Bibliographies on Dufferin County

Bibliographies on Dufferin County:

These items (*) are available through interlibrary loans from the National Library of Canada:

FORTHCOMING: As one is well aware, many local history books are not indexed. Short of reading the book from cover to cover, many genealogists miss the gold that can be found in these treasures. Over the next year, I will be providing a surname index list for each of these books listed below.

*Brooksbank, Jack. Dufferin County Museum thirty five celebration, 1962-1997. Rosemont, Ont. : Dufferin County Museum & Archives, 1997.

*Brooksbank, Jack. Dufferin County settlement sketches. Orangeville, Ont.: Jacques Studies, 1991.

*Brooksbank, Jack. Dufferin in Toronto by the Mungovan Bros., The Dufferin post: a heritage research publication. Rosemont, Ont. : Dufferin County Museum & Archives, 1997.

*Brooksbank, Jack. Dufferin settlement peoples index & Dean family history. Orangeville, Ont.: Jacques Studies, 1991.

Corrigan, Gerry and Dufferin Peel Roman Catholic Separate School Board. Catholic education in Dufferin Peel: a story worth telling. Mississauga, Ont.: Dufferin-Peel Roman Catholic Separate School Board, 1988.

*Dean, David E. Dufferin County river basins & early pioneers. Orangevile, Ont.: Jacques Studios, 1990.

*Dean, David E. Dufferin's rural evolution & heritage. Rosemont, Ont.: Dufferin County Museum and Archives, 1995.

Gareau, Dave. Dufferin County centennial 1881-1981. Orangeville:s.n.?, 1981.

*Halbert, Mabel Louise. Memoirs of an old cog. Shelburne?, Ont.: s.n., 1980-1982. Note: 3 volume set

*Huxtable, Thompson Russell. Down memories lane. Shelburne, Ont.: Shelburne Free Press and Economist Print, 1959.

*Leitch, Adelaide. Into the High Country: the story of Dufferin the last 12,000 years to 1974. Orangeville: published by the County of Dufferin Ontario/Canada, 1975.

Marshall, Bess Reid. A house for his kingdom [the history of Westminster United Church and the tributaries of Christianity that have streamed into her house, 1837-1979]. Orangeville, Ont.: s.n., 1978.

*Marshall, John Ewing. A Century of service: St. Andrew's United Church, Camilla. Ontario: s.n., 1980?.

*Marshall, John Ewing. Fifty years of rural life in Dufferin County. Orangeville, Ont.: J. Marshall, [1977].

McKelvey, W. Wayne. Political History of Dufferin County to 1921. Guelph, Ont.: University of Guelph, 1971.

*Sawden, Steven. History of Dufferin County. 1949.

*Townsend, Wayne. Orangeville: The heart of Dufferin County. Toronto: Natural Heritage Books, 2006.

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