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Eastnor Township

A map of Eastnor Township can be found on the Bruce County GenWeb website. Eastnor Township was named after Viscount Eastnor.

Eastnor Township Places

  • Barrow Bay - named after Sir John Barrow. The first mill in the township was built there in 1874 by Patrick Judge.

    Barrow Bay
  • Edenhurst - was first settled in 1900, and its school was built in 1923.

  • Ferndale - was named for the ferns that were plentiful when the area was first settled. A school was built in 1891 and Robert McMaster opened a store in 1904.

  • Hope Bay - Eastnor Township's first settler, Joseph Waugh, arrived here in 1866. The Methodist church built on Joseph Waugh's property in 1877 was the township's first church.

  • Hope Ness - an early name for Hope Bay. Its post office was opened in 1878, with Joseph Waugh as first postmaster. The post office was renamed Hope Bay in 1881.

  • Lion's Head - its post office was established in 1875. Frank Stuart was the first postmaster and merchant. Lion's Head eventually became the township's largest village.

    Eastnor Township & Lion's Head War Memorial
  • Pike Bay - its post office was established in 1878 and its first postmaster was Robert Agar, followed by Joseph Bellamore in 1880.

  • Spry - its post office was established in 1878, with first postmaster George Jenks.

  • Stokes Bay - the first building was a hotel, for the men working on the west shore road that was built in 1882. The first merchant and postmaster was John Shute. The village was named for Captain John Storke.

  • Swan Lake - its school was built in 1886.

  • Tackaberry's Corners - near Lion's Head, at lots 20 and 21, concessions 4 and 5 EBR. Named for the Tackaberry family, who were early settlers. 

Eastnor Township Notable People

Sergeant John Pearson V. C. - Sergeant John Pearson was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on June 17, 1858 at Gwalior, India, during the Indian Rebellion. He later emigrated to Canada and settled near Lion's Head. He is buried in Eastnor Township Cemetery. A statue was erected in his honour in Lion's Head.

Sergeant John Pearson V. C. plaque in Lion's Head

Alice Irene Walker - was the first deaconess of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Her mother died at birth and Alice was raised by her aunt and uncle Mr. & Mrs. Washington B. Moshier in Lion's Head, where she was known as 'Queenie Moshier'. She was a missionary in Swan River and the North West Territory.


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