Page deaths

Daniel Campbell jr Inn Keeper Williamstown Charlottenburg 3/18/1807
Mary McKenzie Lancaster 5/4/1808
John Forysth 12/23/1808 husband of Agnes McNevin, son of James Forsyth
James Forysth jr Cornwall 7/30/1809
Peter Campbell Charlottenburgh 3/5/1809
Colin Murchison Charlottenburgh 3/16/1810
William Chisholm Charlottenburgh 3/27/1810
Donald Bethune jr Lancaster 8/20/1810
Alexander Ferguson Charlottenburgh 8/23/1810
John Grant jr Charlottenburgh 4/12/1811 north side of south branch of RR
Benjamin McIntosh Charlottenburgh 4/17/1811
John Grant jr Charlottenburgh 5/4/1811 south branch rr
Ralph Wessley Lancaster 5/12/1811
Charles McArthur Charlottenburgh 10/1/1811
John Grant Charlottenburgh 10/19/1802 formerly of Dalgregen Scotland
Angus Grant Charlottenburgh 12/9/1812 son of Peter Grant
Alexander Campbell Charlottenburgh 12/9/1812
Angus Grant Charlottenburgh 11/29/1812
William McIntosh Charlottenburgh 4/3/1813 son of Daniel McIntosh
Archibald McArthur Charlottenburgh 4/27/1813
Donald McKay jr Charlottenburgh 5/5/1813
George Sutherland Lancaster 5/7/1813
Hugh McKenzie Charlottenburgh 7/22/1813 son of Duncan
Alexander McDonald Charlottenburgh 7/23/1813 1st conc
Malcolm Mclaren jr Charlottenburgh 9/12/1813 his father Malcolm Mclaren died in 1802
Margaret McLennan Charlottenburgh 10/6/1813 wife of ? Hugh Cameron, south branch
John McGruer Charlottenburgh 3/34/1815
Angus Urquhart Charlottenburgh 7/18/1815 son of Roderick Urquhart
Elspeth McKay Charlottenburgh 7/24/1815 widow of the late Donald Mckay

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