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2011 and Later Queries

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2016 Queries

KUNKEL / SPIELMACHER I have in my KUNKEL family tree index about. 15000 names and in my SPIELMACHER/ SPIELMAKER index about. 2900 names. I'm trying to update my family tree information from 2002 up to the present. If you have any family information on these surnames and would like to assist me in my research or want more information on a family tree book please contact Larry at my email address of  December 9, 2016

BRYAN, Michael (1833-1890) and his sister THOMSON, Catherine/Kate nee BRYAN (1835-1900) Both long-resident in Elderslie Township. I would like to know where in Ireland they came from. Possibly from Limerick but where in County Limerick? Can exchange information with anyone doing either BRYAN or THOMSON families. Thank you, Tom Bryan (Scotland) December 9, 2016

Hamlet of DUNBLANE The research phase of the Dunblane project will conclude this fall, and the process has proven to be an enlightening and exciting one. I have gone through extensive newspaper archives; studied church, school, farm, and business history in the area; and even met descendants from earlier farm families that I never expected to see. Each day I seem to uncover new and fascinating anecdotes about former residents of the hamlet.
However, there are still many questions that remain unanswered about Dunblane:
Where did Jesse Shissler or the Stanley family live? Their names are in the school registry and pictures.
Where did the Quigley, Hindman, McFadden and Roberts families move to from Ebenezer?
Who were the blacksmiths that worked near Starks mill?
What of the cheese factory on the Hanbidge farm?
Are there still descendants that could enlighten me?
If you have information about these topics, or would like to assist in my research, Please contact Audrey Underwood at 519-389-5229 or September 13, 2016

CAMPBELL, Samuel Henry born in 6/13/1853 in Ontario possibly Kincardine and died 2/5/1945 in Hanna, Alberta. Married MacFARLANE, Mary Jane born 1/1/1856 in Ontario and died 3/29/1930 in Hanna, Alberta.
Samuel is my third great grandfather and any information on his family would be helpful.
Thanks. John at September 13, 2016

KITCHEN / ANDERSON - I'm interested in finding info about Maggie Jemima Kitchen, born 1897 or 1899 probably in Kincardine. Her father was James Kitchen, also born in Kincardine in 1864 and her mother was Elizabeth Ann Anderson, also born in Kincardine in 1863. Maggie was the second wife of Archdale Burton Burtchaell of Toronto who died in 1938, and she is buried in Kincardine cemetery as "Margaret Kitchen wife of Burton Burtchall 1897 to 1977."
I'm particularly interested in learning if she returned from Toronto to Kincardine immediately after losing her husband? Also, are there any descendants. I believe the couple had no issue but do not know that for sure. Burton had a child Margaret M. Burtchaell, born 1916, from his first marriage, and I wonder if Maggie and her step-daughter remained in contact after Burton's death?
I am related to Burton Burtchaell. My great-great-grandfather and Burton's grandfather were brothers. Anything you can tell me about Maggie would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Please contact Linda at September 13, 2016

BONNET - I am searching for any information on Mary Theresa Bonnet from Normandy Township, Grey County / Bruce County area. I think she was born in 1909. She gave birth at around the age of 19 to Lawrence John Bonnet. Any information to help me continue on my search towards my family tree would be more than appreciated. Thanking you all for helping me with a promise I made to my father. Please contact September 13, 2016

READ - Searching for the death papers or headstone of Emma L. Read (ne Lowry) in the Auburn area, formally Manchester village. Born in 1835 Guelph, died between 1863 and 1870, presumably in the Auburn area. Listed as Church of England or United Presbyterian. Married to John L. Read (1831), mother to Frederick J. Read (1859) and Russell Henry Read (1862). John L. Read may be buried with her. Please contact Suzanne at June 10, 2016

VOGEL - I am hoping to find information on two Vogel brothers, Andre (born 1807) and his brother, January born in 1812 in Soufflenheim, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France.
They came to Canada around 1828 according to the Alsace Emigration Book, Vol 1 by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler.
January and family is found on the 1851 census in Woolwich Township, Waterloo County. January and family are on the 1861 Census of Culross, Bruce. January Vogel, age 49, wife Magedelena age 42 (or Lena or Regina)(her maiden name is Lachen/Loger/Lachor) with their ten children Catharine 20, Andre 18, Elenor? 16, Joseph 14, John 12, Mary 10, Vertinant? 8, Xavier 6, Anthony 4 and Frances 2.
Three of the above children married in Bruce. Catharine to Charles Baddenham (Bottenhorn) in 1862, Magdelena to Anthony Giesler (Gissler), and Joseph to Maria Heseh in 1867.
January is found on the 1880 census of Decatur, Macon, Illonois living with his daughter and son in law (Katherine and Charles Bottenhorn)
Any information I can get is greatly appreciated. Please contact Kelly Vogel-Cooper at January 20, 2016

BRADY - Im working on a family tree and I have 2X Great Grandparents, Nelson BRADY & Elizabeth CATROLL from the Eastnor area in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Where can I find the information to get their birthdates and deaths? I know that they immigrated to Canada around 1850 - 1860ish. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Tracy at January 20, 2016

KAY, William, 1824 - March 28, 1900, Kincardine Lighthouse Keeper. William was my Great Great Grandfather. I would like to know who his wife, my Great Great Grandmother was? Also if he had any other children besides my Great Grandfather Robert Kay 1858-1933 buried at Maitland Cemetery married to Margaret Graham Kay? My Grandmother was Katherine Mae (Kay) Symons and what my Great Grandfather Robert Kay did for a living? Please contact Gary at January 20, 2016

2015 Queries

Culross Township Signature Quilt

Culross Township 1918 Signature Quilt
Click on Culross Township Signature Quilt image to enlarge.

I am a quilter and quilt researcher in London, UK. I am a founder member of the Canadian Red Cross Quilt Research Group, and have recently been given a quilt which may be of interest to your members.

It is a signature fundraiser quilt, and according to the message stitched on it, it was made by 'The Junior Workers of the Queen Mary's Needlework Guild, Concession 10 and 12, Bruce Co. Culross, Ontario, Canada 1918'. It has over 300 names on it, including the then Prime Minister of Canada and his wife, Sir R. Borden and Lady Borden.

I am attaching a list of the names and an image of the quilt. The numbers after each name indicate the number of times that family name appears on the quilt. I wonder if any of them are ancestors of any of your members. I am happy to send more images if your members are interested.

If any of your members would like to co-operate with me in researching this quilt, I will be delighted to hear from them. I have obtained a copy of the local history book All Our Yesterdays, a History of Culross Township 1854 - 1984, from which I have identified some of the people named on the quilt, and I would be interested to find out about more of them.

With kind regards,

Maxine March at October 16, 2015

List of names on the Culross Township Signature Quilt:

Aitchison (3)
Armstrong (2)
Bannerman (2)
Baptist (4)
Becking (17)
Bell (4)
Borden (2)
Bradely (2)
Brown (4)
Campbell (3)
Case (2)
Caslick (4)
Cassidy (8)
Chatreau (3)
Clysdale (3)
Collison (2)
Colvin (2)
Day (6)
Donaghy (2)
Donaldson (11)
Fairbairn (2)
Farquharson (2)
Forsythe (2)
Fowler (2)
Gillies (4)
Grant (26)
Green (2)
Haldenby (4)

Hall (2)
Henderson (2)
Hodgins (2)
Howe (5)
Johnson (5)
Linklater (2)
Little (5)
Mann (3)
McDonald (6)
McGregor (2)
McKague (2)
McKenzie (4)
Melvin (3)
Miller (5)
Moffat 2
Moore 2
Murray 4
Parker 5
Pattiplace (2)
Reid (3)
Rome (3)
Ross (2)
Sanderson (3)
Schumacher (3)
Semple (3)
Slaughter (3)
Smith (7)
Smyth (7)
Standish (2)
Symon (3)
Thacker (4)
Thompson (6)
Valad (5)
Walker (5)
Wall (3)
Whytock (2)

Are you searching in Dunblane, Saugeen Township, Bruce County??? Once again I am making the final effort to finish research for my observations of the times and families of the Dunblane area which includes the farms, businesses and other interests from the corner of the three townships, Saugeen, Arran, and Elderslie, approximately a country block all directions. This takes in the community of Ebenezer as well.

Starting with the first family to settle within this boundary was that of Wm. Gowanlock Sr., who took up land for himself and his five sons, a total of just over one thousand acres of land on Concessions 7, 8, and 9 of Saugeen. Its the adventure of looking into the land records of these farms that brings out the adventurous spirit of those hardy pioneers! It was this same Wm. Gowanlock that first held services in his home that started the Dunblane Presbyterian Church, a small simple log building that still stands today after one hundred and fifty six years!!

Other families that came early, and related to the Gowanlocks were, Bryce, Rowand, Scott, Wallace, Armstrong, adding others, McTavish, Richardson, King, Fleming, Pollock, McKechnie, McNeil, Stark, Craig, Fraser, Telfer, Grant, Jones, Burns, Potts . and many more. Each has a story to tell. Yes the stories are most interesting but family and farm pictures really add to the mix.

I do not wish to repeat what has already been done, but gain new information into the rise and fall of Dunblane. Would you be able to help me with this venture by providing either family or other pictures?

Does anyone know anything of the Dunblane Cheese Co. that was established on the
Handbidge farm in Arran Township? Or the Dunblane hotel?

Please email Audrey Underwood at: or call 519-389-5229. October 16, 2015

MYLES / MILES, JAMES (1808 / County Fermanagh, Ireland - 1889 / Lions Head area, Ontario) & wife, ELIZABETH NEIL / NEAL (1809 / County Fermanagh, Ireland - bef. 1881 / Lions Head area - OR - Meaford, Ontario) settled in the Meaford area & farmed (Springbrook Farm). Son, George Myles & wife, Mary Ann White, & grandson, Wm. Villars Myles, are buried in Eastnor Cemetery. Looking for burial site for James & Elizabeth Myles. Location & dates? Thank you, Barbara Macgillivray at October 16, 2015

CAREY - I am doing family tree research in the Kincardine, Culcross, Carrick, Bruce area.
My Grandfather William Henry Carey was born in Kincardine in 1899. I cannot find the birth registered. I believe my Great Grandfather William J (I think James) was also born in Kincardine 1869. He married Cecelia Benninger (b. 1871 in Culcross) I cannot find the marriage registered in the area. William J Carey died around 1899/90. My Great Great Grandfather was James Carey (b. abt. 1830 Ireland) married to Margt. Carey. (born abt 1820 or 1830 Ireland). The census records are different for Margts age.
Do you have any idea where I can find some birth/marriage/death information for the area for 1869 & 1899 Marriage date for William J Carey to Cecelia Benninger likely around 1891-1899.
Any help would be appreciated. Debbie at May 25, 2015

HUTCHISON - John Hutchison (c1818-before 1871) and his wife Susanna Reid (1818-1887) were born in Co. Lanark, Scotland and came to Canada sometime between 1852 and 1861. Six of their nine children were born in Scotland: James b. 1840 (m. Wilhelmine Ewald), Mary b. 1842 (Christian Shantz), Elizabeth b. 1844 (m. Dougald Currie), Margaret b. 1848 (m. Homer A. Neelands), Andrew Reid b. 1850 (m. Mary Ann Drean) and Susan b.1852 (m. Samuel Neelands). Their last three children were born in Saugeen Twp, Bruce Co. John Laurie b. 1854 (m. Margaret Ellen Brown), Isabella Ann b. 1857 (Michael C. Cassidy) and Robert Reid b. 1863 (m. Christine Ann McIntosh). John Hutchison owned 100 acres Lot 13 Con 6 Saugeen Twp, Bruce Co. His son Andrew Reid Hutchison was a farmer and owned Lot 10 Con 4 Saugeen Twp, Bruce Co. He was a breeder of fine Durham cattle and thoroughbred sheep. Andrew Reid Hutchison also was a Councilman.
Were John and Susanna Hutchison buried in Port Elgin, if not where?
Around 1896/97 some of the Hutchison siblings and families moved to Dryden in Northwestern Ontario.
Is anyone else researching this family? Anna at May 25, 2015

CRAIG / COPELAND Researching the family of John Craig and Jane Copeland. They lived on the 6th concession of Brant Twsp., Bruce County East, District 51. My grandfather was their youngest son Samuel. I am interested in the rest of his siblings. In total there were six boys and two girls. If you could assist me or point me in the right direction, I would be grateful as I have run up against a road block. Thank you. Anne at May 25, 2015

KELLEY, James, born 1847-? in Ontario of Scottish heritage and wife Annie or Annjamine or Annguane as names appear on various documents, ne Johnston born in U.S. 1850-? Children Wellington Clifton KELLEY 1871-1950 born in Huron County, Russell Temple KELLEY 1878-1952 (died Hamilton, ON.) and Ethel Lamb Booth KELLEY 1880-? Russell and Ethel born in Teeswater, ON. Looking for any information on family members James KELLEY, Annie KELLEY and Ethel KELLEY. Russell Kelley was minister of health for Ontario 1946-1950. I cannot find any info on the parents and daughter. Where are they buried? Please contact March 22, 2015

BRYAN, Michael. 1833-1890. Born Ireland. Married Hannah Snell, 1878. Alberta b.1879, James 1882, Robert (my grandfather) born 1885. All lived around Chesley, Elderslie Township. Michael's sister was Catherine Bryan (married George Thomson) Many ancestors of Catherine and George still live in the area, including the Manery family. Any information about Catherine Thomson would perhaps shed light on her brother Michael, my great-grandfather. Any information about their life in Ireland would be especially very welcome. I have never seen a photograph of my great-grandfather Michael, who is buried in Tara Cemetery. Contact: Tom email: January 26, 2015

THOMSON / THOMPSON, CATHERINE nee BRYAN (1835-1900) Died Elderslie Township. Said to come from Limerick, Ireland but where precisely in County Limerick? Contact: Tom January 26, 2015

PORTER Ireland / Manvers / Arran / Wiarton. Looking for relatives and information about Porter families in Ontario who immigrated from County Cavan, Ireland. Children of William Porter & Margaret Marshall from Manvers Township, Ontario who resettled in Arran Township c.1861 are:
William and Isabella Porter - children: Lavinia Francis (Chebott), William Joseph (Sarah Miney Dick), Alecia Jane (Carruthers), David Frederick, Letitia Berry (Slater), James Alman, Annabella (Duff), Washington, Sarah Maria (Spears), Harriet Emma (Thompson), Lillian Alda, Mary Louisa (Boomer), Wilfred Stanley.
Hugh Porter married Julia Chabot / Chebott in Arran. Children: Mary (Hinds), William Marshall (Adams), Louis, Hugh, Hilton, David Henry, Frederick Marshall, Herbert Augusta, Harvey Elmo, Clarence Russel, Earnest Eugene.
Robert Porter married Letitia Faulkner - children: Mary E. (Tippin), Jeremiah, Elizabeth, William, Joshua, Florence Letitia (Cvitkovich).
David Porter married Emily Thompson in Southampton, resettled in Wiarton, Ontario. Children: William, David Henry, Charles Marshall, Alexander Sinclair, Garnet Roy, Albert Richard, Gladys (adopted).
Other Children of William Porter and Margaret Marshall are: Charles Marshall, Mary, Martha Marie, Matthew, Joshua, Ann Jane, Joseph and Benjamin.
Email Debbie: January 26, 2015

HOLMES I live in England and therefore cannot take advantage of all the research taking place in Bruce. My family were early settlers from many parts of the world but ironically, the branch from England with my own surname, are the hardest to research. My Gt Gt Grandfather Joseph Holmes (born England c. 1810) first appears in Chinguacousy 1851 with family born in Canada from 1837. In 1861 the family was in Mono, Simcoe County. In 1871 the family was in Bruce Township, Bruce County. I can follow his wife Hannah Giles Holmes through to her death on 28th of July 1894 in Amabel Township, but Joseph disappears (dies) between 1871 and 1881. I am hoping that his death certificate would provide vital information. They were all Wesleyan Methodists. Hannah Giles Holmes was living with her son's family James Holmes in Greenock township in 1881, and in Amabel Township in 1891. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Selwyn Holmes  January 26, 2015

THEW I have been searching for my father's mother's family for many years. I know that she was born in Wiarton, Bruce, Ontario in 1867. Her name: Barbara May Thew: Father: William Thew. I have a little more information that I will be glad to share with anyone who might be interested. Any assistance given will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Barbara at  January 26, 2015

2014 Queries

STANLEY / BUCHANAN My great great grandpa William Stanley and his son my great grandpa John William Joseph Stanley lived in the Paisley and Chesley area from 1875-1890. John Joseph William later moved to the Miami area of Manitoba but William Stanley passed away in Ontario in 1890. John was married to Isabelle Buchanan and they had the following children while in the area: William Albert 1875, Alexander 1877, Frederick 1879, Jessie 1881, Henry Mclaren 1883, Ellen Agnes 1884. We have been unable to find the cemetery that William was buried in. We are also looking for any other information on where he was buried and any other information on this family. Email: November 5, 2014

CAIRNS / CHERRY I am looking for information on Samuel Cairns who drowned in the Saugeen River in 1919. His dad was Adam Cairns 1839-1914. His mom was Esther Cherry 1847 - I don't have a death date for her if you have one? Also any information on the Cairns and Musselman families? Thank you. Carol, Email: November 5, 2014

PERDUE, Emma b. 1873, Lucknow. I am seeking any information on my great-grandmother and her ancestors. I only find her in the 1891 census. I have later information but nothing prior to then. Father listed as Henry Perdue born in Ontario. Both his parents were born in Ireland. Emma had a sister, Annie May, married Joseph Gaunt in 1898, in Lucknow. Contact Judy  May 6, 2014

HARTLEY Searching for obituary for John Hartley b abt 1824 Durham C. & d. 14 Jan 1894 Tara, Jane (Taylor) Hartley b. 1824 Cavan, Durham Twp d. 06 July 1896 Tara, both buried at Tara Hillcrest Cemetery. Any information about Alfred Nelson Hartley b 1866 Ontario married Frances Caroline Cole, Viola G Hartley. Also Edwin Hartley b. 1866 Ont., last known residence 1896 Invermay Ont. Contact Jayne at March 7, 2014

COLWELL / BRUCE Searching for Catherine (Catharine) Colwell who married Thomas E. Bruce or James Brewster. Children were Robert, Ann & Catherine Agnes Bruce. My grandmother Catherine Agnes was born 1902, Paisley Ont., married my grandfather David John Rothwell Hartley in London in 1939. Marriage certificate says parents were Thomas E Bruce & Catherine Colwell. Catherine Colwell may have moved to Scotland with her children Robert & Ann. Contact Jayne at March 7, 2014

MEIKLE, Isabelle or Isabella. Born in Scotland about 1818. Wife of William Meikle. Died in or near Chesley about 1890. Presbyterian. I am seeking her place of burial and obituary. Also any other family info, particularly one of her sons, Daniel Meikle, my gr grandfather. Contact Judith via email :  January 9, 2014

CRAMPTON / BRADY Looking for info on John and Ellen (BRADY) CRAMPTON family especially Canadian years. Married in Puslinch, appear on 1861 census in Brant Township, moved to Fitchburg, Wisconsin in 1865 and to Ethan, South Dakota in 1880. Please contact Mike at  January 9, 2014

FAULKNER, Joshua, father of William Faulkner (Sarah Langstaff, married Dec. 28, 1876). Believe wife of Joshua was Elizabeth McCullough. Joshua Faulkner listed as first postmaster at Arkwright in 1857. Children of Joshua may be William, Jerry (Leslie?), Isabella (Matchett), Mary (Trelford), Letitia (Porter), Susannah (Brinkman). Children of William Faulkner and Sarah Langstaff are: Joshua (died?), William (May Manchester), Selena Beatrice (died), Mary Anne ( W. King), Florence (A. Clark), Edna Evelyn ( S. G. Brown), Adrian Britton (A. M. Wells), Norman (B. McLean). Please contact if you have any information. I am the granddaughter of Norman Faulkner and Beatrice McLean, my surname is Faulkner.  January 9, 2014

KELLY Robert b c 1832 married Elizabeth BRILLINGER c 1867 in York County, Ontario. Robert died c 1868 and is buried in Heise Hill Cemetery Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario. On his marriage registration he came from "Saugeen". Nothing is known of his parents. I was wondering if any one knows of this person or his family? Contact Elaine Rose at  January 9, 2014

MCLEOD, Lillian (Lillie, Lily). Born in Bruce on 5 Nov 1861 and moved to Saginaw, Michigan as a young child. No records of her until 1880 (census, city directory), married 1881, and died in 1895 - parents unknown. The 1880 census states that both parents are from Scotland. She was a domestic servant at 18 and I assume her parents died but not in Saginaw, Michigan. I wish to find out who her parents are. If you have information, please contact me @ January 7, 2014

WOELFLE / DONNENWORTH - I am researching Martin John Woelfle who married Magadalene Donnenworth in about 1848. I know Martin was born in Germany but we desperately want to know WHERE in Germany he was born (birth approx. 1823). He immigrated in 1843. I cannot find any immigration records. I have found him in the census and have found his death certificate from Elderslie, Bruce. I know that he lived in the Bentinick, Grey County area from approximately 1860s - 1890s then he moved to Elderslie, Bruce area until he died on 12 June 1911. I would love to find his obituary or picture of his gravestone in Bruce. Any help would be greatly appreciated. email:  January 7, 2014

2013 Queries

Donald BELL Family - Seeking information on the descendants of Donald and Flora (McKinnon) wife. Their daughter Isabella Bell, married Wm Cameron, my grandfather, at Port Elgin Oct. 1889. The 1881 census shows Donald 70 years old, Flora 54, Murdock son 31 Allan 15 and Isabella 20 years old. They farmed on Lot 18, Concession 11, Kincardine Twp. Contact Gordon Richardson, Nepean, Ontario at July 18, 2013

MCLENNAN, Murdock, was an original Elder in Knox Presbyterian Church. I am seeking any history of Murdock and his Family in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. Murdock and his family came to Kincardine some time after 1843 and by 1851. Contact Jim McLennan, Vice President Clan MacLennan USA in Kissimmee, Florida at my email: or July 18, 2013

JACKSON, BEST, I am researching John Jackson born 1797 in Ireland and wife Jane Eliza Best born 1805 in Ireland, both came to Emily, Victoria, Ontario and where married in Emily in 1822, they had nine children there then they moved to Paisley, Bruce, Ontario sometime around 1850 with their children. Both died in Paisley and are buried in the Jackson cemetery there. Does anyone have any information on them or their parents, any information would be greatly appreciated. My email is March 4, 2013

STAIT Seeking information about William Stait family. Wife was Nancy (nee Stevens). Moved from Hamilton to Paisley in 1854. 1871 census shows 10 children. William worked as farmer and teamster until his death in 1902. Buried Starkvale. Contact Jim Davis in North Carolina at March 4, 2013

NOBLE, JOHNSTON Seeking information about the children of George Noble (b.1813 in Ireland) and his wife Susan Johnston. Are there descendants of their children: William (about 1837) m. Mary Cook, Maria (b.1847) and husband John Johnston (b.1840's) Francis (b. 1850's) m. Henry Baker who could contact me? Joe Lewis at:  February 23, 2013

WRIGHT, STEWART CLARK, McALPINE, SHOULDICE Seeking information about David A WRIGHT & Caroline (Stewart) WRIGHT's daughter, Clara May (WRIGHT) Clark and Clara's daughter, Isabelle Clark (McALPINE) Shouldice. How did Isabelle acquire the McALPINE name? Please contact Rebecca at January 2, 2013

GREYELL, AMECK  Seeking family information on Christina AMECK and Edward E GREYELL married in the Town of Goderich (1873). Parents of the couple were George and Margaret AMECK and Emmanuel and Alice Greyell. The GREYELLs
evidently lived in Kinloss in 1861 but subsequently moved to British Columbia prior to 1891. Any news/information of the GREYELLs / AMECKs would be appreciated. Bob Greyell at: January 2, 2013


2012 Queries

MacDONALD, McLEAN, McLENNAN, McKENZIE 1851 Glenelg, Bruce County, Ontario. GG Grandfather Donald MacDonald, GG Grandmother Jane McLean came to Canada with 4 children Neil, Donald, Duncan, Jane. Hugh (Red) died, but don't know when, maybe on route. Had another son Hugh (Black), first to be born in Canada. G Grandfather Hugh (Black) Ronald MacDonald, G Grandmother Christina McLennan -- Parents Margaret McKenzie and Christopher McLennan. Married March 20, 1877, Bruce County Ontario, Rev George MacLennan. Any help or info would be wonderful. Joan Harrop, December 15, 2012

ANDERSON, MORRISON, McKENZIE: Seeking information about William and Margaret Anderson and their children Isabella, Eliza, Ellen, William and Alexander. They arrived in the area after 1830. Also Robert W. Morrison, contractor/builder/farmer, who married Eliza Dill Anderson in 1860. They had 8 children, Elizabeth, George, Catherine, Margaret, Robert, William, Roberta and Ellen, and were active in the Old Kirk (Presbyterian). Isabelle Anderson may have married Duncan McKenzie, son of Angie McKenzie and his wife Elisabeth McPherson McKenzie. Email: September 24, 2012

FITZELL (or alt. spellings) - Gideon (b. 1816) and his wife Ann (b. 1820) were born in Ireland and moved to Bruce Co. in 1861. They are listed in the 1881 census (as FIEZELL) in Culross but don't appear in the 1891 census. Does anyone know details of their death and burial? Lukas Huisman  May 6, 2012

BROXHOLM Seeking death & burial information about John BROXHOLM, who died March 1880 in Kincardine, Bruce County. I recently found his wife's obituary (Eliza Crowson Broxholm) that lists his death as March 1880 in Kincardine. He was a Wesleyan Methodist. Is it possible to obtain his death and burial information? Kim Pilarski at  February 11, 2012


2011 Queries

MacDOUGALL Has anyone done, or know someone who has done, a family history of the MacDougall line that includes Murdoch and Mary MacDougall or Allen and Flora MacDougall of Greenock / Elderslie around 1870? As part of a larger family history project involving both McK*nney and MacDougall families, I am seeking descendants of the above-named couples. Thanks in advance for your help. Please contact Ted Mills at  December 10, 2011

PARKHILL, George W. - seek his parentage, verification of his Ontario birth 13 Oct 1847, marriage date & location about 1870 to Jessie Kerr SCOTT. Also seek death info about 1888 probably in Detroit. Jessie and George has 3 children: George Scott 1872, Christena Alice 1874 (my Gmother) and Josephine Helen. Please contact Susan at  December 10, 2011

FERRIS / McALLISTER John Henry Ferris married Barbara Campbell McAllister September 3, 1925. I am interested in information regarding their family. How many children, who are they? Barbara deceased in 1960, she and John Henry are buried in Tara cemetery as is one son. Any information regarding this family would be very much appreciated. Please contact Lynn Foster-Turner at  October 16, 2011

FISHER Looking for ancestors of my great grandfather Donald (Daniel) Fisher, married to Elizabeth McLaurin. Their son (my grandfather) was born in the County of Bruce on Apr 1, 1899. His name was Hartley Fisher. I want to know who Hartley's grandparents were and where they came from. I do have info on the McLaurin side but still looking for the Fishers. Please contact Verlie at    October 16, 2011

SCHMIDT / SMITH I would like to know more about John Schmidt and when he came to Canada from Germany. If any one can help me that would be much appreciated. My grandfather was the late Edward Stewart Schmidt who later on changed his last name to Smith along with a couple other brothers. We don't have much information about these ancestors, so any pictures or info anyone has would be helpful. Thanks so much. Please contact Laurie at  July 17, 2011

McFARLANE / McWHINNIE Looking for McFARLANE Christina Stewart b 06 May 1883, Pine River, ON, d/o Rev. John & Christina McFARLANE. She is thought to have been a school teacher 'til abt 1915, when she wed John Henry McWHINNIE & first son John Stewart McWHINNIE born 03 Sep 1916 Kincardine, ON. Please contact Ruth at  July 17, 2011

MACDONALD / MCDONALD Norman (born 1825 to Angus MacDonald in Upper Shader, Ross and Cromarty) married to Margaret Matheson (born 1825). This is my great, great grandfather and grandmother. Am planning a trip to Kincardine and looking for living relatives in that area. Would like to correspond. Please contact Sage at sagevanzandt@yahoocom.  July 15, 2011


Bruce County's Townships (before  1998 amalgamations)

Albemarle Township
Colpoy's Bay United Church, Colpoy's Bay, Albemarle Township, Bruce County

Amabel Township
Wiarton, Amabel Township, Bruce County

Arran Township
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery Record, Tara, Arran Township, Bruce County

Brant Township
Walkerton town clock, Walkerton, Brant Township, Bruce County

Bruce Township
Underwood United Church, Underwood, Bruce Township, Bruce County

Carrick Township
Mildmay church, Mildmay, Carrick Township, Bruce County

Culross Township
Salem United Church, Culross Township, Bruce County

Eastnor Township
Barrow Bay, Eastnor Township, Bruce County

Elderslie Township
Memorial plaque, hamlet of Williscroft, Elderslie Township, Bruce County

Greenock Township
Plaque, village of Pinkerton, Greenock Township, Bruce County

Huron Township
Huron Township Hall, Ripley, Huron Township, Bruce County

Kincardine Township
Mural, village of Tiverton, Kincardine Township, Bruce County

Kinloss Township
South Kinloss Presbyterian Church

Lindsay Township
War Memorial, Lindsay Township, Bruce County

Saugeen Township
Dunblane Presbyterian Church, Saugeen Township, Bruce County

St. Edmunds Township

Lighthouse, Tobermory, St. Edmunds Township, Bruce County
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