Charlottenburgh 1/17/1809
Ewan McMillan Lancaster Jane McMillan Kenyon 2/18/1806
John McMillan Lancaster Catharine McMillan Lancaster 2/15/1812
Ewen McMillan Lancaster Catharine McMillan Kenyon 3/24/1812
Ewen McMillan Lancaster Catharine McMillan Lancaster 3/24/1812
Duncan McMillan Lancaster Mary McMillan Finch 9/14/1813
Duncan McMillan Lancaster Ann McMillan Lancaster 3/21/1815
Donald McMillan Finch Catharine McRae Cornwall 1/30/1810 widow of Archibald Grant
Dougall McMillan Lancaster Catherine Morrison Lancaster 3/6/1809
John McNaughton St. George Nelly Cameron Charlottenburgh 1/22/1812
John McNaughton Charlottenburgh Isabel Dingwall Charlottenburgh 3/19/1807
John McNaughton Charlottenburgh Mary Dingwall Charlottenburgh 10/27/1808 John McNaughton, jr
Alexander McNaughton St. George Ann Ferguson Charlottenburgh 1/26/1807
Duncan McNaughton St.George Mary Morrison St.Patrick 10/9/1810
Donald McPherson Charlottenburgh Catharine McDonald Charlottenburgh 1/16/1812
Angus McPherson Charlottenburgh Hannah Ross Charlottenburgh 11/22/1808
John Morrison Lancaster Mary McCuaig St. George 1/7/1807
Duncan Morrison Lancaster Christian McGillvray St. George 3/24/1806
Malcolm Morrison Charlottenburgh Catharine Urquhart Charlottenburgh 9/26/1811 not sure about groom's last name
John Muchmore Charlottenburgh Mary Westley Lancaster 12/1/1808
Donald Munro Charlottenburgh Janet Cameron Charlottenburgh 7/23/1811
John Munro Lancaster Ann Dogherty Charlottenburgh 9/6/1814
Murdoch Munro Charlottenburgh Isabel MacKay Charlottenburgh 10/26/1814
Finley Munro Charlottenburgh Christy Ross Charlottenburgh 11/3/1808
Finlay Munro Charlottenburgh Marjory Westly Lancaster 3/29/1814 Finlay also went by Philip and Marjory was a widow
James Nanchatt Charlottenburgh Ann Fitzpatrick Charlottenburgh 2/5/1811
John C. Norton Cornwall Eleanor Cryderman Cornwall 10/12/1812
John OBrien Charlottenburgh Anne Mcmartin Charlottenburgh 2/6/1812
William Oney Lancaster Sarah Williams Lancaster 2/13/1813 she is widow of Moses Williams
Thomas Payne Kingston Isabel Cameron Lancaster 4/4/1815
James Pearson Charlottenburgh Anne Ross Charlottenburgh 9/21/1809
John Prentice Charlottenburgh Catharine McMillan Charlottenburgh 6/21/1810
James Reed Charlottenburgh Isabel McDiarmid Charlottenburgh 6/28/1810 he was a missionary preacher
Duncan Robertson Charlottenburgh Jane Kennedy Charlottenburgh 12/28/1809
Thomas Roche Charlottenburgh Mary Ashburne Charlottenburgh 2/5/1809
Thomas Ross Lancaster Christian Urquhart Charlottenburgh 11/2/1809
John See Lancaster Mary Snyder Lancaster 10/18/1808
Peter Smith Charlottenburgh Isabel Grant Charlottenburgh 3/6/1786
William Smith Charlottenburgh Margaret McMillan Charlottenburgh 6/21/1810
John Smith Charlottenburgh Clarissa Westly Lancaster 6/27/1811
William Snyder Lancaster Mary See Lancaster 7/16/1811
John Snyder Lancaster Janet Wood Charlottenburgh 4/28/1806
John Strachan Cornwall Ann Wood Montreal 5/9/1807 Rev married to widow of Andrew McGill
John Johnson Sutherland Lancaster Catherine McPherson Charlottenburgh 1/26/1809
William Urquhart Charlottenburgh Mary McGregor Charlottenburgh 8/21/1810
Simon Vandell Charlottenburgh Mary Alguire Charlottenburgh 7/3/1815
Daniel Ward Charlottenburgh Sarah Grant Charlottenburgh 2/3/1807
Richard Warsse Cornwall Eleanor McMurray Cornwall 5/9/1812
James William Lancaster Elizabeth Snyder Lancaster 12/16/1810
Ralph Wistley Lancaster Marjory Cameron Lancaster 7/28/1807 guess on grooms last name
Roger Wood Charlottenburgh Margaret McIntosh Cornwall 1/23/1810
John Wright Charlottenburgh Christian McRae Charlottenburgh 11/27/1810
Anthony Young Lancaster Elizabeth England Lancaster 1/13/1807
Louis Charlottenburgh Pamela Fasler Charlottenburgh 2/13/1812 grooms last name looks like Bourn, wifes last name could be Tasler
Alexander Charlottenburgh Isabella Ross Charlottenburgh 9/20/1808
John McKenzie Charlottenburgh Ann McKay Charlottenburgh 8/31/1815

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