The Oldegreymare

     The Oldegreymare     Stewball                                     Oldegreymare                                                   

(ain't what she used to be)

Now she has a Pedigree

Its posted here for all to see



The theme music used on this site is from an old Irish Folk Song.  It has always been my

favourite and reflects my undying love of harness racing and my horses whom I miss terribly. 

The words are below.

Follow along if you like.



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Olde Stewball was a racehorse

and I wish he was mine

he never drank water

He always drank wine


His bridle was Silver

His mane it was gold

and the price of his saddle

has never been told


Oh the Fairgrounds was crowed

Olde Stewball was there

But the betting was heavy

on the Bay and Grey Mare


Well the Bay horse he stumbled

and the Grey Mare she fall

but a dancing and prancing

came noble Stewball


O, I bet on the Bay Horse

and I bet on the Grey

if I'd bet on Olde Stewball

Be a rich man today


Well the Hoot Owl he hollers

and the Turtle Dove moans

I'm a poor soul in trouble

I'm a long way from home


Olde Stewball was a racehorse

and I wish he was mine